"Mutiple reports " People are just butthurt about the scramble effects and how they can be abused hard making a simple 4man scramble builds deadly.
There are much worse things that need attention than that

Its skill/expirience

Or the cheap excuse - server side issues, he has a better ping than you

A Potato can easily out heal dmg if he plays smart and has beam amp4 also nobody distracting him, thats when poatatos are dangerous.
Not hitting could be connection and ping issues ex. lockons on missiles escpecialy debuffs are affected by it
You can double boost anything with WeabonBooster Missile and Pulse
Communication breaks games, its like i know a enemy tac behind the wall just used all his energy and im psychic

Lol ABW being op, thats a joke. So Plasma Ram is just fine even tho it can one shot most t4 healers, arties and anything that has less than 25k hp
Letting a vette get into ABW range is already the teams fault for not picking counters

Better look over how Drain works, seen it work fine on other ships but healers with E Gen can get their energy back even tho T4 Drain has a 10 sec drain duration.
Rework Drain so outside factors like E Gen and AS wont refill energy

There are counters for everything learn and use them

Also Pics or Bs

Wait. what really ? Ninja Ribbon is Slicing 3-5 enemies using Assault Blink Warp

Ship specific module boosts will get out of hand quickly, might as well add different versions of Module Amper (Damage, Range, Duration) to spice up some builds

You need to buy modules to get that X/8 Filled now, just from that explanation seemed you were missing one module purchase

Siege Mode T4 and T5 will use all your energy and stop movement. The Damage shown is TOTAL Damage ex 20k total with 5 shots meaning each shot does 4k dmg. Siege Mode fire rate is linked to ships fire rate.