As has been stated, please see all the other "vette OP" threads for explanations on why 'vettes are actually not OP.

It's like LRMs in MWO, it sorts the newbs from the experienced players. Once you stop complaining about 'vettes, it means you've started to learn the game.

I cannot take anyone who complains about 'vette balance seriously...

'Vettes are my least played class, because they have too many weaknesses for me. I prefer being able to make a mistake and living to tell about it. I've killed 'vettes in every other ship class, with little issue, and being only an average-above average player myself, should be living proof that it's no major feat to do so.

It's all about awareness, if you know a 'vette is there, it's dead. If it's not dead, then you forgot to use chat commands to tell your team to focus fire when you opened up on the little guy.

The one case I'll allow for 'vettes being even a slight issue in is in the extreme situation of say, an entire 'vette team. Obviously some kind of limit needs to be imposed to prevent any team from being all one class. An entire team of 'vettes or dreads can both be really hard to deal with, but then again, so can turtling with 3x chain healers, and that's actually the most difficult strategy to fight against right now.

So, I'm not trying to say "git gud", but in essence...yeah, yeah I am. Corvettes are not in Recruit nor Veteran the issue, it's just players not understanding how to deal with them. You learn a few tricks, and then a potato/Jutland combo becomes a lot larger pain than a 'vette could ever hope to be.

The problem with the OP's argument in this thread is that he clearly isn't familiar with gaming history.

He says a lot of "no one will ever" and "this will never work" kinda nonsense, when this is the system that most online pvp games have had and still have.

Dreadnought is not an MMORPG. Yes it's got classes like healer, tank, dps, etc, but it's still a PvP/Arena shooter at heart, just with big spaceships. All other PvP arena shooters, with vehicular combat or standard FPS, have performance-based scoring. If they didn't, then I can bet you they'd have a lot less players.

I don't want to play a PvP game where my score and earnings do not reflect my ability and the time and effort I've put into a game. This is also how you keep F2P fair. Every player has the same chance. You cannot buy your way to more earnings much easier than a good player can simply play their way to better earnings. A broke, but very skilled player can achieve as much over time as a newb with Elite status, etc. That's how it should be.

If we were all meant to be equal, we'd all be the same. We're not. No one's equal in any way other than we all breathe the same air. Games should be one of the places where players get to be rewarded for being better than someone else at something- it's a large, large chunk of why people play video games or sports or any competition in general.

Also, sorry to crush your dreams, but DN is far closer to being an eSport title than anything else, and that's the direction the devs have expressed they want to eventually go with the game, so it already makes perfect sense for them to keep things in that vein.

I sincerely hope this is one of their lowest priorities, period. I barely notice Bix's voice, don't care what he sounds like as long as it's not high-pitched and Asian or something, and it affects nothing about the game whatsoever.

Also, if they took the time to record new lines because of a change in voice actor, you really think they're going to go pay yet another guy to change it again just because a few people liked the old voice? This isn't a gameplay or balance issue, there's no right or wrong- Some people will like the voice, some won't, most won't care one way or another. It's hardly an issue that the devs should waste any actual time or money on.

Really, they want to fix Bix: remove him entirely after you stop playing Recruit, he serves no actual purpose and if any dude talked to me as much as he did, I'd be making sure he lost my number.

I have seen 'vettes dominate in one match, ever. I mean, really, really dominate, to the point where my team simply had no hard counter. There were 5 of them on the OPFOR. And we still got kills on them and put up a fight, and it was a fun challenge to do so.

Every other match? 'Vettes are fodder. If it's not a player name I recognize, I assume it's just a treat, for score padding. I've killed 'vettes in Dreads, Dessies, obviously TACs, and even Arty with the main gun(med & light arty). Here's the thing: I'm not that good of a player. I'm average, upper-end of average maybe, and I've never, even for a second in this game felt that Corvettes were anything but balanced.

Now I cannot for the life of me play Corvette all that well myself. I've had a few good matches, but overall I don't enjoy the playstyle. High risk, low reward, very little room for error, and every player on the other team, especially their TACs will have a permanent hardon for you. I commend the guys that can main 'vettes and do so successfully, while having a good time.

I think 'vettes are in this game to teach newer players situational awareness, which tbh, they should have learned in all the other games they played growing up as a child as most of us do, or in you know, real life. But hey, some people are more tunnel-vision types, and it's them that the 'vettes are there for. You cannot have tunnel-vision in a game like DN, or most online PvP games really, 'vettes are just there to remind you to get your head out of your rear and focus fire. Start paying attention, and start watching 'vettes melt, it's that simple.

I'm not sure if it's the exact same problem, but since the patch I am having my cursor freeze at the start of every match. I can't rotate around my ship, look around, etc. I have to hit 'esc', click 'Resume', and then I have movement back, start of every match. If I just hit 'esc' twice, it doesn't work, alt-tabbing doesn't seem to fix anything, only clicking 'Resume' from the 'esc' menu.

As I said, not sure if that's the same or similar to what you're experiencing, but maybe you can try and duplicate the solution and have some luck.

People want a slightly easier grind, less/no maintenance, etc. No player I've ever heard of besides the op has ever asked for scoring to be detached from personal performance...

That's just...nonsensical. This is a video game. An online, PvP, team-based game no less. Nearly any player of a game such as this is playing to get the best scores and performance they can, that's pretty much the point of PvP- competing against other people. Nearly any player of a game such as this expects to be rewarded higher for higher performance, or they probably wouldn't bother playing.

If I put in serious work and carry the team, I expect to be the top score, get the highest earnings. If I'm having a rough match, I expect and deserve to be near the bottom. This is the nature of competition, and it's a very large chunk of why people even play games, so your idea makes zero sense for the largest subset of potential customers for DN: Gamers. People who pay to play computer/video games generally enjoy competition and their individual performance being rewarded.

So I had some harsh words this morning about the patch...partly for legitimate concerns, partly due to the fact that I was in a particularly bad mood, and should have been nowhere near a keyboard. In any event, I was a tool, and the patch seems great so far.

While it does seem a bit buggy in some ways(the Warp into Battle mission), and I wish the 300 Recruit ship one was retroactive, I think the progression system is a great step in the right direction. I haven't played enough matches yet to get a feel for how rewards/maintenance are working yet, but so far so good. The little bit of extra income on the side from having working contracts and the progression system is also probably helping to pad the xp/credit progression somewhat. It just feels better today than yesterday so far, with a fleet of 4x T3 and 1x T4 at least.

I think one of my major gripes about maintenance feeling so punishing will go away when the hotfix hits that fixes the crash to hangar bug. That, combined with these new features and the proposed bugfixes will I think go a long way towards polishing DN up.

So anyway, just wanted to say that I'm sorry for being a bad person this morning, and hel| of a job on the patch. I'm really glad to see things moving in the right direction. I'd also like to add that if I seem overly jubilant over the patch thus far, part of that can be attributed to a freaking stellar match in of all ships, a Dola. Shout-out to Starlord for his pro heals, allowing me my first and probably only ever 15-0 match...again, in a Dola, non-ram. That was all thanks to the heals, but still, great match.

I think they're literally introducing more PvE/Storyline elements today.

Unfortunately for most of the rest of us that want to see them fix some major issues with game economy and bugs before they bother with fluff, you'll get your wishes.

Don't get me wrong, I'd enjoy some PvE content, storyline is fun and all, but I want the game to work right first, and they need better player retention via losing maintenance before they should be investing time and money into side projects.

Ugh. Not too excited, was really looking forward to getting some use out of the last bit of my Elite time today, but now I'm losing a big chunk of it, and perhaps even larger, since these things are never done on time.

Unless this is finally the update that eliminates maintenance, I cannot think of a single more important feature that needed to be added this close on the heels of the last patch. If this does anything short of eliminating maintenance for Veteran fleets- it's both too soon for a new patch, and a distraction from fixing the major problem with DN, which is Veteran maintenance. Storyline is pretty worthless if no one is bothering to play the game because they hit Veteran and their progression died off, and their interest in continuing with it.

Of course if this is finally that patch, the one we've all been waiting for, the one that eliminates the horrible system that is maintenance, the system that someone literally should have been fired over, then I'll eat my words, and I couldn't care less about my wasted Elite time, because I'd be so happy and grateful that the devs finally caught on and realized just how serious an issue they were downplaying this whole time.