Any new update or time extension?

Now I have a bit of a question is the armor amplifier worth it for the nav or should I keep the warp drive? From what I have played the warp drive is useful but I find that when the enemy uses the armor amplifier it gets a bit frustrating just because of how tough it becomes for that short period as well as the fact that if you don't warp away in time they can kill you mid warp so which do you guys prefer?

Well thanks to all who responded and thanks for the info I contacted customer support with this "issue" and now I got it and now I remeber reading the bio of how Jupiter Arms was trying to recreat the heal beam of the Oberon Tac-cruisers and how instead of that they created the first human desighned and built beam weapon which makes sense I was just too dumb to connect the dots but yeah so I got it now.

Thanks, killjoy1233

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply I am stiil in highschool and exams are coming up so I am a bit slow on catching up with my different online accounts but I digress and yes I have had a great time during the weekend and its nice to meet you as well.

Thanks, killjoy1233

Hello, its killjoy1233 again unfortunatly this time I am looking into a bit of an issue with one of the playstation exclusives this being the Hactar hero ship. The problem I have is with the main beam or primary weapon with the ship being a tactical cruiser it is rather important that it be able to heal but it can't - at all - for whatever reason it will still do damage to enemies but it won't heal it won't even lock on or give the little green redicle when you position the beam over an allied ship. However it does still work against enemy ships it will give the yellow, orange or red redicle and all so I am rather confused as to why it cannot heal seeing that this is the tactical cruisers main purpose which really sucks due to the simple fact that the Hactar looks very cool but I just cannot play it because a tactical cruiser who cannot heal is like a car with no engine.

If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful, Thanks a ton and this is killjoy1233 taking off.

Hello there it's me killjoy1233 I thought i'd hop on for a sec and say hello to all my fellow captains so HELLO! Well thats all I wanted to say for now so have a good night and I will catch you on the field.