This issue stems from the new progression design (not a problem in of itself... but....)

The problem I'm seeing is.. I don't own a corvette, nor a dreadnought... so contracts that ask me to kill things /damage things with Corvettes/dreadnoughts, or their modules.. without the ability to re-roll them constantly (I did it once but then the button went away)... is not ok.

So, in the patch notes, we were informed that the matchmaker takes into account some sort of 'fleet rating'.. which is basically saying if your veteran fleet has 5 T4 hero ships, then its ranked X.

But if it has 1 T4 Hero ship, and nothing else, then its ranked LESS than X.

They did say that whatever the most powerful ship is, is weighted more... but the point being is that you can exploit the matchmaking by placing only ONE ship (a T4 hero) in your veteran fleet, and using that one.. you will be weighted 'lower' and therefor your 'team' will generally be stronger then the other team.. OR, you will not impact your team 'rating' as much, which will allow the Matchmaker to place you against weaker enemies, allowing you to seal club.

I could be wrong about this.. but the fact that they said a fleet must consist of 2 ships.. yet I can place 2 ships to enable it, then remove 1 and it stays enabled... makes me think that fooling the matchmaker this way may work.

I post this intending for it to be fixed... but I think I was unintentionally doing this by placing just the healer ship which I intended to use in my fleet alone.

Having purchased the... more expensive pack (4-5 hero ships included)... My thoughts on it are.. I should WANT to play my hero ships.

The problem I am encountering is.. the progression system actively thwarts that ideal.

If I play a paid for hero ship, I make somewhere around 10-25% of the 'usable' xp that someone else gets on whatever non-hero ship they are playing..

This is because hero ships, fully researched by default, still gains 'ship xp' instead of free xp. (it still gains the 10-20% free xp, same as any ship does.)

My issue with this is.. if I want to progress down the various trees, I need either ship xp on the specific ships (meaning, play THEM instead of the hero ships), or free xp, which the hero ships make very little of without conversion, a paid feature.

My thoughts on the matter are, I have already paid for the hero ship, why must I continue to pay to use it?

I do understand the ship xp to free xp 1cent per 40xp conversion.. and I can agree with it from the standpoint of 'developers have to make money'.. but I would ask that you simply charge more for hero ships, and 'bake' that cost into them, instead of forcing people who have already paid for the ship to pay to convert its earned ship xp into usable free xp on toehr ships.

Thank you for your time.

Text on left says 50% credit increase.

Text in individual packages states 30%.

Which is it?

Did find something funny tho.

If you play your T4 hero ships.. they gain ship xp like all other ships.. meaning, if you play your hero ship, you are CENSORED yourself over progression wise.. as you only earn what.. 20%? free xp to be used on working your way down the Tiers?

Unless they pay MORE money anyway to convert the shipxp off their hero ships... Lol.

Basically, point and laugh at people playing T4 hero ships.. They aren't helping themselves progress.

The only 'good' thing about hero ships is the 'theoretical' higher win chance turning into more Credits... but to be able to spend credits you still have to have the ship/free xp to work with.

Mmm, that'd definitely make elite status worth buying -- if all ship xp conversions were free.

As it is, a 30% credit boost really isn't that great.

Yea.. I noticed this too! I was trying to figure out if it mattered that I upgrade a weapon on my T2 ship (so that it came upgraded on my T3 ship).. or if the T3 ship already comes with the upgraded T2 variant.


I like the graphical//physical implementation of the tech trees per ship.

I dislike the 'forced to play certain ships types to unlock COMPLETELY DIFFERENT shiptypes.

1cent +40ship xp = 40 free xp.

and even Hero ships have to pay this to convert.

Not sure I like this.. especially on hero ships.

Perhaps hero ships should be the 'free' exception .. eg; you paid for this hero ship already, so ALL xp earned on it is free xp?