MM is broken and you are barking at wrong person, dont hate the player hate the game.
Commiting to squads is simple as abc, i always play in one - hop in discord and boom free squad
Appreantly getting so many invites ingame by random plebs as well that I accept their invites as well not only Clan ones
The only BS part of pub stomping happenjng is that MM is forcin squads ontonplebs due to lack of same lvl players and since MM prioritizes time instead of balance

There is Proving Grounds with only bots on enemy side and real peeps, also hit and duck/peek-a-boo is best strat for early arties. The thrust momentum you get from Energy to Engine i so small and mostly dependant on ship manuevrabilty rating

Where are all of my git gud memes..must be somewhere

how about 5v5 and 8v8 existing side by side where solo que is 5v5 and teamplay with squads is mostly 8v8

You will eventually get to that same point, I'd like to see you grindin those t4 for t5

One option would be to seperate T4 from T3, but since playerbase is how it is currently, MM would take longer making the ques for both T3 and T4 que longer.

Theres prob more people leaving in recruit than in veteran due to cough vettes cough and from transition to t3 fighting against t4s

If you cant see ships at 4-5 klicks, get an appointment optician
Tacs need to have spatial awareness aside from healing friendlies, most of the time squading we have the healer call out enemy locations or incoming vettes so we can protect him, you can always keep on healing without lookin at 1 guy.
If a guy doesnt open his mouth shouting he wants heals, well too bad then, not getting it then
Currently i agree with the " i need repair" call out, it isnt indicated on map well enough to instantly find the target, currently they wil only have the + on them, but thats hard to see most of the time

Healers cant heal multiple targets at once, have long range ships target healers while, dreads and destroyers close in on the healball and harassing the healers as much as possible.
Played as a healer many times, pressure works well for healers, they cant both keep up their shields and health, if they did the other half of the team would then suffer from lack of heals and suffer
As a Destroyer, dont go Tempests (take too long to travel and can be countered by op cover) and Torpedos - Distruptor Missile and Drain pulse/ Drain Torpedo and WeaponBooster pulse will be enough keep them in check
As a vette - Sneak Sneak Sneak, w8 for a friendly to make a charge for the enemy team distracting everyone from you
Builds - Disruptor Pulse is a must if you want to destroy any arty/healers/vettes
Dreadnoughts - Stop being a pansy and move on the enemy team while focus firing healers or anything that is out of healer range/ignored. If you have 2 healers, go nuts, use shields get in there spam those missile and broadsides for massive effect - your secondary weapons Repeater gun are the most powerful gun throughout all tiers and amazingly boost well with PtW
Arty - Shoot at healers when you can, Bomb Cata/Purge mode/ Rapid Fire Mode/ Siege Mode whenever a healer is sitting still, if you cant, aim for any ships which arent getting heals or are soloing

The maintenance was continued and is still on going, check out DN official twitter for more upto date info onthe maintenance progression

The only.major bugs would be infinite load happening once in a minute and some module fixes that are currently not working.

MM is currently from wall to he wall giving you sometimes unbalanced and op.match up with squads, so a few tweeks are prop needed yet again - there is alway something to whine about.

If destroyers arent braindead enough, they just might pick disrupor missile and draincpulse for once or just drain torpedo to finih tacs ith goliath, storms, flashpoints. Since teamwork is hard currently of squad4 and lack of proper comma between randoms, mostly only hope is pure flat out dmg or just hope some guy is actually smart for once