The issue is not healing. The issue is the Aion compared to the Koschei type mechanics STILL.

As a Koschei I can still make top scorer on BOTH teams by DOUBLE the 2nd place person, EASILY.

The problem is that the Aion class healers are 600/500/400 at Close/Medium/Far ranges... and the Kochei class ships are 2000/1500/500

Row 43 and 48.

So the problem is not the 'healing to score' lever.. its just the medium tac, still sucking.

If you want to truly have the 'good close range healer' and 'good far range healer' .. then the healing values need to be more like

T4 Values:

Medium(Aion): 1000/800/600

Heavy(Koschei): 2000/1200/400


First off I want to agree with 99% of what you've said above.

I also dislike this maintenance thing as just another tax on a losing player.

That being said, I believe you have some.. incorrect if not misleading information.

When you lose a match, you still make credits.. My team just got steamrolled and I still got ~400 credits...

My maintenance cost was 299.. and it appeared to be instant... No time lost, no waiting to que the next game.

Their wording for maintenance is very weird.. you get a dialogue to 'skip' maintenance and a fee cost associated with it... when it should just be 'You lost, here is the fee, pay it to unlock this fleet for action again' (obviously with prettier words)

All that being said, I still MADE credits losing.. it was a pathetic amount (and I think the top 3 on the losing team should be exempt from maintenance fee, not the top 3 including the winning team. That's just dumb.)

So these posts (You're far from the only one) stating the maintenance is somehow stopping them from playing.. is incorrect.


Once we get to legendary stuff, T4-T5 bracket, obviously the maintenance costs will be much more prohibitive... and your statements (if the player goes broke), will be much more accurate/true... but at the same time, if you're up in the legendary bracket with an unlocked T4/T5 ship.. you probably have some credits to burn.

The thing that weirds me out is that there is no monetization on this end of it... eg; Pay credits OR pay GP

Yet there IS monetization on that damned ship xp-->free xp converter (which I REALLY hate and disagree with.. it's effectively saying YOU, the PLAYER, can't have fun on the ship you want without paying us extra money to progress.)

All in all, love your post.

So.. this is kinda confusing.. Why would you allow/include in the top players.. of the winning team, when the winning team doesn't GET maintenance.

This should be the top 2-3 people on the LOSING team get to skip maintenance..

Because the matchmaker can suck so hard as to allow the TOP person on the losing team to have LESS score then the 6th/7th person on the WINNING team... means there is no chance for those on the losing team to benefit from this free maintenance pass.

Bulzeye, make sure you are NOT in que/matchmaking when trying to do it. Your fleets are locked/uneditable in that manner during matchmaking.

If you check the spreadsheet - the warp thingy upgrades based on tier.

The first version you get of it only warps you foward I believe. The 2nd allows you to target allies and enemies (T3+)

Row 77

This seemed odd to me too.

Why can't we buy credit buyable items with GP any more? You DO want our money don't you?

It isn't pay to win if the item is buyable with a 'REASONABLE' amount of ingame currency OR IRL Monies.

Paying to skip some of the grind by allowing either ships or modules or both, to be buyable with GP as WELL as Credits just allows you to skip some of the grind.

Please note however that the jump to 50k credits on Tier3 ships is WAYYY to high and does not fall under my definition of reasonable amount of ingame currency. So you may want to stick to modules/tech tree stuff only if you re-enable GP buying but want to keep ship prices the same for some reason.

I was kinda sticker shocked there myself.. 3200? 3500? for a tier 2 ship, then suddenly 50,000 for a tier 3? whoa.

That needs to come down a bit.

SolisObscuri#9939 posted (#post-51197)

This patch is the worst gameplay experience I've ever had. Tier 1 Recruit fleets get matched against Tier 4 Veteran/Legendary and the T1 ships are such pieces of trash they can't even damage a T4 at a rate much higher than its hull autorepair. The tech tree is grinding to buy a bunch of junk modules I don't want on a trash ship I don't want to I can eventually get to "research" the next tree up trash ship I don't want and grind through that to maybe eventually tree over to the nerfed trash copy of a ship I might want... but I don't really have the patience to waste that much of my life losing 25:1 matches because my gutless trash ship can't do anything except die in one shot. It can't even mount secondary batteries or even the most basic crew orders, either.

It's a shame because I was really having a blast playing this last week. Mostly because I could play with ships that weren't artificially pieces of junk for the purpose of forcing grind.

Good luck trying to retain any players, Greybox. I don't think you really deserve that luck after this abomination of a patch, but I don't like to wish ill on anyone.


Feel a few things should be mentioned here.

  1. DN_ player has confirmed the T4 ships being in the recruit (T1-T2) matchmaking is a bug, and will be fixed.

  2. No ship has Hull autorepair. if you take damage, you don't get repaired for 5? 10? seconds. What you may be seeing is Tac Cruiser healing.

  3. You do not need to buy junk modules on the trash ships. Just research them. Save your credits for buying the next tier ship or modules you do want. Credits are FAR harder to come by. Ship XP is easy.

  4. Im with you on the secondaries.. No idea why we can't have our secondary weapons on all ships... as for basic crew orders (I assume you mean officer briefings?).. the basic ones of those were simple -10% CDs, or -5% dmg taken. They rebalanced weaponry and CDs (when you upgrade a module it reduces the CD by a signifcant amount in most cases)... so Im kinda glad they removed the 'basic' Briefings. Didnt help anything.

In general I'm with you tho on the whole.. can't play the ship class/type I want to play without grinding other ships I hate (whether they are bad or I am bad with them, same effect.)

After this match, will do.

Ty. (and hopefully you guys are seeing the feedback threads in the general forums? hope hope smile

So, I researched the Tugarin from the Rurik.. and now the Nav from the Tugarin... However, I am unable to research anything on the Nav.. The red text at the bottom says 'Research Prerequisites not fulfilled.'

This is while looking at the research tree of the Nav, a T2 Medium dreadnought.. after having successfully purchased it, AND placed it in a fleet.