No Kurt, when I said disrupt I was referring to:
Artillery Disrupts
Corvette Disrupts
Destroyer Disrupts

Considering Tenzin was saying that a corvette can wreck a whole team, I wrongly assumed that anybody on the team would be flying one of these ships.

Willis had an idea over 2 years ago about a particular game-mode with "Mercenary" type rule-set with no squadding allowed.

But what does that guy know

-Dreadnoughts can Warp to artilleries. And with the right combo of plasma broadsides/secondary blam even slap that arty out of the sky before they can dive or get healed.
-Also have Nukes

-Destroyers can warp too, just takes a bit of aiming.

-Corvettes can stealth along with being all nimbly-bimbly and hard for an arty to hit (with expereienced piloting)
-Also can Target Blink Warp
-and Blink Warp
-and Thrust Amp

-Tactical cruisers can Emergency Evac, or Cloak, or Warp to teammate (assuming that team mate can get close to the arty)

-Artillery can counter-snipe with Guns and Mine Catapault

Assuming that none of the Mentors respond or show interest in helping anybody out, please feel free to holler at me and I would be more than happy to explain/show you guys how to break through these mental barriers of percieved invulnerablility you build around particular aspects of this game.

TENZIN#2853 posted (#post-238094) said:

Glaring BS....Face-tanking corvettes don't even have to bother trying to protect themselves anymore as they can strip a fully charged dreadnought of all modules and kill it while just sitting there.

Hey buddy,
either pulse or missile form

Mr. The Eighth,

1) State your issue
2) Why is this an issue
3) Who is affected by this issue
4) Who benefits/what benefits are there to anybody
5) How does one reproduce aforementioned issue
6) What is the intented effect
7) How long have you noticed this issue existing

Patrazor#2302 posted (#post-225083) said:

I'll say this in a way (to the OP and any others agreeing with the title) that can't possibly be misconstrued as being rude, mean, abusive, insulting, or offensive:


The only reason it hasn't been unveiled yet is that even nerf-after-nerf-after-nerf to the tactical cruisers-- people STILL complain about how overpowered tacs are (ie solo players trying to kill multiple tacs pocketing each other).

IMAGINE IF YOU WILL the nerf-kamehameha that would be unleashed if murmurmings of an 8-tac takedown squad trickled into the Devs ears.

Spellfax#2830 posted (#post-224638) said:


TIER 5 games = Excessive Scrambler Experience. Long sustained amounts of scrambled screens. Literally negative game experience. Its annoying, not entertaining, hard on the eyes, and sickening game experience.

Please craete a Officer Briefing that allows you to see through the scramble, or atlease reduce to BLACK and WHITE images.

Call it PORT HOLES. Literally a glass window on the bridge to see out.

WHen i face this in a match, it literally makes me log out of the game and be done for the night.

Well then get off the capture point. I told you that in-game. But you just wanted to sit on A in your dreadnought with the expectation of not getting harrassed.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-224512) said:

LYB-Willis#7205 posted (#post-224505) said:

I would rather have this happen (perhaps just in Legendary):
Bot deaths will no longer contribute towards their opponents score.
Bots that land a killing blow will gain points for their team.

BotA on TeamA gets killed by WillisB on TeamB; WillisB gets the kill stat but TeamB does not gain any points from the kill.

BotA on TeamA kills WillisB on TeamB; TeamA gains respective points from killing that scrub WillisB

BotA on TeamA kills BotB on TeamB; neither team gains any points

Sweet, now we can pre-setup matches so both teams just kill each other's bots for 20 minutes and everyone gets massive XP gains!

Create....cap.... then?
By "points" I of course am referring to points toward a victory for the team, not individual player points. Make the individual point gain 0 for killing a bot for all it matters. I'm looking at this from the angle of "how to have bot not lose game for us", but leave it to Lando to toss his "how to exploit, steal underpants, and profit" hat into the conversation. =-P

SkyRaider#3584 posted (#post-224408) said:

as a PS4 playee good to hear. I dont use discord at all

A shame, we'd love to have you around