This thread gives me a headache...I don't eve think it's worth the braincells to try and address everything wrong with it.

No, just no.

Tytyes, I think the bulk of my issue was in both matches I droped into a match without getting the starting screen, so I couldn't choose my ship. I ended up in my TAC, and I think the team figured I could solo heal, so no one else had theirs. We proceeded to get forced into one corner and basically spawn-camped.

My issues may have been mostly due to having a particularly poor team and me not being up to healing a whole team with a T3 TAC after months off, I'll admit that. I will give it more time before I really make a decision on the mode, those were just my initial thoughts from two Conquest matches that both started that way.

EDIT: Ok, had two more matches of exactly the same. Spawned without ship choice, then once I died, chose my TAC, but I was the only one, again in a T3, with the team spread everywhere. There was no possible way for me to have any appreciable impact. Scored well both times, just from being a TAC, but the team lost horribly in both cases, it was stressful, awkward, and not fun. I have to reiterate my earlier impression that this mode would be a nightmare for an inexperienced player. By the time your team starts to get the hang of it and work together even a tiny bit, the game is over. We need in-game VOIP in order for this to be a better mode I feel, and to be able to actually choose our ships at the start. I was so excited to start playing again, but seeing as the only game mode which seems to have relatively faster queue times is in fact Conquest, this has really left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not encouraged by the fact that I can still get within top 3 on my team if I'm always losing and getting low rewards for the effort, on top of just not enjoying the game mode I'm forced to play due to high queue times for any other mode.

As an older player returning after a hiatus, my first match was Conquest. It was highly confusing, there seemed to be no tactics being used by my side, I got horrible score, felt worthless, and generally did not enjoy it. I can only imagine how much worse that experience would be for an actual brand new player. I'm just rusty, but they'd have absolutely no idea what was going on or what they should be flying/doing, especially if they don't spend any time on forums.

Just my take.



An online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously.

I'm confused by your confusion.

Lol, why on earth would DN turn into an "anime inspired MOBA"?

They've never said anything ever that would indicate this was in any way a realistic concern. Also, the OP was concerned with optimization, which is an entirely different topic than your very unrealistic fear. Not trying to be rude, just saying...your post has got to be the most out of the blue thing I've seen on a forum in a long time.

It's odd, but out of any bugs or issues this game has had, optimization hasn't seemed to be an issue for me since, well a long, long time ago. I'm basically playing on a potato, and I can potato around with over 65 fps on med-high settings. When I first installed DN, I couldn't run it at all. A few months after that and it's now one of the better running games I have access to.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-219573) said:

Queue times are quite fast. Squads can still be a problem, but how big of a problem is all time of day dependant, and if there are legendary matches gong on.

Thanks for the reply Belial. After watching today's stream, I'm pretty excited for the future of DN for the first time in a long time. Looking forward to getting back into it and many of the new features the devs have planned. I was severely burnt out when I last played, but I've always loved the core game and can't wait to see it grow and improve.

So I haven't played in months. Back when I was active, I often scored in the top 3, have quite a few T4s, I think a T5, and was at least slightly above average as far as KDR(just so you can get an idea of where I'm coming from).

I'm interested in returning, especially depending on tomorrow's big announcement, but I wanted to peruse the forums first before attempting to dive back in.

Back when I was active, the biggest issue aside from bugs was MM and stomps. I often found myself against squadded up SOS who could wipe the floor with my teams, and there was no amount of carrying i could do to prevent that. combined with a guaranteed loss against certain squads, the long wait times in between matches and long grinds when not using Elite made for a pretty boring and unenjoyable experience after a short while. It was demoralizing, because no matter how good I got, how much I sunk into Briefings and modules, I still couldn't grind very fast when my matchups were so severely skewed. It's also no fun having completely one-sided matches, where the scores don't even begin to approach a close match.

The grind however has never been a game-breaking issue for me, I've accomplished it with and without Elite, in various patches when the grind was better or worse. I'm more concerned with enjoyment now. The MM/Stomping issue however was a very real one, and I think the biggest thing holding DN back overall from becoming a successful title. Now I come back and see even Belial saying it's still an issue, and that scares me. I see less SOS posting, so that's a good sign, but if someone like belial is having poor matches, and openly admitting it? That gives me serious pause.

So just how bad is it? As a returning player I expect it's going to be rough adjusting, relearning controls, being thrown into more difficult matchups due to my higher KDR, higher-tier ships, etc. I'm prepared for that, but is it going to continue to be rough even when I knock the rust off? That's what I'm worried about. Would love to hear from veteran players and newbs alike on this one.

Wow, it's rough seeing how toxic this community has grown, and how unchecked by the devs. When I decided to take a break from DN the op's plight was already beginning to become common. I was a decent player, by no means great, but not casual either, and after a while it grew boring constantly being on one side or another of a stomp. It was a definite issue then, and it looks like it's still an issue now. This is why other games in this type of genre tend to have separate solo and group queues, which of course requires more population than DN is ever likely to have at the current rate.

What's shocking to me is how the community is handling this issue, not the devs. I've hardly seen the devs actually move on an issue ever in DN, but when the community itself, tiny as it is, is turning on itself rather than helping? It's like no one wants to see this game succeed. There's simply no reason to be arogant and dismissive about this topic- if it's a real issue and you defend it or ignore it, the game loses players, there's no newbs, game dies. If it's not a real issue, you lose nothing by taking a moment to hear someone out and offer a possible solution. Attacking each other is pointless and doesn't bode well for DN's future.

I had expected so much of this game, but between utterly glacial development and the quality of the community(People like Brother Belial aside) I no longer have much hope DN will ever be allowed it's chance to succeed. Here's hoping I'm wrong and the current playerbase are actually really good people who are just being overshadowed by a vocal and hostile minority.

If you have no idea who Thor is then you've never seen a community stream for DN, since he was kinda you know, the one who did that. Don't care if you know who I am.

And Smoker, after seeing some of your comments recently, I could honestly care less about your opinion, because it seems like you're just going nuts white-knighting for whatever reason. You know Migs or Tuxedo aren't going to give you free stuff just for talking up the game despite it's problems, right?

The game has serious issues, if you don't see them, that's your deal, but you acting like other people's opinions aren't valid is not helping the devs nor the progress of this game, grow up. This'll likely be my last feedback for a while if this is what the game has devolved into, the tiny upper crust of players defending every decision and insulting the overall average playerbase whenever they have feedback.

Migs, wake up and smell the BS around here, I know that at least you're smart enough to get this.