Well I was talking only about the "vettes are OP" issue.

Anyway, I have tried to use stasis missiles many times but the vette can avoid it really easily. 8/10 times the missile never hits the target. In my opinion the flak guns should be stronger and more precise. Also the beams of the tac ships cant focus fast enough on the vette unless the vette is close enough to destroy your ship easily. That's why I do not accept the counter measures that some players suggest in order to deal with the vettes. I know how to use the counter modules but they are just not effective enough when it comes to vettes and especially the tankvettes. Can anyone of you show us videos on how to successfully deal a well played vette by using for axmple an arty ship?

Thanks in advance.

This problem has become so severe and it happens all the time the last 3 days. I don't even dare to play on veteran because all my credits are spent for nothing!!!

Please fix this as soon as possible.

yes it has happened to me in veteran at least 10 times. I have reported it as a bug.

MaxHoro#2243 posted (#post-120121)

"Well played vettes cannot be destroyed" - exactly. They are so much OP that most of the corvette players don't even bother to play well, they just stop behind you and use all modules. If you have a certain ship with anti-vette weapons (most of the ships don't have it), you have a chance to kill him, but if he plays properly, he is invincible.

Another voice of truth and reason. I suggest to make a poll in this forum. I am sure that the players who think that vettes are OP will be more than 60%.

Aersdri#5059 posted (#post-120265)


Dude, you're crying how are you get dominated in your T3 against T4 (solely because it's T3vs T4) for more than a month, as fas as I can remember.

I'm not going into this h3ll again, explaining how and why T3 is not that much different from T4.

But holy cr..p, at least you could have bought yourself a T4 by that time. It literally takes less than a week of very lazy play.

You're also keep crying about vettes, despite the fact, that multiple players gave you a TON of advises on how to deal with them. Advises THAT WORK.

And yet you continuing crying.

I know your kind. In all pvp games out there you trying to blame others and/or the game itself. "It's not my fault, it's just T3 is too weak". "It's not my fault, it's vette is just too strong". "It's not my fault, it's just my gear is too bad".

No, dude, it's mostly YOU being fu..king horrible player and, what's more important - unwilling to do any changes to get better.

If you don't like the game - leave. Leave it and go cry rivers on some other game's forums. Good riddance.

Sayonara is right and I also agree with him. You are the kind of player who thinks that he is the best and everybody else is a useless spoiled newbie that cries all the time. We are not horrible players we are just casual players who play for fun and not because we want to satisfy our egos by calling all the others horrible players.

Just relax mate, no harm feelings but you are the one who keeps saying that this game is perfect and that it is perfect designed and that all the others are the horrible players.

Just read this forum and then you will realize that this game has many design faults and we "the horrible players that spoil your great art of destroying digital starships" just try to make this game even better. After all its just a game mate....

ATomIK#3168 posted (#post-119610)

this is why i don't recommend this game to my worse enemy

absolute cancer


Its really pointless to play in a battle that is so unbalanced. Why is it so hard to fix the matching system?

Also the grinding for maintenance cost and trying to unlock new modules and ships removes the basic game element which is of course FUN!!!!!

We play to entertain ourselves not to get upset by the TIV tankvette that is destroying the lower tier ships again and again so easily. When a player has no hope to win or progress in a game he/she will abandon the game.

I was really amazed by the awesomeness of this game but as I am playing more and more I am thinking to never play it again because I am tired to getting butchered by higher tier ships or this stupid, omnipotent Frankenstein-ship the tankvette.

I also agree with the comments in this topic. Maintenance cost is one of the few bad elements in this game. Please remove it.

I agree with the above replies. There should be a global server channel to chat while you are in hangar and wait for the battle.


the siege mode of the arties fires only one shot since the update. Also I think that this single module shot is not that powerful compared to the main weapon of the ship. I believe that the siege mode shots should be more powerful than the main weapon, right?

Alasthor#9495 posted (#post-119457)

A game is set to be balanced.

Experience just help you to understand the balance (string behind the numbers in reality) so you can play a better game against a specific enemy.

A game balance is not supposed to have anything to do with your perception, or the one of the vast majority. It's usually numbers. In the case of DN, it's more a rock-paper-scissor. But you don't seems to have found the rock, despite the numerous answer that are given by the experienced player you don't seems to like.

So here some advise to destroy Vet: they are scissor, so don't take paper, then complain that you are destroyed (translated: avoid artillery ship.)

Try Flak on pretty much any ship, all cattaro like ship, stasis or scrambler module of any kind and finally the big point that have nothing to do with the nature of the ship/armament: have a constant perception of your environment.

Vet are tiny, not easy ship to aim, but easily destroyed by even a single ship. If you cut them from there mobility they are done, if you blind them or lock there ability at the right moment (generally in there approach phase), they are done.

It's just a bit harder to understand for Vet, but it's the same for all ship, like: "hide if there is artillery, don't focus the big Dread if they are using there armour module, kill the healer ship whenever you can..." and so on.

And all of this is not about being elite...

Now to go in the same way of the OP, lately the changes seems to favor Vet, but it's all because Cattaro-like ship are really unusual and are a pain to get with the 2.0 system. Not to say they are too specialised to worse the expense of money. So Vet got good time...

Well played vettes cannot be destroyed easily mate! Flak guns do nothing, stasis missiles are avoided most of the times, other modules are not effective enough and it takes the effort of almost the whole team to shot down an experienced vette player. Most of the times a well played vette is doing 12-14 kills with minimum effort and the tankvettes are just there to destroy everything in the battlefield! Even dreads!

Also if the triptych power-speed-firepower is what the devs have in mind in order to design the ships then the tankvettes have all the above! They have armor modules, they are faster than other ships and their guns can destroy anything real fast.

If the vettes are equal to a rogue then they should not have any armor at all! Its that simple. Have you ever seen a rogue wearing heavy armor?

Aersdri#5059 posted (#post-119458)

Ermmm... so you build your entire argument on the assumption, that majority of players suffer from vettes?

And you made that assumption based on what? Your personal opinion? Amount of vette threads?

Anyways, your opinion on the matter is subjective. In other words - noone gives a flying of what you think. Same, by the way, applies to my opinion.

And that is exactly WHY I try to operate exclusively in objective facts.

Vettes not being changed in more than half year period - that's a fact, which you can't argue with, right?

So, devs not nerfing it, why? Based on their personal opinion, you think? No. As any well-educated people they operate in facts. Like match statistics, damage simulations and other stuff.

Perhaps all of them are wrong. Likely not. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, while they're thinking..

I agree, that vettes are annoying, if you do not attempt anything to counter them. Snd if your team doesn't do anything to counter them, you have to do it yourself, right?

So, tell me, did you, personally, try anything of what was suggested in this thread? Stasis, scrambe, disrupt, drain?

Seriosly, try stasis, it's amazing.

Also, the majority of experinced players don't play vettes at all. Simply because other classes are not worse (often - better), than vette. And I can guarantee, there are players good enough on any class to make you think their ships are OP.

If you don't believe me still, you can buy yourself a T4 vette and see for yourself. (Farming a T4 literally doen't take longer than a week of very lazy playing, couple of hours every evening or so).

If you think T4 will promote you to god-mode, you are mistaken.

And then - for the purity of the experiment you can try any other T4 and compare what's more OP.

(Well, of all T4, however, I'd probably wouldn't recommend Nox right now, as it"s way too weak after the last patch)

I must admit that when I first thought that the vettes are OP, I also thought that my opinion is probably subjective because I was not that experienced. Also after a few days I bought my first T2 vette and my KDR started to rise. Before the vette I had 4/4 or 6/3 k/d and with the vette I could do 8/2 or even 10/1 k/d. Then I started to read the forum and realized that my opinion is also the opinion of many others and that the majority of players (experienced or not..) agree with the opinion that vettes are a little bit OP. Just read the forum. So I still think that this opinion is more objective than subjective.

As for the devs...just read this written by DN_DivumVexillum taken from another thread about OP vettes:

"We are actively evaluating balancing issue for all subclasses, classes, and Tiers. Your feedback is helpful, so keep it coming.

We'd also like to hear more about concerns with other classes more."

In conclusion, in my opinion the vettes can be handled if more than two (proper) ships go against them. I would not say that they must be nerfed but the devs should add more power, range and accuracy to flak guns or other counter-modules of the other classes.

The latest update is coming in a few lets see...