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change xp back 1.9.0 this is too much of a grind. the points system only awards fast ships that can steal the final blow from slower dps with no dps burst abilities.

change it back or i fear vet fleet is going to have the same queue times as legendary very

The xp is fine, just need thek credits and most of the ribbons tweaked accordingly, most ribbons dont even pop out untill you get ridiculousl amounts of certain conditions

Also killing blow does not give that much xp according to datamine its the lowest rewarding ons amongst the ship kills, heck even assist give you more xp appreantly

good in every ship basicly, once i get the hang of it. Currently i like Agressive Destroyer playstyle where you harass everyone and take out main threats ( artys and healers, any dread who thinks he can 1v1 )

Vette damage is fine. Corvettes have some options at higher tiers. There is Kinetic Weapon Amplifier which boosts their dmg like Destroyer Weaponbooster pulse; Kinetic Armor Amplifier which makes them tank more dmg and stay alive longer; Thrust Amplifier which increases speed dramatically and Assault Blink Warp which goes through shield and can be module amped to kill non supsecting healers in 1 shot.

Corvettes kill UNSUSPECTING targets 100% of the time, if they afe alreadt under 2k from you, be prepared to die or kill it fast.

Vettes are burst dmg dealers, which means they have to uze everything in their arsenal just to kill 1 guy and then run off, once those modules are used they are just pea shooters and deal no significant dmg without their modules or energy. You win a corvette fight by killinv if before he can make a move , distrupt his modules and hunt him down or scare him off or endure the barrage and finish off the little fighter.

I do Admit corvettes are hard to kill with current aiming system but not impossible

Corvettes are.a vital part of the ship balance, without them we dont have hard counters against artillery and healers. Without corvettes you would be seeing more artillery and destroyes, but then you would whine about that as well

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Still no fun to deal with multiple corvettes in a match. Just played a game where the enemy team had 3 on their side, and while I can deal with 1 corvette OK there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I can survive 2-3 constantly jumping on you after you use up all of your energy on shields and half your HP on the first one.

Seriously this language filter is the most baby tier garbage I've ever seen.

You dont have to fight corvettes alone, from my experience - Stick with team. Vettes target high value targets (healers artilleryl or weakened without energy ships. You can fight more than 3, but thatis already suicide, you're best bet is to stick with team, focus fire them as a team if possible (good luck with that cuz average player has tunnel vision for days) Corvettes hate going in a enemy team cuz they know going in there is high risk vs high reward. Mostly corvettds get away with it because they are not OP rather people forget about them flying around until they get in their max fire range (0 - 1.2k) and kill people.

Best anti corvette strategy is awareness if you can paint that corvette full with F button and support fire, your team will notice and respond in kind

About the little encounter I had with you (Dola vs Vindicta) you came in towards me with full health 0 energy you wasted constanly on movement and i took the opportunity. Vindicta with Powe to Engine ls and Navigation Expert is very fast, not as fast as a corvette but faster than the other destroyers. Disruptor missild in and you cant use moduels, Drain pulse just to lower your shields and Module Amped Storm Missile for a decsnt 32.5m dmg to finish you off. Thats how a Vindicta got you. Not my problem you wasted your energy on entry.

Not sure about the corvettd tho,but already seeing your encounter ingame i can only guess you're still inexprienced playing in veteran fleet, so must of the OP stuff you see are pretty common.

My advice for you would be to get some fellow friends to team up and work together in veteran fleet, cause it is hard if you solo que without expirience

M8 which gamemode you on about ?

Got into a Match with

And after the match i got this

Also tried reloading the game if it was a visual glitch, but no luck

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What is the point of these, I have never seen them actually hit anything. It seems they head in the targets direction, but if the target has moved a little, them don't seem to track, so they always miss.

thats what torpedos are buddy, if you have stasis pulse you can pull it off

Hey buddy, good luck on your endeavors!

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I actualy do want this thread locked asap as everything that needs to be said on about how corvettes are op/not has been already said and no further discussion about it should commence.

You voiced your opinions, now let the devs do their jobs and wait patiently on a favorable response from them-

Said vette player.

Stop hating on people, seen you do this numerous times in other threads as well. Just stop it