@Astraea : i do belive that is true because i do the same and when it comes to this game " knowing thy enemy " also plays into what ship choice you will make. I got in the habbit early on to remember certian names for obviouse reasons. And this is a legit thing so most of those will thow the cost of module at you for the reason. The fact is if you have all of the t5's then you have all the time in the world to get the t5 module because there is not going to be a tier 6 or 7 for a long time from what I understand. Plus the fact that the xp and credit rewards are higher for t5 as well as the battle bonus for legondary to balance out the cost of the modules so that's why I don't accept that as an excuse.

Most of the the time I am solo queued and I am far from a casual player. That's just the way it has worked out for me even though I never refuse a squad invite and put my own outward. Much like @hypervolt has said comes down to timing amungst players. Now on the flip side of that I know some players that absolutly 100% will not play unless in a squad for a couple of reasons. First is to take advantage of the current matchmaker. Second is saftey in numbers ( got a buddy watching your back ) so the whole squad can then get better scores and proggress faster as a result. Third is to have or protect their stat figures. The stats are on a coplete different level between a solo vs. a squaded plasyer. And let's not foget the ever popular they have to squad because they have made so many people salty if they were to go solo they would have such a huge target on their back. To further this last point it's the kind a player that has say 1- 1/2 to 2 years in this game and just stays in the vet queue when clearly capible of being in legondary witch also adds to a lot of unneeded and unwanted bullcrap to an allready less than ideal matchmacking system. ( last part may be a topic for another thread or a start of one anyway )

@DN_miguellitup : If you have a 4k tv or even use a 2k monitor from a pc for your ps4 pro you will not be disipointed at all.Thanks for the feedback and hope to see you out there soon.

thanks for the post. it's nice to know that i am not the only one willing to try both platforms. having a blast on both and really enjoying both.

If you play on both platforms please post in this thread. Want to know how many players do this in general. And if so what platform you prefer and why and what you don't mind about the other ( please try to stay possitve I know both have their own negotive downsides ). Just a simple answer if you use the same screen name or not ( do not have to list what the name is so not to be trolled ). How long have played on each could be time in months or battle time log.

ok ... that's fine. that's your opinion on this and you are intilted to it.

no i am not attacking at all I'm am just saying as a US. vet I served to protect everyones equal rights to include for you to have your own opinion and you freedom of speech. I too am affored these rights and I don't condone your suspect alligations. And no one like to be told on how to do their job including the developers of this game , nobody is telling you how to do your job. I do agree that change is good but untill you are the guy signing the paychecks then these changes will not take effect. Let them do their job

sounds like I struck a nerve that time as i'm sure you have done here with others. You are just the same as i am merly end users in a game. Just a couple of single pons in a very big chess game so forgive my untrusting ways but i have come across many people who were not what they said they were. For all i know you could be the all powfull oz himself or just a case of smoke and mirrors. I usually find that trying to reinvent the wheel well after the fact that it has been cast and rolling proove allmost imposible

Lets say it takes 5 hours to grind resources for a ship, or $10-20 per a ship. Lets say we break the game into 5 types of game play. Tank, Healer, Artillary, Damage, Speed (or respectively named Dreadnough, Logistics, Artillary, Destroyer, Corvette)

Lets say in each section there is 15 ships

So you are saying that people would play 15 ships per class x [times] 5 types that = 75 ships now times that by 5 hours "grind time" that comes to 375 hours right ? . My opinion is that potential that you are speaking of "as a developer " is ill advised simply because when anybody finds that ship that works for them they will not play the others that you are suggesting thus making that potential null or mute as I have stated before. Those like so many other things sound good on paper it's when you put them into practical use you then see the shortcommings. Also " as a developer " if you were able to provide some projects that you and you alone have gotten published that would give some credibilty. I do applaude your interest and enthusiasm with this game and subject matter. I just think that you are barking up a very tall tree. And I'm sure you can allways submit you're resume to 6 foot if you feel so inclined as a developer

There is reasons why they are leading the industry in size, income, and records (like highest pvp battles etc (eve online)).

you have made a reference to a game that has been out in the wild for 15 years now. With that amount of time they have had time too grow and adapt to player base and conditions while putting recources back into r & d and improvments. I have also heard many negetive comments about that game as well as " leauge " and Blizzard ( loot boxes ). So I"ll state again that this game is still in the early stages with a massive potential to come . Comes down to not living above your means. My question too you is this ; Are you a buissness owner and self-employed ? If by chance that you are do you have a buissness partner telling you what to do with your company ? Based on human nature I am going to assume that the dev's are doing the best they can with what they have to work with creatively. As stated above the other figure head is control of the finacial side of things much like an accountant. With any partnership all parties envolved have to agree on whatever needs to be decided.