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This system is stupid and I refuse to participate until it gets fixed. I enjoyed playing 1.1 with 20 minute queues in comparison to this patch.


Seconding this part right here.

I know I've harped and been vocal on other things..

Regardless of how you handle the p2win T4 in T1-2 battles, this suggestion still has merit.

So, the background on this is.. PRE Progression 2.0, (and ignoring the ABW/BP Corvettes) I felt you had the TTK just about right.

I LOVE long TTK games.. and a game about dreadnoughts and ship to ship combat should have LONG ttks, with slow movement to compensate.

So why doesn't tier 1 START where you had the game perfectly? Why are we starting with small health pools and quick deaths due to the ratio between dmg and effective HP being soo much smaller at T1 (lack of shield energy and hp, and weapons not nearly as nerfed as maybe they need to be?)

Personally if the game started T1 where 1.2? (pre progression 2.0) left off, and then increased effective HP / damage, reduced speed slightly etc etc as tiers increased, I think it would feel a bit more 'dreadnoughty' and less 'gunboaty'.

edit; this also goes into my feelings on healing and regeneration - eg, that hp should be MUCH higher, but regeneration and healing should be much lower than it currently (or even pre progression 2.0) was.... but take it as you will.

I'm dropping this game like a bad habit until it is 100% impossible for DRASTICALLY more powerful ships to be allowed into matches with much weaker ships.

Because if this stays in.. then eventually, even when pops even out.. the 'legendary' que is going to be 'too long', and then suddenly we'll have T5 ships facing the T2-T4 bracket.. and the whole issue will start all over again.

Say no now, quit now until this is changed. T4 ships should NEVER been placed into the T1-2 bracket.

First match in, still 2 T4's and multiple Tier 3's on my own team.

I would rather wait in que for 10 minutes then have overpowered ships placed in my T1-2 bracket.

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Reading through patch notes, I see no mention of the legendary ABW ignoring shields bug. Is that one still in play?


This was supposedly a bug and has been fixed.

As ABW is a high level ability now, no one has gotten it yet to test it.

Quick suggestion; Generally people like PLAYING your game, not grinding your game.

I've noticed that the module upgrades are nice and small. eg; its 1 extra missile here, -3 seconds on the CD there.. and so on and so forth.. Nice, small, incremental upgrades.

If you want us to grind something out.. make 25 tiers of module upgrades that are small and incremental.. where I won't feel so bad facing some guy with 5 tiers higher modules then me.

As it is.. with the super grind just being discovered as being Officer briefs which are scattered among all the high end ships.. thats hiding CONTENT behind MASSIVE grind.

Please stop hiding parts of your game behind months long grinds.

You need to rush out ALL the content, the early versions of each ship type, the early /weak versions of most modules so that people can PLAY your game... then add a SMALL incremental power curve grind that can be years long.

So apparently, not only is the grind insane to get the ship types you want to play, the modules you want to use..

But on TOP of that, you have to go and grind out ships (and their various tiers) to find the officer briefings you need.. eg; you have to go grind out sniper ship X to get the officer brief you want to use on healer ship Y... even if its completely the opposite direction/tier or even manufacturer that you want to work on.


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Yes, nice write up.

I agree with the above. I did not become interested in this game to play poorly equipped T1-T2 ships against almost identical T1-T2 ships.

I became interested (and purchased) this game. because it let me play huge Dreadnoughts and explore tons of different load outs fairly quickly. I won't have the patience to grind on the current treadmill in hopes that someday I will get to play the pre-patch game again. Other games will suck my attention away long before I get there.


Just emphatically agreeing with the above (and the OP)

I played this game before to PLAY it.. because progressing didnt really matter other than level 25 for all the ships.. but the GAME was fun.. progressing was not.

I think the survey we took where we pushed 'was unlocking modules fun y/n?' and we pushed yes... maybe they thought we wanted this grind fest? if so.. please let me change my answer to no!

So it feels atm like the energy levels were simply lowered, without any adjustment to consumption/drain etc.. and to a beta veteran, it feels very wonky in a Tier1/2 ship with 55/65 energy respectively.. I mean, these early tiers are supposed to help teach me to use energy.. It should be forgiving to the new players.. with high regeneration/low capacity, or high capacity/low regeneration

I'd love for some new players to chime in as they can, especially if they've played some T1/T2 ships, and then a hero T4 ship to compare with.

My Preference on this would be to leave the base energy alone. All ships have 100 (or 100%) energy and instead, change the regeneration rates.

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We appreciate the feedback on the fleet maintenance system. Fleet maintenance is a Credits-only sink that for all but Legendary tier fleets is a fraction of what you earn at the end of a match. At the highest rank, the current design is going to ask players to be comfortable with a wider range of ships and win about 50% of their matches to remain out of maintenance.

We are still in Closed Beta and these values are changed by feedback like this, thanks for your post!


The issue is.. its a tax on the losing team.

Honestly if you are just looking at maintenance as a way to do a credit sink.. either A, apply it equally to all ships (in veteran at some low level, and in Legendary at a higher level)

Its the 'Only the losing team pays, on top of making less credits' which is the problem.

Honestly you could do it an entirely different way.. an entrance fee instead.

eg; to que with a veteran fleet, you pay 100 credits. To que with a legendary fleet, you pay 500 credits.

One thing that MUST be addressed tho if you keep this current system is the 'taxation' of ONLY the losing team.

You can partially do that by changing the 'top 3 scorers in the GAME don't pay maintenance' to 'top 3 scorers on the LOSING TEAM don't pay maintenance'

This way at least anyone thinking they are on the losing team has incentive to TRY.

and no matter what, you MUST not force tax/maintenance on a player brought in MIDGAME. (due to a disconnect or person leaving the game)