Much appreciated! This will assist us in determining if it is indeed the issue in our database, or a new issue. Please go ahead and update your support ticket so our CS agent can log everything there.

Thanks again!

Those modifiers are related to a kick to Hangar bug that we have in our database. Can you confirm those were the active modifiers when you experienced the kicks to Hangar?

Patrazor, I am investigating the in-game report and coorespondence with the CS agent assigned to you. Your recent information provided there and here is very helpful.

Did you happen to have "Their Shields are Up" or "Achilles Heel" modifiers active? Both these modifiers include damage mitigation or invulnerability from the front where damage from the rear is still active.

DN_DivumVexillum and DN_MrFixIt for PC.

Lots of time between both. Have at least one Tier V and most Tier IVs for both.

DivumVexillum82 for PS4.

Still working through my Tier IIIs on that one, so maybe less than a day total on that one.

You will see me more on PC, as that has been where I cut my teeth on DN 4 years ago.

Please send a ticket to our customer service department with additional details. Thank you!

Devs are working hard to resolve these issues, and have been since initial reports from yesterday.

Lando, we definitely have machines that cover a wide range of configurations. Everything from just barely minimum spec to absolutely beast gaming rigs. Many of us play Dreadnought for fun in our free time away from work on our own PCs, which are also all over the spectrum of configurations.

We appreciate the dedication you, as other Captains, put into tracking these bugs and issues alongside us. I may be reaching out in the near future to organize some time for myself and users that have reported the invisible projectile issue to conduct test cases in hopes of gathering all necessary evidence to get a fix.

Devs are actively tracking them to solve for them. Thank you for the additional information.

Please check that the lower left corner of the game window shows 4.13.1-1001058480. If not, you may have the incorrect version. This is a rare issue that may occur when updating. Please contact Customer Support to get you sorted.

Puffnstuff#2291 posted (#post-160861)

This game no longer works for me. I just finished running the repair utility and it still won't let me log onto the server.

An update was pushed that will resolve the issue. It may appear blank the first time. Close it and it should relaunch to apply the update. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to download and install using the newest installer.