Goto Discord !role Legendary and wait till somone pings. Currently only SOS and someother clans/groups people play leg, it isnt dead its just timezones. Also the good old we dont have many t5s yet excuse works also. Wouldnt even advise going in with a t4 into leg since dreads run heavy Missile Salvos that will kill t4s instantly

Go to Discord or no leg for you Bonnie

I uninstalled it so i could reinstall it cuz of hopeful bug fixes, some did.

SteelOverWolf#8157 posted (#post-161197)

its a Tier 5 has better effects and a shorter cooldown compared to the T3 and 4 versions. Of course its gonna cost more.

you are.missing the point, t5.slot 3.and.4.modules cost 28k respectively on every ship, but not on the athos

Shazbot1#1608 posted (#post-161174)

"we feel pretty comfortable about the progression speed now and would love to hear your thoughts!" 3rd paragraph

you asked for it

progression speed is a freaking joke! it's slower, not faster. if this game awarded the players ALL, i repeat ALL the points they are suppose to get it might be acceptable, but this is not even close. you guys nerf bated the progression speed bad after 1.9.1 and now everyone is slowed to a crawl your happy.

lets start with command ship kills, i cannot count how many times i've done over 50% of the damage to kill that thing and been given zero, kill assists with stasis ammo, zero, general kill assists, zero, final blows, zero, do 75% of total damage to anything and get ZERO. the list goes on and on and your comfortable? the only healers left are complete die-hards, now it's match after match of healer-less teams since you took away their healing xp rewards... and your comfortable?

im not actually sure why im even bothering to type this, i know these words are falling on deaf ears. you guys running this game want people to progress so slowly, everyone will quit, and there will be 10 people left willing to put up with it before you "might" double check yourselves and what your doing.

i might as well mention the horrific lag i have been getting post 1.9.1. it's so bad now i cannot kill assault ships or fighters in onslaught mode at point blank range. vets, are permanent god mod, what i'm seeing is about 3 seconds behind whats happening, i have to aim about 4 inches in front of what ever i'm shooting at to maybe land a hit. when i ram people i have to aim where the ship is going to be, aim for empty air, not where it actually is. 1.9.0 almost no lag problems, 1.9.1 over half my matches are extremely laggy. thank god there is no punishment for leaving matches. i actually get more points if i ditch the laggy match early to find one with a good ping rate, even if it's 2 or 3 attempts.

battle bonus? win, it's on cool down, loose it's on cool down? i don't recall seeing anything in patch notes about having to buy BB after every match no matter what. how about contracts? do these actually award anything? i don't think they do lol. when i complete 1 nothing changes haha

so your comfortable. im comfortable also. i didn't spend the money to create fund and maintain this game so i sleep easy at night, and this also means my opinion is worthless. dreadnought is in a interesting place having no real other substitute on the market right now, people like me are willing to tolerate a lot more then usual. this will not be true 6 months from now.

you wont see me post some rant about why i'm leaving, i'll just be gone, like a lot of other people are already gone without telling you why. people you never new played dreadnought, hated it and left the first day. i see the front page of these forums and they still have my posts from WEEKS ago, no new comments, not being pushed to the bottom by new topics... just sitting there, lifeless, like the player population is now, lifeless, keep up the good work! glad to hear the dev team is comfortable, if i were running things, i would never have to explain anything like sixfot and greybox do, changes would just make sense to people playing the game.

Maybe you are juat jot pucky enough with the assist and other kills

They literally wrote ITS A BALANCING ACT and added "lets hear your throuhts" in the end implying the system might not be perfect and community feedback is.neccesary. I feel the rewards are fine and further ribbon tweaks might make it even greater.

Your main guns (primaries) tend to miss targets closer to you thats why "most" secondaries Are short.range

The support team also posted the minimum req for the game, so you might wantt check them out for that and see perhaps what causes the lagg for you

Contracts give yiu credits and you know it also.Battle Bonus gets used wheter you lose or win a match adding a nice xp/credit boost which has been always like that from day 1

Sleipnir#5272 posted (#post-161157)

Same old people to the rescue of the devs... You guys don't get tired doing the devs job?

Devs are constant contact on discord with us, why not join us as well rather than be a sour puss

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-158353)

To be fair, that's probably one of the best clan/guild/cult pitches I've ever read.

Can i Inferest you in the Book of Nut ?

DazeyDream#8834 posted (#post-160859)

Im only a week old to this game, Im in veteran matches using a tier 3 destroyer.

I've seen countless oberon destroyers in veteran, speed around at the speed of sound, chasing down corvettes like they're a joke and performing the role of corvettes a hundred times better than they ever could.

Is it overpowered? Is it's functionality in the right place as a destroyer?

it all.comes down to officer briefings and modle choices. Vindicta is 3rd fastest ship in t4

Sleipnir#5272 posted (#post-160847)

Fix your all of your modules.

constrctive criticism my friend (oh fwncy words) tell us in.more DETAIL what modules.need fixing, cause i believe most of them to be fine and others would need tweaking

Sleipnir#5272 posted (#post-160341)

So what I gathered is that you devs don't plan on fixing the modules.

so whats the proble .then good fellow ?

ABW seems derpy and warps you time and time again infront of enemies

Credits have taken a hit for the worse and might need tweaking

Ribbon overhaul please, no way will i be able to get CutTheLifeLine with 5 healer kills - lower he amount to 3

Stasis ammo needs higher cooldown on Destroyers with shot amount reduced by 4 on t4 version