I realize now the thread title may have been misleading. My purpose here was to network, not just to find squadmates for a couple games. Thanks for the help, though.

I'm just looking for some people to friend up with in-game. If you're interested, let me know!

I'm Rank 6 and US EST timezone.


I hope you understand this is not about negative feedback - this is about a willingness to engage in dialogue without throwing up an immediate wall and telling new players to "STFU because you don't know what you're talking about."

I'm not sure it's useful to drag this out anymore - I think we all understand each other here. Ultimately, the takeaway should be that while frustration is definitely understandable (and maybe even warranted), taking it out on an unsuspecting noob just trying to help probably isn't the most productive thing to do for the future of the game. I'm not saying the OP did this, mind you, I'm just saying in general. The devs have the final say on what gets implemented or changed, anyway, so we really can only hope they weigh all opinions appropriately and make the right call.

Constructive criticism/recommendations are always good be it from new players or veterans (different perspectives, after all). Input based on hundreds of hours of experience is no doubt very valuable. However, I got the impression that a very specific subset of veterans was being referenced - i.e. those that have given up the fight, as it may be, and now just want to pout and spew negativity on the forums (thereby ruining the experience for newer players and not really adding anything of value).

Either way, hopefully the devs do listen and actually "hear" the feedback from their playerbase otherwise this game will suffer and likely die in a few months following release.

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Unfortunately, every multiplayer game will spawn its own group of bittervets (though the escalation to bittervet status for this game is remarkable given it isn't even in final release form lol). The devs do need to make it as easy as possible for people to interact - in-game and out - so players can get in touch with others who actually want to play the game and have a more positive attitude. However, there will always be bittervets and jaded individuals, and since misery loves company they're eager to share their thoughts. Their presence kind of comes with the territory...all the devs can do is make sure that isn't the only community experience that new players get.

Friend invite sent - see you in-game if you still play

Any tiered system where T1 < T2 < T3 etc. will be harmful to this game. It forces a bad choice (in my opinion): either get the higher tier stuff or face an uphill battle as you progress. It just reduces player role mobility.

Adding new ships is good, but what these ships bring to the table should be specializations and not just a 5-15% general boost in stats or whatever. For example, a higher tier tactical cruiser could essentially be an electronic warfare cruiser instead of a healer (with appropriate bonuses to those types of modules or the ability to fit certain specialty modules). A higher tier destroyer or dread could act as a command ship to give bonuses to attack and defense to nearby allies while having reduced local offensive and defensive capabilities. There are a lot of ways to go here...

The point is, Tier 1/Trader ships should never be categorically outclassed. Progression should lead to more options instead of simply more powerful ships that give you no reason to ever select anything vanilla.

Just my $0.02...

I agree that repair costs applied universally will ultimately just promote risk-averse gameplay and kill a game like this.

I also agree with the need for a FP sink. FP sinks force a cost/benefit analysis that adds depth (something veteran players will want). I believe someone already suggested it in this thread, but if we're going to have tiered ships and modules then it makes sense to implement "repairs" on those items (scaling in amount with tier).

No big deal, easy compromise.

Thanks for taking the time to write a guide, but the font/background combination makes my eyes bleed. Any way you can lighten the font color against the dark background?

Hello all,

Got my closed beta key yesterday and have played 4 deathmatches so far. Longest I had to wait was 2:30 mins so good times. No complaints yet - enjoyed every match win or lose.

Any other Eve players make the transition? Whether you are ex-Eve or not, hit me up if you're interested in friending in game. I'm USA Eastern Time Zone.

Fly dangerous, m8s