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Ok, you're in your recruit fleet. You move your cursor over a ship. press X. You're gonna get a pop up with 3 choices: Customize, Remove, or Replace. You read wrong about Recruit being T1 only. Trust everyone that has told you this, seriously.

Right Mouse click on PC

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All my Tier 2 ships are under the veteran tab in the hanger, so maybe there's a glitch there as I'm pretty sure I read somewhere in the game that recruit is Tier 1 and Veteran is 2-4.

EDIT: Went to hangar to try and replace ship but I don't see a replace button anywhere.

Recruit is t1 to t2, vet is t3 to t4 and leg is t4 to t5

You can remove ships by right clicking on ship and removing them from fleet, must not be qued at that time. Keep a t1 or 2 in your recruit fleet from getting pulled into vet fleet matches or if you like get free vet bb bonuAlso reload the game just for a sec, some times a visual bug occurs and not saving the ship order correct

Edit Join discord for faster info and knowledge

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Recruit fleets can use Tier 1 and Tier 2 ships. Not sure why you have not been able to. Go to the hanger and pick a ship in your fleet. choose replace and you should have all your available ships pop up to choose from.

m8 read

Example would be nice, i can check it later of you can, but by my knowledge ye cant equip t2 weps on t1

its not bad, its worse. Mming will pit you agaisnt super elite or super koobs, or both. It rarely puts you in a balanced game

TE had fighter jet.bug with the anti missile lasers, which could 1 hit killl . full dreadnought. Alsonhad minor small bugs that made Te even worse at times.

He is referring to ps4 version where main just got introduced. Mostly maint you could just pay the sum and just be done with it

Curreny there are about 100 players max with t5s, only a handful of them are active. You can join discord during the weekends and look out for voice chat or general chat when people star5 calling for t5 matches

How about givong us examples of how its bad, from my opinion Vigo is a good mid range destroyer with good modules for any range. Being succesful in a match amounts mostly due skill and knowing your ships strengths and weaknesses. Corvettes are op at all, they are glass cannons who get killed instantly when they mess up their attack order, mostly corvettes get kills by killing unsuspecting players or just plain bad people

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Here something that is frustrating and that I am seeing every other game.

Ship ramming - "Player A" using their ship to ram "Player B" ship to mess up their targeting while shooting or just down right poor sportsmanship.

Why not just penalize "Player A" by heavily deducting EXP and Credits for these deliberate actions?

Match Quitting - When people join a match and then for whatever reason decide to quit that match. This action penalizes the remaining teammates by having to play 1 or in some cases several players down.

Once again, Why not just penalize these players by heavily deducting EXP and Credits for their actions?

Just trying to keep the frustration down to make the overall gaming experience a good one.

So you want to deduct points from people accidently ramming into people themselves, cause that is a retarded idea in all honesty.

Leavers arlready get a punishment from leaving a game, no bb and xp or creds to boot with, punishing them further would be mainentance only worse.

You are actualy profiting from the guy quitting, potential kills or assists are now yours then