@Krusty low,thanks for your insight.The only thing I'd disagree slighty with is

Hum...Can I say "Sometimes, When I woke up and look at what I have to do in my life/career and realize I have to learn/work hard this boring studying/job just to get a better life/situation I want, I just give up, answering why I born, and imagine that I could be born as something else..."

the difference is I can just choose to go play another game,I can't just choose to go play another life haha.Just giving you a hard time

@gamatech how awesome would it be if devs let us just buy the pieces,right??

@virtualriot thanks for the link.Hopefully the devs can come up with a fun and interesting solution to the healball situation.
Like I said before,in a voice comm'd,coordinated team,it's probably a completely different story....but I'm willing to be the majority of players,just like in most games,are just pugs solo queueing.

I can see the value in having to play the other ship types to advance....I just wish it was a choice as opposed to a requirement.

So these are simply my opinions after a few weeks of playing dreadnought.I played a fair bit a while back,and took a break to give the game time to grow.So,keep in mind this is coming from the point of view of essentially a new player,and their experience with the game so far.

This stuff is broken.plain and simple.You get a tac hiding around a corner healing a destroyer/dread and that ship isn't going to die.I've seen entire teams pounding ships and the damage just going nowhere,The HP bar just ping ponging up and down with no real effect at the end of the day.
Now,1 tac cruiser isn't THAT bad.You can usually get your teeth into 1 tac and deal with it.It's when you have 2 or more that it gets stupid.Good luck killing 2 tacs with their green beams of bull**** on each other without having a co-ordinated team.Which,let's be honest here,doesn't happen in pugs.God forbid the enemy team stacks adrenealine shot.
Why is a dedicated,direct healing ship even a thing in this game? Maybe the heal over time pods,ok.Or individual repair skills on moderate/long cooldowns,sure,why not.But dedicated healer ships with constant healing output.No.
When i see 2 tacs on the enemy team,it honestly makes me want to just quit out because I know it's going to be nothing but an excercise in frustration.That isn't fun.

-Tech Tree
I am not fond of having to play ships I have no interest in to progress to the ships I am interested in.If I want to play destroyers,then let me play destroyers.If I want to play corvettes,dreads,arty,tac....what the F ever,Then let me play that.I don't want to have to grind my way through a ship just to get to the ship type I actually want to play.
Sometimes,When i log in and look at the tech tree and realize I have to slog through this boring arty or tac ship grind just to get to the ship I actually want,I just hit ESC,quit out,and play something else.

-Hero Ships
I like the idea of hero ships,I have several.However,the higher tier hero ships are far to pricey for the little benefit they provide.Essentially you are buying the visual customizations to use on other ships.I'm not gonna pay $30-$40 for that.
Yes,from what i understand,they provide a small credit boost(and maybe a FXP boost?) but having to pay to convert the free xp from them,after i've already paid for the ship? yea,no.You are double dipping here,and it sucks.
Or,better yet,just sell the visual customization options piece meal in the market.I might pay 2-3 bucks for a cool looking forecastle/hull/whatever.

-The Grind
I understand this is a F2P game,and as such,has to be a bit grindy to encourage people to buy premium stuff.I play plenty of F2P,so I'm kind of used to it.That being said,it starts to get tiring about mid t3-4 for me.I can only imagine how much it's gonna suck at t4-5.If I stick around for that.

I don't have a problem with corvettes,per say.I get the idea of a fast,hard hitter and I'm glad vettes are in the game.I enjoy playing a vette from time to time.What I don't like is that any gun with the range to actively engage a vette,has absolute garbage projectile speed,and any weapon that can reliably damage a vette(IE:flak) has absolute garbage range. Either up the projectile speed to something reasonable,or increase flaks range to something useable.

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting,but I'm gonna end it here.All in all,dreadnought is a fun game.
Graphics are great,gameplay is (generally) fun,controls are fine,etc.It has potential.
But,the things listed above really kill my enjoyment of the game,and make it hard for me to choose to play this over something else on a consistent basis.

A glossy black with red accent coating would be nice.

Also,visual customization options you can buy piecemeal for you ships. (Hull,forecastle,etc.) Without having to buy a hero ship just for a skin.

Also,more hero ships.

P.S.:t4+ hero ships are a bit on the expensive side.

T2 ~ $10
T3 ~ $15
T4 ~ $30-$40 whaaatt??

Fixed when I logged in yesterday.
full complement was completed along with like half of the captain challenges.
go figure.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-214876) said:

Alexandrix#6188 posted (#post-214864) said:

All T1 ships fully researched and modules purchased.Still no completion as of now.
so,what's the deal?

Could you try playing the tutorial again? This "fixed" some bugged progression in the past.

No change after replaying the tutorial.

All T1 ships fully researched and modules purchased.Still no completion as of now.
so,what's the deal?