Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you, like myself are a Content Creator on Twitch, and would like to invite other people to check out your Dreadnought Live Streams then please reply with your channel below!

I have fallen in love with Dreadnought, and have been streaming it most days now, my channel is

I stream from 15:00 GMT onwards weekdays and at various times on weekends, which I update via my twitter.

I look forward to saying hello to you awesome people when I am next live, all the People I have met here so far have been nothing short of awesome!


Jason aka Stargater07

Although I mostly Stream on Twitch my Youtube gets highlight uploads and I am looking to make more Dreadnought related videos in time!

Waylorn#0534 posted (#post-29277)

me 2.



add me in game - Stargater07

Stoney#1367 posted (#post-29148)

I'd like to join your squad!

I'm usually playing in the late afternoon. GMT +2

Awesome did you add me ingame?

I am looking to put together a Squad, based in the EU to play mainly late afternoons, early evenings GMT weekdays and at most times of the day at the weekend. I play mainly Destroyer and have also a good Support Cruiser buddy. Below is a video of us working together for my 11-0 k/d.

Please hit me up via Steam or Twitter if you are interested.

Steam username Stargater07 [Twitch]


Hey everyone! I am absolutely loving Dreadnought and have been streaming it with viewers and up until now have not been able to get a full squad on board. I am really looking forward to the direction this game goes and I am eagerly looking forward to meeting new awesome people who play the game too!