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Apologies for the delay, we are now targeting 2:30 PM CDT for the live servers to be back online!

I've been actively playing for about 4 days, after being unable to run the game earlier in the Beta. So far I've personally chosen to stick with Recruit battles until I have at least 1-2 T3s to bolster my T4 Morningstar, because I didn't want to jump into the fire with T2s in my fleet and be a detriment to my team, hurt my own progress, etc. I simply keep one T1 ship in my fleet as I saw suggested, and I have yet to get pulled into a Veteran match. As a result, I'll also hopefully be better prepared by the time I get to Veteran and can contribute more to the team, as well as perform better personally for my own income.

I'd definitely recommend the route I went for other newer players, as while I'm very much looking forward to getting into Veteran, helping contribute towards a higher population for the Vet MM to work with, and experiencing the higher tier ships, I feel like I'll be a lot more useful having taken my time for a few days first.

Bazza's advice will definitely still apply to me and anyone else who holds off on Veteran until they have higher tier ships, as well as those that may just want to jump in sooner. I know I'm going to be playing very much in support and very safely for a little while once I start Veteran, though it helps that I run a TAC about half the time, which lends itself to that playstyle anyway.

Good tips and useful post Bazza o7

I have a strong feeling at the moment that the largest part of the MM troubles are population, but I feel like this mainly applies to Veteran.

In Recruit, queue times seem to be much shorter, I see quite a lot of player diversity, as far as not seeing too many people twice, that sort of thing. I feel like perhaps if the Devs were to make public the specific method the MM uses, we could determine how much of the issue is population, how much is the MM, how big an impact Tiers, Ranks, etc are all having.

If we knew that, perhaps suggestions could be made on how to fix the issue. Right now, I personally have no ideas how they could fix it, without knowing what the population really is, how that's divided into Recruit and Veteran, and what parameters the MM is taking into account to provide matches.

Bugfixes and improvements, numerical stats added, UI cleanup and additions- Looks like real good stuff, looking forward to it.

I'm used to betas far buggier than this, on far larger titles with more money behind them, more players, and an established IP, so I don't know what to tell you, I guess it's a matter of perspective.

Also, speaking of perspective, the queue times I'm experiencing at the Recruit level are 30 seconds to 2, maybe 3 mins max, on the worst. Today, in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, I've been getting 10 seconds to 1 minute times, max. To me that indicates there's a lot of newer/low level players, and perhaps that would account for the difference we're seeing in times. I didn't get to start using the beta until recently, so I missed out on the earlier stages, and thus am basically a new player. I've also not seen the same name twice in a match in over two days, so that also indicates a fairly healthy player population, again at the Recruit level.

I'm not happy that a lot of the people who've been here from the beginning have given up and walked away, I've got high hopes for this game and would like to see it thrive. I am however given hope by what I'm experiencing as far as queue times and player population. We've had different experiences, thus we hold different opinions on the topic. I hope they can bring back some of those that have left, because I think this could be a great game, and am already enjoying it thoroughly. I suppose some of why I keep on these ""MM sucks" threads is because I'd like to promote a positive view on things and help do my small part in perhaps keeping these forums less negative and toxic than many others I've been a part of in the past, largely to help promote the health of the game.

I feel like I should change this to my sig....

It's a beta. Population isn't there yet to support MM working as intended. This is normal.

In a post-release game, if there's still a problem, then they need to figure it out, advertise, get new players, etc, but it's still beta, it's got some bugs, not everyone can even play yet, some people are taking breaks until final release, etc.

You can only expect a certain level of smoothness from a beta test, that's why it's a beta test.

All I was saying is to me, it comes natural, therefore it's not illogical to me. I've never played a game where it didn't work like that, in my memory.

I think it's merely a point of view situation. I came across perhaps a bit harsh, which wasn't my intent, the wording just irked me because it seemed a tad...entitled. First world problem kinda thing, you know?

He|l, my brain probably looks like swiss cheese after my teens and early 20's, so I'm sure there's aspects of the game that are more difficult for me than I realize or would like due to that, so I guess I can understand your point.

All I was trying to convey is that everyone is different, and while you may see this as a large issue, I saw it as very small, and really there was no important reason for me to convey that to you, other than it was late, I was in the middle of an epic storm, and I was in a mood.

Not sure I'd call the act of lifting one finger off one mouse button for a split second when you swap weapons an "onerous tax on cognitive resources", unless your cognitive resources are extremely limited to begin with...

Not trying to sound harsh, it's just that it's a fairly ridiculous way to describe something excessively simple. Most players are going to end up remapping the energy wheel to 3-4 separate keys just to make that smoother, which is technically a lot more work and cognitive resources for the player, yet at the same time intuitive enough and rather easy.

I may be nitpicking, but I'd say "tiny quality of life improvement" would be a better term for your request. Maybe I'm just used to games with multiple weapon systems all on different keys, so it seems ridiculous to me and not others, I dunno, just thought I'd point it out. Seems like there's a lot more important things that can be worked on than something this excessively minor, in my humble opinion. ::shrug::

I'm not even sure what they call it, I just used "flag" as a placeholder term because well, it uses a flag icon, and it's your first ship, so hey, double-entendre, flagship.

Good to know it's being worked on though, it happens to me on more matches than it doesn't, and so far it's the only major bug I've had, which is nice, but it's still a little frustrating, and I'm sure eventually people will end up mad at me for starting with the wrong ship when I have no choice. I don't tend to like to be "that guy" who drops in whatever he feels like instead of the best ship for the team composition, especially when it's not even what I feel like, just some random ship the game decides I should fly atm.

Not sure if this is an older or known bug, but figured I'd bring it up in case it's not.

Basically what I'm experiencing is that when I make changes to my fleet, such as adding new ships, changing which is used first, etc, the changes don't seem to save much of the time. I've had several instances of changing my "flagship", it showing as changed on my hangar/fleet screen, yet I get into a match, and I'm still starting with the ship that had previously been my "flag". Also, when this occurs, even if you then change which ship you'd like to use on the ship select screen at match start, it won't stick, and you end up starting the game with that previous ship no matter what.

This is mainly an annoyance for me atm, but I could see it being a major detriment when I start needing to passively level ships in my fleet that I don't want to use, or I really need to change my starting ship to reflect the team's loadouts.

EDIT: So far today this bug has occurred on every match, and after each match, my fleet order is changed, and it doesn't even reflect the changes that I get stuck with in match. Example: I have my Trafalgar set as flag, start match, now I'm in my Simargl, can't change ship no matter what I do, so I drop in Simargl first....after the match my flag is showing as the Simargl, which was somewhere in the middle of my fleet before the match... This started out as mildly annoying, now it's costing me practice in the ships I want to be dropping in first, and costing me XP on those ships because they're spending less time in battle. I also have 1-2 ships in fleet that I'm attempting to level passively, so the minute I get stuck in one of those in a match, that's really going to suck for me.