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I play both platforms!

I used to play on PC, but I lost access to it for a very extended period. Recently I started playing on PS4, and have since got my PC back as well.

I have good and bad things to say about both platforms, but I think both have their place.

-Visuals are a bit better. I can't run the game on epic settings, but I can get it pretty close. Textures are sharper, and background environments are far more detailed.

-The variety of market and purchasable items is much more diverse. More than anything in a game, I LOVE customisation. The extra variety in vanity items, hero ships, liveries, retrofits and event rewards are a huge incentive for me.

-The game feels more populated to me on PC. I get games very quickly, and I see a lot more players with premium paid content. That's not to say the PS4 version doesn't have players! I never have to wait more than a minute or two. But on PC it's only a few seconds, and that's a little more satisfying.

-It's easier to communicate. I'm not a fan of mics and headsets, I feel that they ruin the immersion of a game. But it's immensely gratifying that I can compliment someone's ship, or make strategic calls in the chat window with ease and efficiency.

-The gameplay is more varied. Players on PC seem to invest more time into the game, and end up with more interesting and varied loadouts. I love dominating in a match, who doesn't??? But on PS4 it can get a bit same-y fighting the same stock, unaltered tier 3 ships over and over.


-My experience suggests the PC build is more prone to bugs and problems. Previews in the market don't load, the sound is stuttering on a regular basis, and frame drops are relatively frequent. I'm always concerned each time I open the game that something is going to go wrong, the infinite loading screen is particularly frustrating.

-I don't trust the shop. I WANT to trust the shop, I really sincerely do. I want to give the devs my money. But I can't help but hesitate given the glitches I've come across, I'm always worried that something will go wrong during the purchase.

-I don't like the how long the game takes to start up, to a point where sometimes I'd rather play PS4 for no other reason than I can't be bothered to wait.


-I love the stability. It's not perfect by any means, but it's far more reliable than PC.

-It has a quick "pick-up-and-play" feel to it that allows me to get some gametime in without waiting an age or getting stuck on a loading screen.

-The exclusive hero ship, for FREE I might add, is a nice incentive.

-The Playstation Network has my back if anything goes wrong with any purchases I make, I can buy things with confidence.

-The controls are, to my pleasant suprise, nicely mapped to the duelshock controller. I can do everything I can on PC without any awkward movements. Nicely done indeed.


-I don't like how far behind the PS4 platform is with the game's updates. The store seems to be lacking in a lot of things, and that absence is not just limited to PC exclusive items.

-The visuals obviously come with a comprimise on PS4. I'd LOVE to see some PS4 Pro enhancements added to the game!

-The subscription fee for PS+ isn't jaw-droppingly horrendous. But the premium items in Dreadnought's shop are considerably pricey for what they are, and that's coming from someone who spends a lot on cosmetic items in games. But when that is paired with the fact that PC offers an online service for free, it's hard to justify paying for both steeply expensive items AND a subscription fee when that option is on the table. One or the other is off-putting enough, but both can really hurt.

-There's no real way to talk to each other. I want to tell someone when I like their ship, and a rage burns inside me when all I want to do is scream "WE NEED MORE DESTROYERS!!!!". Watching your team derp around in ships they want, rather than what the team needs, is difficult. Sure you get that problem on PC too, but at least you can point it out and hope someone listens.

It's really nice to see that more people are playing on both platforms ! And i can tell by your post that you have spents some time on both just by your list of pros and cons. as they are pretty spot on. I know you said that you are not a fan of a headset and mic but that is a great way to communicate on ps4. As you can speak to the whole team and not just your squad plus you have the choice to speak to your squad only. I like the headset just for the fact of talking to the whole team so you can say " hey ..nice ship, loadout, or stop being a dumb***, need more of whatever ship, focus fire that ship. The dualshock controller is actually a nice layout infact I use it when playing on pc with some help from a third party tool that gets it about 98% the same as on console. I have supported the game through the market more so ps4 because I started there about 10 months before starting on pc. But I still continue to support the game when I can regaurdless of the platform but it IS a kind of a drag to have to buy the same stuff twice. Also personally wish that in some way they could make it so that it is a unified account that carries progression, market items as a single account. When it comes to haveing PS+ you don't need it just to play dreadnoght because it's f2p, in fact my PS+ subscription ran out in October and I am still able to play. However that subscription is a great value witch I won't list the reasons why here.

I do sympothise with you but i just watched the replay of the stream from yesterday and they said the double xp rewards are still active on ps4 to help compensate for that issue . Is it not still double xp ? they are well aware of the crashe to blue screen and think that still getting a double xp reward is fair to make up for the fact that you keep getting kicked.

I think that a lot of people are still glossing over the fact that :

1. a pilot that levels up there first t3


4. gets first t4 that flys / handles differently and has a different energy consumption rate that they are not used to

5. gets access to different modules and officer brieffings that they may not understand the function of , or if they do they have not had any real amount of game time to practice and perfect there battlefield "chops"

6. still getts farmmed / seal clubbed and still blames it on the ship tier system somehow and still leaves rageing

so my question is this to all that have complained about the t3 wall how are you going to feel about going up against those very high level players when you only have 40-60 hours game time compaired to say 400-1200 game time ? and if you thought going against a t3 vs t4 was bad this is going to be way worse because you are basicly still at a t3 level game time wise going up against people that are at t5 level and beyond in some cases.

remember kids be carefull for what you wish might just get it

Why is there allways such a knee jerk reaction when it comes to balanceing (nerffing) things ? The storm missle numbers now are absolute trash , watch by tommorrow nobody will use them so you've basicly created yet another useless module. They used to be 2700k damage at t4 then the first nerf brought them down to 2300k and now yet again another nerf brought them down to 1800k at 2k come on man really ? Oh and the range distance was changed on the first nerf too. So why in the world did you not increase the distance back out to something like 5k ? For heavens sake the tempest missle does 17280 damage at 7k, no reason to make a close range version of tempest missle but you went ahead it did exactly that. The reason why they were effective is when used in conjuntion with a drain pulse and module amper and now that you nerfed the drain pusle there was no reason to double dip on nerffing the missles themselves. Maybe shoud have buffed anti missle lazers but then again maybe more people should use anti missle lazers. Still confused why the rams have not been touched yet. The hit box for when you are getting rammed is not where it should be because you could be a good distance away from it and it will still register as a hit and kill you one shot. With all of the complaints about heal clusters, corvettes, and drain/storms. I don't know how these very powerful rams combined with engine rigger,asault thruster, or evasive maneuver would not be up for the next round of the nerf hammer. On a possitive note very glad to see the nuke missle get some buffing still think it could be better though.

this is the dreadnought datamine. at the bottom of the page are tabs one of witch are officer briefings just click the tab that you want and the info is there.

edit: if the link goes to a blank page you'll have to copy and paste it

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No one on the recieving end has fun when you've got a full team of 10 pubs while the enemy team has a 4 stack in coms. Dreadnought devs should take notes from other arena battle games that have said that "matching groups against groups would do nothing but increase queue times" but ended up being forced to make groups wait in queue until they can be matched against another group.

This x2 weekend has been absolute aids to play becuase its just a bunch of clans 4stacking in coms and steamrolling the other team. and you never see them against eachother.

They all ready said a couple of times now that they are addressing this when they change the t4 to legondary only so will the solo vs squads be changed. Said it is slated for some time in December

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Oh yeah, they're TOTALLY listening to us.

Heres just some stuff thats been wrong with just Dred modules for like 2 years now.

  • Tractor beams have always been and are still bugged

  • Heavy torps strictly worse than light torps

  • T4 armor amp 2x better than T5 armor amp

  • Half of modules are borderline useless

Thats just Dred modules. I don't even want to talk about other ships, Ive posted many posts here and on reddit about all these issues, and 90% of them still have yet to be adressed.

What have they actually done to improve the in match gameplay in the last 2 years?

  • Nerf Adrenaline Shot / Desperate Measures? Took them a whole year to listen to us on that.

  • Nerf stasis pulse/autobeams? Vettes and Vidnys are now running rampant in T4+

Its actually pretty funny how a faint glimmer of the devs actually listening to this community because they reverted the nuke sound garners enough attention for its own praise, and yet trying to get any opinion from the devs on issues through weekly reddit threads, asking on stream or forums; is like pulling teeth.

At this point I'm convinced theres about 6 people activly working on the game.

  1. 1 Community Manager

  2. 2 Programmers

  3. 1 Netcode guy

  4. 1 Artist

  5. 1 Marketplace Manager (Monitization)

The other majority that are part of the studio are probably working on a new game.

let's not get hung up on the warnnig sound. Another dred module that has been nerfed too much is the starling salvo. It's because all of the tac ship players were complaining about those and corvettes in turn both got the nerf hammer. Now heal ball are all the rage and every tac ship i come accross for some reason wants to fly around and beam every enemy ship it can like they have the biggest you know whats and are ten foot tall and bulletproof instead of focusing on ther own team mates. A nuke is supposed to be massive and cause a ton of damage as they are now is just a farce. to get an idea just do a search on the RL castle bravo detonation and that is what there are supposed to be. Far and large it does seem like it that they are indeed listening to the players a little more now compared to the past. But the proof is in the pudding so to speak and would have been nice to see more of this from day #1. I am not alone when I say this #makestarlingsgreatagain

Played about 4 hrs this mornning and I must say the ui. works well on this platform given all the flak that got dished out about it. Do I miss the old one ....sure I do but I understand the reasons behind it and I (we) have to get over it and move forward. On the main page the smaller text buttons on the left side are not as " snappy " like they are on pc but in no way ux. breaking. From what I can tell right now there is one issue that is borderline ux. breaking is the fact that there is what I think may have something to do with instancing like on a pc platform. It's when several players are in close proximity and the action is really heavy you'll get not just sound issues but it also affects the graphics as well. It's like both are in super slow motion but when you move away from the fight the audio and graphics return to normal. I've submitted in game bug reports as well. I want to spend some more time with this just so I can compare between the two in order to give honest feedback.

Not everyone comes at you with torches and pitch forks ! There are way so people that still love this game and want it to succeed to the highest level and I know this to be true from all of the other posts that I have read that I am not alone by saying so. And as member of this ccommunity I want to convey the fealing of a rallying cry from your community and please know this even though not all people are vocal we WILL still continue to support your continued efforts that you put into this wonderfull game.

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We're trying actively to get F&F up as soon as possible. We just completed a full company play test of another release candidate. We've still gone one back end issue that is partially fixed (better than it was this morning), but not performing responsively enough. Server engineers are working on optimization as we speak.

The process is:
a) Proposed fix added to build and deployed...
b) Internal QA team beats on it for about 45 minutes to an hour... if it fails, go back to a) if it performs adequately under that load then...
c) Full company play test.... if it fails, go back to a) if it performs adquately under that load then...
d) Commit all changes to live environment, flip on all the switches to be "live"
e) Release the Friends & Family steam codes to get several hundred folks playing/beating on it... if it performs adquately under that load for some period of time (yet to be determined) then...
f) Push the big green button that makes it live for everyone, though even then we will have our PlayQueue system in place at a certain threshold to limit the maximum peak concurrent users.
g) We will monitor server/system performance at the then current PCCU cap... if it performs adquately under that load for some period of time then...
h) Increase the PlayQueue cap and go back to g)
i) Once all of this hits thresholds that we believe will be similar on PS4, commit those changes to PS4 for a release candidate there
j) Submit to Sony, get approved, deploy client to PSN
k) Turn on PS4 live service
l) Celebrate/Fortnite dance

This is the process we are following.
Right now we have been pinging back and forth between a) and c).

The team has been working weekends and up to 2AM/3AM every night. We will be working again this weekend crazy hours.

"celibate/fortnite dance"           priceless.. while on my lunch break reading this I almost blew soda out of my nose. Dude it has to be the "Orange justice" emote with a boogie bomb. Can't wait until Monday when I'm off from work to check out the updated Dreadnought !!