Good idea, some way to organize your ships within a fleet would certainly be welcome.

I've also encountered a bug where even if you change the "flagship", whichever ship you previously had selected as such will continue to be your first ship in a match, even if you manually change it again to try and select another ship at the match start. This could potentially be a big deal if you have a ship that you're trying to passively level in your fleet that somehow ends up getting stuck as your flag, and you start matches with an un-optimized setup.

In general, just being able to sort ships in your preferred manner or manually would be great for quality of life.

I agree, combat sounds in this game could definitely be more impactful. In my experience, players tend to be listening to music in the background, or on comms with their buddies, or both, and the game has to struggle to compete with that.

I feel like the hangar background noises are as loud as combat at default settings, where combat should really pop and stand out from the normal game sound effects.

I get you there, and certainly have my own concerns over the Tier system in general.

I've played countless hours and almost 10k matches in MWO, which uses no tiers for individual mechs, but does have player tiers, which turned into a horribly failed system, and I've also spent some time on World of Warships, which has different, yet also-troubling tier issues.

In MWO's case, the player-based tiering has failed due to the low population, so low-tiered players are often lumped in with higher-tiered, and much fun does not ensue. In WoWS' case, I feel like the tiers are a detriment because every match, there's always the top-tiered ship that basically cannot be touched by ships of a lower tier due to the way armor and guns work in the game, and in every tier there's a clear "best" ship, so there's not much promotion of player choice or variety.

I have no idea what the future holds for DN's tier system, but I certainly hope they can avoid the pitfalls that have plagued other, similar PvP titles.

I get what you're saying Maj, no worries, and apologies if I came off a bit harsh. I had just replied in 2-3 different threads all basically complaining of the same MM issues, and I think my patience was starting to get a little shot.

I can tell you're not having a "sky-is-falling" reaction to the MM, after further reading your responses, so I guess my comment was tailored more for those who don't understand how game populations impact MM balance, and consistently just expect miracles.

It's beta. There's a very low population, you cannot expect a MM to function properly yet, or you will have to put up with insanely long queue times.

Any conversation having to do with a MM in a beta is usually completely pointless and premature, as no MM can do much when it's only working with a 500 player pool or even less for a given time. You get what you get, that's why this is beta.

If people are driven away by MM imbalances in a beta, then they must not realize what a beta is, nor what it's intended to accomplish.

MM issues in beta are normal, player population is not there to support separating everyone fully by their performance, Tier, etc yet.

This entire conversation is pretty pointless pre-launch, as with a higher pop, the MM should work much more smoothly, and if it doesn't, then it's time to complain.

Also, tip for PvP in general- Don't avoid better players, seek them out. Learn from them, lose to them, talk to them on Disc, forums, etc. You'll never get better with an attitude of avoidance.

I've been getting stomped left and right so far since starting DN, and I'm completely fine with that, because I'm learning. Eventually I'll get there, because if I enjoy a game, I tend to try and get good at it, and that's usually a painful process, but very rewarding in the long run.

Some of your points are certainly valid, they could fine-tune the grind a bit for sure, but as for the MM-

It's Beta. In almost no game ever was there a good MM for Beta, because the population simply cannot support it. Even in established games with fairly beefy MM, things still go downhill when the player populations are low on off-peak times, because they have to open valves, etc, and put people of varying degrees of skill against one another. If MM issues persist after launch, and we know there's a healthy game population, then that's an issue, however right now it's behaving as should be expected for a beta test with a really low player population.