I have and I can't stand that game type. It wouldn't be bad if it was one round, but you play best two out of three and when you die you respawn as a fighter jet that is absolutely horrible. It does no damage and dies when a tactical cruiser looks at it. Doesn't even have to glare at it, just accidentally run it's gaze in the general direction of a fighter jet and it explodes. Unless they changed it the fighter also will explode if it crashes into something.

Midkraft#2252 posted (#post-94241)

Im about 40 games into the new patch and thought it would be about time for me to do a post including my thoughts on things that should be changes (this excludes the obvious obnoxius credit problem)

I would really like to see that you are able to mount the modules from the previous ship (in the same line ofc), yes they might be lower tier etc, but honestly it is just annoying going from a ship where you had a lot of options down to strict stock ship. The way that is now is definetly NOT emphasizing the customization that the game claims to be all about.

I think the in game spawning mechanics needs some changing, i tried several times today playing Tactical and spawning behind the entire enemy team, that felt super bad! Couldnt do anything except getting rekt and losing my team the game, due to a spawn mechanic (and yes we lost a close game because of that) ....

Regarding the ability to swap modules, I guess I haven't looked into it yet since the reset because I haven't bothered to buy many of the modules, only research them so that I can move to the next tier. However, prior to reset you could swap modules. You needed to own the module and it seems like it had to have a tier. By that I mean that T1 ship modules don't actually list a tier for the module so you can't swap them out. Additionally, if you only have T1 modules then you can't swap them out either. Modules need to be T2 or higher. Again, I haven't tried yet since reset so I could be wrong.

Totally agree about spawn mechanics. Played a few games yesterday and in one game I spawned inside weapon range of 3 enemy ships on multiple occasions. Not very fun when you barely get to move before being dead again with no chance to make it out.

One bug that I have seen is that if you have the founder pack ship it shows in the team makeup as T4 but is actually only a T2 ship. Still easy enough to fix so it shouldn't be an ongoing issue, but it doesn't seem like Greybox is exactly interested in fixing 'minor' bugs.

There's actually a bug here which can get T3 and T4 ships in a recruit match.

If you are in a squad with other players one guy queues up the whole squad for a match. He selects Recruit fleet match. The other squad members (who all have veteran fleets at their disposal) DON'T select a fleet type at all and wait for the matchmaking timer to count down. When it does the team will be queued for a Recruit fleet match (assuming the matchmaking doesn't up them due to player base) but the guys who didn't select their fleet will be using their Veteran fleet. I have tested this with bug multiple times prior to the reset.

Admittedly, I haven't tested yet since the reset completed.

Crusherheads#5415 posted (#post-82183)

THeres a trick to skip that, heres few suggestions:

-Remove every t3 and t4 from your fleet, inclueding the "Trident t4 dreadnought" - and by writing removing Its actualy "REMOVE FROM FLEET";

-Worked for me for Mode team deathmatch;

-Also tag a t1 ship into ur t2 fleet;

-Restart the game after all this changes, didnt work when u got inside of a match, that check it out.

Worked for me nicely, i play my corvette t2 to simple farm ppl and credits - all on a TDM mode. Hope this helps gl.

Shortly after opening this thread my buddy recommended trying this out. We are definitely much better off but still see some T3's. Not sure how they're getting in but it's not as bad. I don't even bother mocking up a Veteran fleet at all.

Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding the way that matchmaking works in this game, but if I have to select a fleet type when matchmaking then why is the game not listening to my request? I am consistently being placed in matches with T3 and T4 ships when I select Recruit fleet. Because of the ridiculous grind for ships this game forces on us I don't even own T3 or T4 ships so it's pretty one-sided when going into a match like this.

Is matchmaking based upon the fleet type that is selected when looking for a match? Is it based upon my current rank? What's the deal?

obliviondoll#5677 posted (#post-80230)

The issue here is NOT that corvettes themselves are OP, but that t4 ships getting into matches against t2 ships are OP. The tier system quite simply breaks the game. It's a terrible implementation of a bad system. Even at its best, it's a bad design choice that can be justified to a certain degree in some games. Here, it's just terrible with no redeeming features to help balance out the worst parts of the tier system.

The game seems to automatically put you in the Veteran fleet assignment once you've unlocked it so remember to change back to Recruit if you don't have anything higher than T2 and don't want to face off against T3 and T4 ships. I have noticed, though, that the Recruit fleet will sometimes have tiers higher than 1-2 in their matches anyway, so perhaps the devs need to take another look at that aspect. Make sure it's working right.

It would also be helpful to allow all players (only newcomers would benefit at this point, however) to use the lowest tier ship for all classes right from the beginning. Let them decide what ship class they enjoy playing the most. As it is, my biggest gripe about Corvettes is that I have to level up ships that I don't care about in order to even play one. Just a thought.

senselocke#4203 posted (#post-80788)

In Star Trek Online, ship "skin" patterns are purchased and applicable to all ships you own. And if you purchase a ship variant with a unique look, that look is unlocked for all your other ships. It made purchasing them worthwhile.

Now that I know these are limited to only one ship, the prices are absolutely ludicrous. If they only cost Credits, that'd be one thing, but $4 real dollars for one color for one ship? At that price, it looks like I'm rocking the default skin on every ship, forever.

I never play STO but that sounds like a sweet system and worthwhile. I'm sure it makes the player much more interested in making those minor, non game-defining purchases.

Regarding the economy, I've mentioned in a different post that Grey Goo seems to be going with a Blizzard/Games Workshop level of greed when it comes to real money purchases. If you want to change the skin of your ship or the clothes that your captain wears you need to spend GP, not credits. Non game-defining purchases like that should never be required to cost real money. If they want to keep a GP cost then add a credit cost as well.

I agree with all of the above, including the part about liking this game. It's only in closed beta so I understand that there needs to be some adjustment as you develop but please please please pay attention to the community about the economy.

The economy in this game is pretty pointless and broken. Let's be honest, the game is going to be a pay to win model, as evidenced by the fact that you can purchase ships with GP. If that's the case then there's no need for multiple types of currency. It slows down the grind for better modules and ships for no purpose. If you want to guarantee that people stick with your game during development, make the game worthwhile. Busted economies like this make me want to play the game less, not more.

If I spend the research points to research a module then let me equip it. Especially if the module is an upgrade to an existing one! And consider showing the cost of upcoming modules if you're going to keep this crappy double currency economy. I was ridiculously let down last night when I researched a mod for the Orgus (don't remember the name) that was a PBAOE damage buff for myself and allies, only to find out that the credit cost was 43500. REALLY?! 435000 credits?!!!! On a T2 ship, that is something that no one would ever pay! I can buy multiple T3 ships (I'm guessing, since I don't have one right now) for that cost!! Had I known the cost to purchase the module I would have spent the research points elsewhere first.

My last gripe is about free EXP. I can't convert a T1 ship with tons of left over EXP into free EXP because I haven't paid real money?! Are you kidding? That is a level of greed on par with Blizzard or Games Workshop! You're making me play these ships because you make it nigh impossible to afford better tiered vessels but you won't let me swap out that EXP?