Don't worry guys. Our complaints will be read!

Then considered and ignored because some company is more worried about making new micro transactions than keeping the people meant to buy them around and happy.

Either that or 'Ahmergerd my game my vision'

Your king is not happy.

(Still think its funny that I sarcastically asked "So how many new microtransactions are being introduced in 1.6?" on Wednesday livestream and they answered seriously. I was insulting you guys, cmon.)

DN_Timo#1002 posted (#post-116755)

  • Overall increased the rate of fire of all the Oberon Artillery Cruisers, as we felt that the earlier tier ships were way more fun and unique to play. The higher tiers now play more like the tier II version of the ship.

  • Increased forward forces to ensure that Oberon Corvettes aren't the slowest ships in the world.

This pleases the Queen, continue!

Are you a three PCF Silesia kind of fan?

I'm trying to do a thing.

I'm pretty close but I want it to be perfect.

The triangle thing has




is that the same way you guys do colors?

I'll actually do a complete sweep later today and see if I can find any errors and provide solutions. Then maybe put it on a google doc and see if we can get the community on this so it's less work.

There's inconsistencies with the capitalization of the word 'coating' in the coating description. I would say that it doesn't need to be capitalized because it's not part of the coating's name. (E.g) 'A Steel Blue and orange accent Silesia coating' vs "Burnt Sky Coating

"Highlands Green"** coatings description is written "HIghlands green Coating" (sic)

We have "PCF Silesia" , "New Silesia" , and "Silesia" coatings all 3 contain the same description "A Steel Blue and orange accent Silesia coating." (PCF Silesia is orange and green, New Silesia and Silesia are identical to each other, and why is "steel blue" capitalized?

"Burnt Sky" Lacks punctuation in its description where other coatings contain it. "Burnt Sky Coating"

"Oberon" coating has a double space in its description "The official Oberon ship Coating" there is also two 'Oberon' coating selections which are identical with identical descriptions (including typo)

'Mercenary's' and 'Huscarl' coatings lack punctuation. (actually many coatings do)

"Wasp" coating is identical to "Oberon"

"Interstellar Ice" description is written "An homage..." this one's debatable but proper american english would be 'A homage' because we count the 'h' as a consonant and while written "homage" the H is pronounced "Hom ige". To use "An homage" we would technically be using the french rules for the word because the french language does not pronounce the 'h' at the beginning of words. In this case it would properly be "An hommage" with two 'm's, and the word is said as "oh maj"

(Why is "Obsidian" red and blue when the description says "A coating as dark as colcanic glass."?)

'Dragon Blue' I see you guys hate the oxford comma. I'm offended.

Dragon Blue and Dead Man's Hand's descriptions are inconsistent. With "Dragon blue coating." and "Dead man's hand coating.' while the others are written in the form of "Dragon Blue Coating" also, Dead Man's Hand should be capitalized throughout because it's all part of the name.

'Slick Grey'

Should "captain" be capitalized if it's not used in conjunction with a proper noun?

"Triton Mercenaries"

The icon in shop displays "Triton Mercenaries Militant" while the name in its description is just "Triton Mercenaries". I'm also unsure but in "Triton mercenaries militant ship coating, in gray and green" shouldn't 'mercenaries' be punctuated at the end because the coat belongs to their group? Also, there are inconsistencies with the usage of "grey" and "gray". They are the same word but pick one and stick with it, using both looks sloppy.

Cybertree Society

The description "A standard coating, inspired by the mysterious Cybertree Society." has a comma when it should not.

*Cold Steel

Description "A standard white, gray, and green coating, cold and sharp like steel and the hearts of many Sinley Bay captains" that whole descriptions structure is a catastrophe.

Stahl Corporation

Description " The official coating of the Merle Stahl, head of the Stahl Corporation which develops unbreakable material for armor of Akula Vektor ships."

  • Is 'Merle Stahl' a person? If so 'the Merle Stahl' is incorrect, 'the' should be omitted.

  • I need a second opinion on this but I believe the proper structure is "The official coating of Merle Stahl, head of the Stahl Corporation. Which develops Unbreakable Materials for the armor of Akula Vektor ships"

  • The Titanic was called an unsinkable ship and it sank. We're calling this Unbreakable armor. Oberon's hitpoints and Akula Vektor should logically be switched.


' A standard ship coating, for Captains who don't need camoflage."

  • Remove the comma.

  • I'm still not sure if captains is capitalized without a proper noun...

  • Its spelt 'Camouflage'

  • Give whoever came up with that name and description a raise, I giggled.

Bun Bun Cargo Cult

  • You guys haven't given all my oberon ships this skin for free. Shame on you.

  • the description probably needs a punctuation change, I think there's a conflict of tense.

Engineers Guild

  • Name needs an apostrophe I believe.

  • Holy mother of run on sentence.

  • "The Sinley Bay Weapons Engineering Guild - "Black Budgeteers" - are responsible for all weapons sold in the Scum Belt. They also love fire and loud noises.

  • The rest of the description is pretty bad.

    Dead Man's Hand Emblem

  • Dead Man's Hand should be capitalized in the description.

    I'm sure there's many more errors but I forgot to take my crazy pills today and I can't concentrate.

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Hi Oberon,

Sorry to hear that you think we wouldn't care to do Community Hot Topics. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The Hot Topics are an ongoing project that is constantly being worked on and discussed internally. We are monitoring the forums and while we might not always chime in, we are reading your discussions, comments and feedback.

Now why hasn't there been a Hot Topics for 2 weeks?

We want to use that format not only to acknowledge that the issues you bring up are on our radar but also to provide you with some insights and new information. With everyone working hard to get the new Update ready (which included a lot of behind the scenes work to get our systems in shape for the future and open beta) and the resulting lack of new content / changes to the game, there was not much new info we could bring to you.

The items you mention have all already been part of previous Hot Topics issues. You can rest assured, we will provide you with updates as soon as we get new information, like we promised.

I can also assure you that the Hot Topics have neither been suspended nor canceled and we won't stop pestering those poor devs for answers to your questions. But at the same time, we don't want to artificially inflate some news just to put out another issue of the Hot Topics. That would devalue them and this is something we definitely don't want.

That being said, now that the Update is ready to be released, I'm sure the next Hot Topics issue will soon be coming to a Dreadnought Forum near you! smile

As much as I should be excited that you guys are adding more to my great manufacturers arsenal. And for some reason I, the king of Oberon didn't get one( It looks bad when oberon doesn't have the new oberon ship. ) . I find it hard to remain optimistic when we are told "great things are coming soon" when new things are mentioned. but as soon as a massive topic such as t3 ships shows up we are met with "were working on it, it's going to take a lot of time"

Look, I understand that there's a whole bunch of groups doing a whole bunch of different things for the game but at some point people are going to have to come together and work together to solve a major problem while setting the new aside. They can put 10 new maps 5 new microtransaction and fix 50 bugs. But people are still going to be upset that the devs had enough time to work on that but somehow the issues we dread the most are seemingly in the slow lane.

ManiaCCC#0403 posted (#post-114575)

Well, I understand different people are working on different things, so map designers can't do much on balancing issues, however, I have to say, releasing this patch in current situation in complete silence about major issues in the game is puzzling and potentially harmful for the game. It is such a massive letdown and something, what could be major content update (new map) just fizzled into nothing in mind of many, i think.

A new map, and a new microtransaction are actually really great!!!... additions to a real patch that deals with real issues.

They should have been held onto and introduced in a larger patch that doesn't look like a pathetic attempt at money grabbing.

I personally don't remember seeing the forums overfilled with posts saying "This game is awful because theres not enough microtransactions!" or "I'm quitting because we don't have more maps."

Stopped with CHT so they can focus on releasing 'exciting' updates containing one map. one Tier 1 ship. and 1 Tier 4 ship for $50 probs.

I guess

  • T3 ships

  • Maintenance

  • The horrific grind.

  • Matchmaking (I don't mean the Tier 2 in vet thing. I mean having 90% of one team being tier 2's while the other is almost all T4, this shouldn't be hard to even out.)

(which are the things I believe most people have been most vocal about)

Aren't as important as a new microtransaction and a tier 1 ship.

Then we can bring up that any post that even begins to disagree with the devs gets locked by miguel.

At first I wasn't on your side.

But you showed me that you guys were starting to care by opening up to the community and talking to us about the things that are making us want to not play. So I sung the praises of the devs.

But all that communications gone. (a picture on social media being slowly revealed isn't communication) And we are struck again with a patch no one really asked for, with zero mention or attempt at lightening the harsh aspects of the game that hurt the player base.

If you pretend to care until people shut up, then stop caring again that's just wrong. I'll call you out for it. Every.Single.Time.

GG devs. And GG to the one who locks or deletes this post. It just goes to show that all you care about is that no one is complaining about your game.

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You're making me proud son. Keep it up.

oh boy our master is a loli hentai creep ? D:

Hey now. I prefer tentacles.