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I've gone back to other games that offer fun and let me be master of my own fate, up to and including games that allow me to build my own ships from scratch without trying to 'helpfully' baby me with tiers or put me at a disadvantage simply because real responsibilities prevent me for putting 8hrs a day into my games.

Which game are you speaking of that lets you build your own ships from scratch?

To be specific, I told them 'this is no longer the game i paid money for. i want my money back.'

They then requested order information, which i provided, and processed my refund. Received refund same business day.

And I was outside the 30 day thing (barely, which might be a factor). I bought the Mercenary pack September 20, refund was requested nov 22, response from greybox support was nov 23.

I'm posting so that the reason I'm leaving and the reason I requested my money back is made abundantly clear, and to let others know that it is possible.

I did enjoy this game and I thin k it still has a future. I just think its future should be closer to League of Legends than to World of Warships.

The Devs and I apparently disagree on this, which is fine, it's their baby they have the right to do what they want with it. But simple talk on the forums is not going to change their mind. Affecting their bottom line has the bonus of me getting my money back, them losing my money which I had previously paid into the game, and them knowing that their actions are the direct cause of losing that money. Now, my 40 bucks isn't that much. But it's my voice, it's my vote.

Fly casual, lethal.

For those curious. The refund process for my mercenary pack was quick and easy. Now i have 40 bucks to spend on other, more fun, games.

Refund requested and received on my Mercenary pack.

Vote with your wallet.

Dredd's still annoyed about that?

I was the opposing team's Tac Cruiser. We were losing. I mean, it wasn't even a the tac, you get a feel for this, and I was especially frustrated by Dredd's excellent tactics in warp jumping right next to me and smashing me to space dust right after my armor lockdown wears off.

So I swapped to my Valcour to have some fun. I think right about the time I drain torpedoed, Blast Pulse, Assault Blink Warp Dredd's Monarch he got a little annoyed...

But the next game I ran my Valcour in, there's was a guy who swapped his ship out for a Destroyer and then proceeded to utterly stomp the floor with my spleen.

Ohnoes, 'Vettes op. I kill Corvettes in my Aion. They get all weird and complainy when they don't manage to kill me with their Blast Pulse Assault Blink Warp...Because i'm paying attention and know how to push the button that says 'Armor Lockdown' and then machinegun the heck out of them.