So glad to see that you keep track of our stats and all of our previous beta time was not all in vein very nice to see that thecarreer progression had multiple achievements all ready unlocked Graphics seems better also and I do like the new player match modes as far as onslaught and proving grounds. However it would still be nice to have the training mode still. For those time you unlock a ship or change a liadout and you want to test run it before you go in a real battle for obvious reasons. And I still have had some sound issues .

Overall a well needed and deserved update !!! It seems like you listened to you customers / players and checked all of the braces then filled it up with a very positive solution and for that I thank you oh so much ! Please keep future updates of this caliber coming.

Side note : it's nice to have other goals like the career progression and the contracts. It gives all of us something else to shoot at. ( yes pun intended but also serious )

Let's start off with we are not just players ; we are customers !! And there have been a lot of free to play games with on game /app pitches that are highly successful. However this will never be one. They made this really awesome , cool , kick *** game but they really don't want you to play it . It is fundamentally flawed at its core.

On ps4 :

1 : at the end of a battle the ships xp does NOT equal what the earnings statement says when you add all ships together.

2: earned credits also do NOT equal earnings statement when added to previous score. Short about 450 to 600 credits EVERY battle.

Now pretty sure all around the world 2+2 still = 4 either change the statement or give us what we have earned !!

I have spent $45.00 (us) on Gp packs now after playing for 3 months now spending more time on it than my regular job. I will not be spending another penny on this game. And my pay equals my ' earnings statement '

3: seems like they slowed the speed of certain ships. I have the Vigo witch now is slower than any tank style ship. Cruiser should be faster than a tank.

4: low pay out after a battle and high cost of the tech tree with research and modules. Not 1900 anymore work all week and get paid a quarter then have to spend it at your store on top of it.

5: all know beta issues that have been fixed on pc but not ps4. Sound, no battles but still get charged maintenance fees, long wait times in the que. And now I have to wait until a certain time of day to get any kind of match.


I also just realized that the ship xp was not adding example is : played 4 ships in my fleet and got roughly 2000xp total after the split the xp only added up to1600. After that I thought by only having 3 ships in my fleet at least those ships would get more shared to tech up . Well I was wrong sane total 2000 xp between 3 ships only added up to1200. Seems like the less ships in the fleet the less overall xp gained regardless of what bonus # says. It's starting to get aggravating because you spend more time on this game than you do at you're job and you don't get what you've earned . My job pays me for every hour I put in. Just saying and so far I've spent $45.00 on Gp packs mostly for elite status I would like to get my 45.00 worth. If Dev. Want to recoup there money then they should stop treating their customers poorly .

Lynceh _ : thank you for the post and information. Very helpful and appreciated thank you again for the positive feedback if I had to take a guess at how long I have played this game. I would say about 120 to 150 hours give or take. So I Am still new at it compared to most. On that note all positive feedback is appreciated

Ed_anger. Thank you for your post. Also thank you for your information and insight . Most helpful moving forward. I do like that ship and ship manufacturer I just thought it would have the same capabilities as the other cruisers again thank you.

Palos does not heal own teammates and the sight does not turn green in color when aimed at teammate. It did work for a couple of days then came he after work and played that ship and it no longer worked. Spent time and xp climbing the tech tree and now stick with a sitting duck and I don't know if it is that whole line in the tech tree or just that ship

Ps4 bug : after playing for 3 to 4 hours the shops thrust and cloak sound gets distorted ( all other sounds are fine )

Then the whole game becomes very lagged and it doesn't not matter what shipping you are using. At that point you have to close the app. And re-start it. It also doesn't not matter what time of day it is. During a 16 hour session it napped several times . So I don't know if it's on your server end or on Sony's end or possibly a compatibility issues.or even just my console