Kazma#2232 posted (#post-50724)

Graphic Settings in General Are buggy af. I'm already used to The derpy faces ^^ and with my current Settings my Game always starts with low res textures untill I go into Settings and I just press the save Button.

I see. Well it is a bug that will get fixes in time. Hope it gets fixed with the 2.0 update. smile

Draex#3006 posted (#post-50663)

Thank you for letting us know. Please reach out to our Customer Support Team, include a screenshot of the low quality portraits.


I would love to send you a screenshot but there seems to be no screenshot button or capability at the current state. Like usually you can use F12 or CRT+ALT+PRT SC. I get a screenshot from the second method (not F12) but it is not real time sensitive.... I tried to get a screen shot but would not work at all.....

So i used a streaming program to get the screenshot. It should be with you guise now.


Hi. So i just started playing the game. Love it, but the voice cards are a bit buggy. If you try to make the 3D go to 2D two times it's stuck on the 2D. Ofc that happend after the restart as you have to restart for that to take effect. Still The 2D portraits are low quality images like relay blury because of that.

With kind regards your gamer Mugine smile

Ps. i couldn't take a screen shot to show you as the command isn't there.... at least not F12 or another key to do so either.

yeah i can join you smile smile

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