Thank you team, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

Yea, I saw that. I thought it might be considered an improvement to add something that highlighted how balanced your team was in a more visual way. With the icons, it displays what class, but it doesn't show you how balanced your team is in a single location, and I don't know specifics, but does a light cruiser have the same symbol as a heavy cruiser? The idea behind the graph, it would show if your team was lacking on armor, showing you you need a heavy dreadnought instead of a lighter one.

I was watching your Dev Stream 6/25/15 and noticed you mentioned you did some work twoards showing how the team is composed. I thought it would be a great idea to show how the team was balance before a match, or when picking a new ship using

- Damage

- Armor

- Speed

- Repair

- Manuverability

Shown similarly to the graph below.

This way, when picking a ship before or during a match, you can see how balanced your team is, or if your aiming for more of a speed team, it will be displayed.

Thoughts guys?

Hey guys!

I'm form the US. I work for IBM as an engineer, I'm also studying Elector Mechanical Engineering, and I play, organize, and create games as a hobby. I'm a space pilot stuck in a 21st century body, and I'm ready to kill some toasters.