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Well gents it is a TORPEDO not a missile, so for a TORPEDO to fire up wouldn't really make sense because historically they were either fired from tubes or just rolled off the sides, not to mention it is a rather close ranged weapon so I believe they made it deploy like that so it could mainly be used as a "Hit and Run" device. I Find torps to be effective when used in conjunction with a jump drive or an ability reboot.

That's a silly position. Historically space ships don't float within a gravity well blah blah this isn't an exercise in realism.

This is one of the things that this ability is balanced around, if you can't align yourself to get a good nuke out it won't hit, and is quite likely to kill you.

Positioning and aiming is important for many things, your experience should've hinted at just that.

Ridiculous. Clearly there is a launcher on the opposite side. Aesthetically, functionally, and rationally smarter launches make sense.

There are plenty of cases where "Oh well, I won't launch because I'm not aimed" isn't acceptable. Coordinating fire against multiple targets, maneuvering around the right side of cover, and engaging ships that just warp in are a handful of cases where it is unacceptable to posit that the inability to rationally pop a nuke out the starboard launcher is an "aiming" problem of the user.

-1 to Coleman for awareness.

For the love of god, can my destroyer stop popping nukes only out the left side? Constantly it catches on terrain, partly because they only launch out the left side, regardless of where threats are.

It's absurd.

I originally criticised this ship, but watching my brother frequently get +5 K-Ds, I've rescinded; I simply played them too aggressively.

They absolutely require support and team vigilance against corvettes, but that's kind of the point. I'm tired of games giving up on squad tactics in favor of lone player positive experience.

Then I see no reason to make changes to a game simply based off poor experiences from mismatched teams within a purposefully smaller beta population set.

At minimum, I would like to see clear numbers for ranges and fall offs for primary and secondary weapons, just as they show for modules.

It bugs me a bit that they use two conventions to express effective ranges across weapon detail windows.

I've never had any problems dealing with the issues presented here. A good coordinated strike with a few Nukes, and perhaps an artillery and corvette to mop up, would address it all.

This must be what they meant when they said they were "fixing login instability."

Can't be unstable if you can't login to begin with!

I was able to sign on briefly about ten minutes ago. Restarting the game subjected me to the death spiral, though.

Playing at PAX East, I noticed there wasn't much control for rotation beyond looking in a direction, pressing the forward key, and having your ship rotate to match.

While I understand your desire for simple game mechanics, could we expect to see differing levels of control complexity available to players?