I recommend increasing their size; you can too easily squeeze multiple in a tight valley and heal from there without issue.

I want huge runways on top of my Monarch! If I can't be a carrier at least I could to wish to look like one.

I name the module "Corvette Fragger".

Koscheis aren't much slower than Aions.

By "Coordinated team" yall meant "Everyone has adrenaline shot equipped" amiright?

It seems that instead of displaying latency by delaying mouseclick and weapon firing, your weapon immediately fires visually as you press LMB, but the direction is to where the server you thinks you are pointing your weapons. And the server is always 50-100ms late.

I'm pretty sure netcode is having some weird interactions with turret tracking--turrets has a delay in following your actual weapon facing cursor. This means if you are tracking a moving target, the projectile you fire on time but its direction was where you pointed your mouse about 100-200 milliseconds ago, even if the game telling your otherwise through its turret facing cursor. This is most obvious on beams, but it certainly exists on projectile turrets as well. It gets very random with you start to pitch and yaw your ship.

Compared to light torpedoes, heavy torpedoes accelerate 33.3% slower, have 13% less blast radius, is four times slower in terms of max speed, locks onto targets at the range that is 2/3 of light torpedoes', follows target out to half of the distance (3000m) of that of light torpedoes' (6000m), have about half the projectile count but each one has the same hp.

However, they have the same cooldown and max damage. Heavy torpedoes are just inferior compared to Light torpedoes in every single way. Why?


This game is haunted. Every time I log in the fleet order rearranges itself.