Anyone does have a point about the heals, chances are good that most of the winners will in fact be in TACs, and I'd bet at least half of them will also be SOS people.

It'll still be interesting to see how it shakes out, and will likely give the devs a lot of data to use in designing future events.

Well this looks interesting. Nice to see some events like this, step in the right direction.




EDIT: Here's a question though, and I apologize if I'm just blind and missing it- When does this event start? I see an end time/date, but no start, and I don't have the game mode as an option yet in game.



EDIT#2: Restarted the client and I now have it. For anyone else wondering, it's started, but if you had the game open when the event went live, simply restart the client and you'll see the mode in the drop-down.

SweetTsunami, I like the way you logic. You covered about every point I was going to make.

A lot of the things you're having issues with OP do work themselves out over time. You learn how to break up heals, (though 3x is always tough), 'vettes have a variety of uses that take some learning in Veteran, and I can assure you that your dmg and KMDD etc are kept track of-we even have progression missions that show you that damage being tracked and reward you(minimally) for it.

PSA to all you people saying the game is dead, MM is a fail, etc:

Re-queue after 3.5-5 mins of not finding a match, you will find one much quicker. I have never waited more than 5 mins for a match, and that was only when I was being too lazy to re-queue and let it actually run all the way to 5.

I play at times ranging from weekday mornings to weekend nights, and queue times seem about the same all around. Anywhere from a minute to 4 min. If you are having longer times than that, restart your queue, or restart the game client, because that's not normal.

If there's one healer, you go kill it. If there's 3 TACs chain-healing each other, you're likely screwed, but no one ever has trouble with a team with only one healer, unless they're just very bad at the game, or very new. Arties and Dread nukes say hi.

Well-played sir, but I'd also like to point out that the actual number of teens who are likely to be playing a spaceship-based arena shooter can probably be counted on one hand.... I'd be willing to bet the largest chunk of DN's playerbase are mid-20's to late 40's or more. They likely just went for a Teen rating to try and cater to a larger audience.

Anyway, technically, you are correct, my point was just about censorship in very general terms. I think it's always bad. DN's gonna do what DN's gonna do, regardless of what any of us think, and that's fine, they're a business.

I've personally always felt game devs would do well to just allow for as much player-controlled customization as possible when it comes to key-binding.

I have a normal keyboard, but I have arthritis, carpal tunnel and back issues, so I sit funny, sometimes use odd key mapping, etc. I really respect when devs are smart enough and/or care enough to make games more playable for the people who tend to be gamers, who often tend to have RSI. Hopefully DN gets there someday.

I agree that the censorship on the DN forum and in-game is too harsh, but I doubt they'll mess with it. They take a loooong time to fix major issues with this game, never mind small stuff like this.

I don't really agree with censorship in any form, I think it's juvenile, caters to the softest-minded of people, and an insult to human language skills. Words exist to express a certain feeling or emotion, even "bad" words. Any one person getting to decide what's offensive or not...well, offends me.

Redwyrm, that can work temporarily, but sometimes the bug will change your flag continually, no matter what you do, it's just an ingrained bug at this point that won't stop til they actually fix it.

Things will hopefully get better once they implement a new rewards system, yes the current one is pretty awful atm.

For now, I recommend getting in a TAC. As healer or even just a Palos set up for offense but keeping the auto-beams you can rack up massive points every match quite easily. The highest scores I've ever seen came from a losing team's healer. If you can play a TAC even remotely, you're guaranteed the best way to farm in this game, under the current system.

It gets boring, but right now there aren't a lot of options til they fix things. The T2 trick, running a TAC, they're all band-aids for the moment, but it's something for now.