Having an issue logging in as well. Wasn't sure if it was a bug just for me, or if the servers were down, no word back yet from support or on their Twitter.

I'm not really concerned about credits lost, I plan to sink a lot of time into DN and will eventually grind out everything.

My primary concern is for the health of the game as a whole. As I mentioned, I'm extremely patient, most people are not, and there's a lot of other games out there. If an idea is a bad one, it should not be held onto, regardless of whose pet project it was, how important it is to some dev to keep, etc. I know this game is someone's baby, but if they want that baby to get a chance to grow up, then they need to adapt.

No one likes maintenance, ever, in any game. It serves no positive purpose. It makes people not want to spend money, because it's a shady, proven-to-be-unpopular mechanic in every game that has introduced it. That's the only reason I keep belaboring the topic, because keeping a failed, unpleasant mechanic in a game for mystery reasons, despite serious pushback from the players beta testing your product flies in the face of all reason.

I'll reiterate, I love this game, have very high hopes for it, so please, please don't kill it in it's infancy by ignoring repeated good advice from the people you've asked to test the quality of your product. This is why we're here. Out of all the bugs present, the only one that really prevents you from actually progressing in the game at any sort of reasonable pace is the DC bug, BECAUSE of the maintenance. Just DCing in itself isn't a big deal, if you weren't losing money. Even if you yourself don't DC, but half your team does and you lose, that wouldn't be too bad, but now you have to pay maintenance for a loss you had little control over. There's too many negatives and absolutely zero positives, unless you're trying to force people to spend money- in which case, you're doing it wrong.

I promise you that with maintenance gone, and some of the other bugs ironed out, people will want to spend money on this game- for Elite, for Hero ships if they ever become useful, for purely cosmetic items most of all. It's tried and true in the F2P market, go with what works, instead of something that people despise.

I say these things out of respect and appreciation for the dev response and all the hard work you guys put in. If I didn't care I wouldn't have so much to say about it.

I am well aware that this is an older and known bug, yet I am reporting it nonetheless, because this is the sort of thing that simply cannot go this long without being addressed.

The maintenance fees in this game are a detriment to progression and player retention as-is, but when coupled with this bug, it makes the game nearly unplayable. In this case I was only several seconds into a Veteran match when I got kicked back to the login screen, came back to less credits than I had before the match. This is ridiculous. This cannot be a low-priority fix, or it will kill this game before it's even able to launch fully. I have an enormous amount of patience and plenty of experience with alphas and betas, and that patience is wearing thin. Most people will have given up by now, and that's money out of your pocket, not ours.

I think this game has great potential and I would really love to see it succeed, but please, a level of professionalism is required here that's simply not being displayed. I understand that the devs are likely working hard to address many of these issues common to the game, but certain things are a priority, and simply removing maintenance would go a long way towards making the disconnect bug less of a big deal for many players. There's no legitimate reason that a simple system such as maintenance could not be removed until a better solution can be implemented. The more time taken to accomplish this, the more players will drift away from the game, and I for one wouldn't like to see that happen.

My buddy had this happen to him yesterday, mid-match. He was in his 'vette and got run into by an enemy ship, and they proceeded to get stuck together, and the other guy ended up dragging him around til he got blown up.

There does seem to be a slew of posts lately by several players that appear to be designed to discourage new players, returning players, and disparage the devs. I understand there's likely a lot of animosity and hostility present in some of the people that have been here a while due to development progress, design direction, etc, but it's not really helping the situation any to drive more players away from the game. If we're here, we're obviously interesting in DN, and would likely benefit more from it being successful rather than falling apart.

Offering constructive criticism can be frustrating for players who feel they aren't being heard, I understand that, but constant attacks on the devs will not accomplish anything except the creation of a toxic forum, and distancing devs from players even further.

If you don't enjoy the game, don't play. If you don't want to contribute something constructive, then you're likely better off not posting anything, rather than causing more animosity and conflict simply out of spite.

If one does in fact have proof of any shady actions on the part of the devs, then reddit is likely a much better forum to air those grievances and post the proof, because it's obviously not going to be allowed to be discussed here if it is a "secret".

I'm not picking a side here, quayjay could be correct, or he/she could simply be angry and trolling, but either way, there's constructive ways to go about things, and methods which are only detrimental to the game, the devs, the community, and the posters themselves.

"AI Bots have been added to the game, to speed up que times and give the illusion that there is lots of people playing. Truth is people are leaving faster then they are joining. The AI Bots are so bad, that if you get to many bots on your team, its a complete loss."

Where are you getting this information on bots? DN devs have said several times in the past that they would never add AI in such a manner, ie to replace human players on a team, so I don't quite understand why this would be a thing now suddenly. Is there an official post on this, or do you have screenshots of bots in matches? I've personally never seen this, so I'd be interested to see what you're referring to.

Keep a T1 ship in your Recruit fleet at all times, and unless I'm mistaken, you should never end up matched against anything higher than a T2. It's worked for me thus far.

Having now played around with Veteran some more I'm feeling the pain from the maintenance costs even more. While I'd love to just be remaining in my fleet of T3s, gaining XP towards OBs and T4s, I can't afford it yet, so I keep swapping back and forth between Recruit and Vet.

I really don't understand how players could be expected to maintain a healthy Veteran queue, or any Legendary queue at all, as things stand. I've had everything from matches where I earned 2300 credits to as little as 200 credits, after a 6 minute wait for a match, in Veteran. That just feels bad. In Recruit I can manage top 3 easily every match and earn consistently, but I feel like my XP is wasted at this point, as I have nearly every T2 fully researched.

I do understand a need for resource sinks in F2P games, but this is not a very good implementation of one. I for one really like that now you can swap around more of the ships' cosmetics, and I'd bet I'm not alone in enjoying that sort of thing. People pay money consistently in other games for purely cosmetic items, best offered in large varieties and low individual costs. Give players a ton of choices for ship cosmetics, make them affordable, and people will waste money on them all day, and not feel bad. Forcing players to feel like they need Elite status just to progress in the game and play higher tiers has more negative impact than potential for profit, in my opinion.

Yeah, it's understandable that problems can occur, things can run over estimated times, etc, but that's why you should give yourself more time, tell us estimated times that are longer by far than you need, etc.

If they told us 8 hour maintenance and then get done in 6, they get to look like heroes, instead of leaving everyone hanging all day and giving us updates after the fact every time the time has to change.

Hopefully in the long run we get a really kick@ss patch to make up for the wait.

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My client is downloading

Same here, can't wait to see how things look.