Good luck....Suggestion: If you run into problems this time, nix it early, rather than costing players the entire day while you figure it out, only to have to revert back anyway.

I'd rather see success than failure of course, but either way, I'd much rather play the game in some form than read tweets every 2-3 hours saying that there's issues that are being looked into.

I'd never advocate players spending money in a beta, especially when you have no guarantees that the game will in fact launch successfully and also be popular enough that your investment will be worthwhile.

In the long run, they will have to fix the maintenance costs, or this will look like Warships, where T10 players can't really afford to play their T10 ships very often, and wind up having to farm in lower tiers in order to maintain their ship costs. The players of that game hate that system, and have been vocal about it for a long time, and we will experience the exact same scenario here, except possibly worse, because T5 is a lot shorter grind here than T10 is in WoWS, and it's the final tier we have access to thus far.

There's plenty of ways to encourage players to spend real money on a F2P title that do not have to be punishing or negative in any way. Games that have had success with their F2P model tend to focus on cosmetics and premium/elite time as their main cash grabs, all things not in any way required for enjoyment of the game. MWO sells mechs, and while the devs of that game are horrible at their jobs and not the greatest of people, they do get to laugh all the way to the bank as people keep buying mechs long after the game has lost most of it's popularity and population. POE is a completely different genre, yet sells mainly cosmetics, and it's widely lauded as one of the absolute best examples of a successful F2P model to date. Just some examples off the top of my head.

The Tier 1 ship in your Recruit fleet thing shouldn't be considered an exploit, since to my knowledge it's the recommended tactic for all new players to avoid ending up in Vet matches before they can pull their weight. It's even listed on various places around the internet, including these forums, as the main way to avoid that issue.

I personally feel like aside from the similar tactic of keeping a T2 in your Vet fleet to keep maintenance costs low, they'd be better off just adjusting Veteran to contain T3-4 only. First they'd need to remove maintenance however, which they should do anyway.

I figured it was something like that, just never heard of it, kind of a strange name. I was just curious how they compared to DN as far as project size, developer, budget, etc. It's hard to make comparisons between various devs and studios, something I've noticed after a few betas and a couple decades online gaming.

I do wonder sometimes about the pace with DN's development, I will say. They're transparent, but the communication between 6-Foot and Jager seems like it could be slow, and that could potentially be part of the issue. We have to wonder just how quickly feedback from these forums reaches the actual devs working on the particular issues, and how it's presented to them. It's something that I sincerely hope gets smoother and snappier as time goes on, surely before full release. I personally didn't even get to play the game for much of the beta until about a week ago, due to issues with the launcher and client that only got resolved recently, so I definitely see the problem.

What's a Factorio, and what does it have to do with DN?

Would appreciate if the OP would pass whatever he's smoking to the left...

I have to take breaks from TAC because while I was starting out, it was the best way to grind up XP and Credits, but it's so high-adrenaline compared to tanking or DPS that I can't do it every game. Lotta micromanaging, situational awareness, and responsibility, and potential for top score in every match.

I plan to always keep a TAC in my fleet for when I just want to make money, and I have the energy to keep up with all that comes with it, but I can't play it full-time, just because I'm getting old. Nothing beats getting 3-4 kills, top score, and winning in a 100-20 match or something though, as healer, it's a pretty good feeling.

Funny story, after I posted my response in this thread, a buddy and I tried to squad up for the first time. Neither of us had done it before, the squad controls seem quite clunky as far as queuing up, we messed something up, and ended up dragged into a Veteran match....with Bazza on our team. I felt so bad.

I had a fleet of nothing but the Morningstar, because I hadn't built a Vet fleet yet, and my buddy had all T1-T2. It was brutal and cost us both more credits than we had at the time. Was also quite embarrassing, having just posted in this thread how I was holding off on going into Vet queue until I was ready...

Since then just been working on getting a few T3s together before I legitimately forge ahead into Veteran intentionally. Got a Gravis and a Ballista, and working on Fulgora and Otranto, which are mainly just a matter of credits away. I figure Veteran players prefer you have choices as opposed to only a single ship to choose from, so I'm giving myself choices, to be as useful as possible. Hopefully more Veteran players are like Smoker and Bazza, because oddly enough, in most Recruit matches I've played, people do work together, so it'd be sad if they have Veteran beat there.

I really like the look of pretty much all the Oberon ships... I think It's a matter of personal preference. I honestly like the look of almost all the ships in game, save for perhaps the Dola line, which look like tugboats, and some of the medium arty, which look like they're ripped from EVE.

I've barely played any Veteran, but what I have played cost me, and I see it over and over again on these forums that it's costing everyone else.

For the love of all things holy devs, please remove maintenance as a game feature before this game ever goes live. Other games such as MWO that used to do repair/rearm costs stopped doing it, for good reason- PLAYERS HATE IT.

There is never any reason a thing like this needs to be in a game. Adjust earnings if you feel like there's an imbalance, find other ways to create's not immersive when you can't play at all because you can't afford to play a certain tier due to maintenance costs, it's just silly. This does not encourage buying Elite status, this encourages not playing, or simply sticking to Recruit matches forever.

I've never, ever understood why any game introduces any cost to the player of in-game currency after a match. If for some reason you think they're making too much per match, change the rewards, lower the earnings, why take some away based on some performance-based metric that no one can see? It's silly, it's frustrating, and it really, really needs to go, because it's one of the single largest issues preventing this game from becoming truly successful someday, I can guarantee you with 100% certainty.

Love what you've done so far with DN, please keep up the good work, and please, please get maintenance out of there so more people can actually enjoy your game and keep it alive and healthy. Trim cancerous features early before they have a chance to ruin the reputation of the game, as is already starting to happen here.

I'm hoping the extra time just means they're making sure they have it right. Perhaps they found a bug and decided to fix it now rather than have to roll out a hotfix right away?

Hopefully it's something along those lines, and we end up with a smoother experience for our wait.