server down?

If that's how it's supposed to work, then WHY is there a button for RECRUIT matchmaking and VETERAN matchmaking.

If there is no differentiation then why is there this button differentiation. Maybe you let someone from DN respond in stead of telling me it's how it's supposed to work. BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE!

I don't chose a recruit game to be taken out in two seconds by ships with double the weapons effectiveness and armor, THAT IS RETARDED

Than that is a flaw and should be solved. You cannot tell me that it's how it's supposed to work when you are up against T4 with a T2 fleet and can't choose your T3 ship... That is ridiculous...

I don't chose recruit game to have my T2 raped by T4

If I choose a recruit game it should be limited to T1-T2. If I get into a game with T2-T4, I should be able to choose higher tier ships, otherwise it's unfair

I keep ending up in higher tier games when I chose a recruit game.

The problem is that this gives a serious disadvantage since there isn't any option to chose my own veteran ship in this case.

Either make sure matchmaking actually works with what you choose, or allow people to actually switch to veteran and recruit ships in a veteran game.

Because this is getting on my nerves if it happens 4!! 4!!!!!!! games in a row.

I've been ending up in games with tier IV ships while choosing recruit game...

Getting sick of it because I can't choose my tier III ship


This is something that has been going on since Alpha... Therefore it's getting annoying

Dev needs to think long and hard about the times they note down.. EVERY TIME, it runs over by HOURS


My client is downloading


What do you need German for?