Ortis#6925 posted (#post-279927) said:

... the servers are not empty, the playerbase has been pretty constant and usually if you queue for a game you will find one in a reasonable amount of time.

Must be nice for and the time of day you play at.
I often find 10+ minute waits for matches and after 2 or 3 of those, it's time to give it up and play something else.
I don't know what to call the servers at that time anything but empty.

[double post]

morbeus#7120 posted (#post-279923) said:
Reclaimer just hates corvettes and trying to mask it with some stupid reasons. Most players are kinda fine and try to adapt, but there are always some triggered whiners, who can't or won't be able to adapt to certain playstyles. Some of them lack ofc common sense.

Yup. There is no underlying point. Reclaimer just hates corvettes and the game hemorrhaging players is just a stupid reason.
Got it.
Nothing to see here.
The servers aren't empty.
Move along, nothing to see here.

Nice rebuttal.

Dragonychus#0000 posted (#post-279917) said:
So many new players don't want to be killed by high-skill modules and expect to be able to kill anything with their build the way they want it instead. Doesn't work like that. Tell you what, if you nerf ABW (and who knows what'll be next), healblobs and Arties will prevail (especially with what is effectively a buff to Armour Booster Pulse). Even Rams won't be able to break it. You'd need even greater skill to break those abysmal healblobs, so squads will have it even easier compared to PUs.

So close! So new players don't want to be killed by high-skill modules and want to make some sort of progress with what they have? Doesn't work like that?
Ok, good to see that point but isn't that a problem? If players are choosing to leave rather than either learn the lessons you have or don't have the emotional fortitude to just suffer through a long stream of matches that are not fun for them when they have other alternatives, what do YOU propose?

You seem to have your own theories on why new players are leaving after hitting a certain wall, at least you make it seem like you do to me so far. So what IS your theory and what can YOU propose to address it? If it doesn't work like that, what should change to encourage newer players to stay?

Corvettes aren't the problem for the various turtle tactics that arise out of having good, coordinated healers. Ok, fair point. Instead of stopping there and (for some of you) thinking you look intelligent, propose your own underlying theories and float some suggested solutions. I'd have to agree the T4 vs T5 matches are a problem. the matchmaker is also a problem IMO and shoudl look to balance the skill of teams to mitigate the curb stomping.

So why do YOU think newer players are leaving and what do YOU think could help address the hemoraging?

morbeus#7120 posted (#post-279909) said:

Read what Ortis, Fluffy and Dragon wrote. If u still can't understand it, you most likely never will.
Just an advice: Try this so called op corvette build plz. Rn there are not even two hands full of people who can play it real good. The rest is just feeding like crazy.

This really says it all to me. The OP has raised the issue that the newer player experience and perception is that the game has issues and they are treated poorly, this is why he believes they are leaving instead of staying. He makes a point of something (Corvettes and warp) that he believes might be an issue contributing to this.

The rest of you all just dog pile on him about how covettes are NOT the problem, they are fine, give the implication that he is a bad player because he knows not of what he speaks and by implied extension that there is obviously no newer player issue because corvettes are just fine!

So why ARE the newer players not staying? Or are the servers being empty just a lie?

Instead of engaging the underlying issue the OP has raised you attack and belittle him from your pedistals of m@d 1337 5killz and think that his refutes his underlying point.

And someone told me that the toxic element here had gone now. I call BS.
God this is just sad.

morbeus#7120 posted (#post-279892) said:

Nightfire: If a player asked ingame how to counter, they are always told how to. But u can't tell them how to gain map-awareness or use their modules in the right moment. Also in the official Discord there are tons of good builds and advices. But if u refuse to use them after some thousends of games, you're kinda lost imo.

Then you seriously have no understanding how much time the average player will spend to try to work things out before they are really invested in a game. Those attitudes are the difference between games making or breaking. That sort of emotional abuse to a newer player with no real in game feedback as to what could be done to improve or why they failed, without those things being in their immediate control (like join up with other players regularly and using your team, overwhelm the group of individual players on the other side and in turn become the abuser).

Some games get it right. The match maker tracks performace and trys to level out teams. The power differential in matches is not overly influencial but the progression exists to maintain interest. Abusive players can be restricted from talking by the player without having the become their "friend" first. Then the games that don't get this right, they die.

The ultimate goal of any new player is to have fun and begin achieving. If you treat new players as fresh meat for the vetrans to grind up ... well you're going to run out of meat very quickly. Then the veterans can sit in empty servers boasting to the emptiness about how they were so good that they chased everyone away.

You'll find a combination of factors.
Ultimately, "git gud" doesn't work when you get new plaayers constantly getting curb stomped by veterans. What do newer players learn from this? They don't get to see the tactics, they don't have the module or ships. They just learn that their fate is to be kicked in the face, figurativly, over and over again for the entertainment of others. A very small minority will persist to slowly gain currency to get gear, most willl realise that there are other games where they can spend their time actually enjoying themselves and leave. Newer players get trampled so many times that they just give up and then when they are faced with games where they should struggle and learn something, they already see the same patterns and preemptivly give up to emotionaly accept the anticipated blow.
Add to that the in game comments from veterans of the like of "Go cry more" just makes newer players more unwelcome and then they leave.

As a kickstarter I came back to see what had become of this game, I'm not impressed. You all wonder why the player base is dwindling? Given the treatment this game gives newer players, I'm not. Not in the slightest and if something isn't done to improve the newer player experience then perhaps the game should be put down now instead of drawing out the inevitable demise.

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-279865) said:

The devs have made adjustments to matchmaking, but due to a limited player base theres not much they can do if squads are pitted against singles. its a matter of getting matches going unfortunately.

i think the get good mentality has been gone for a while. but experienced players have access to modules and what not that with experience just gives them an advantage. theres not much you can do about that.

Nope, had several "Cry more" comments after being so completely one side obliterated. It's to the point where I can see where the match is going right at the start and if it isn't going to be a fun match, I just quit and drop in another division. If the match isn't going to at least be fun, why should I play it?

The devs might want to look at the matchmaker as well.
New or returning players are likely to just quit once they start playing and get onsided match after onesided match. Once you get the new and returning players leaving due to this harsh treatment and the playerbase is no longer growing, it has no choice but to shrink and continue to shrink.

The hard core elite players doing the trashing of new players might object, say that new and returning players need to toughen up and get good but ... well you can keep that stance and stand tall at the top of your empty servers.

Just a suggestion from a returning player.