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As I've posted elsewhere, post Steam launch, the back end team will be taking another look at matchmaking logic and seeing what we can do to try for some improvements. I'm sorry you had some challenges in the T3 to T4 transition. I can agree, that it's not a "slam dunk" until you get a few important modules on your T3s to be able to complete better against the T4s that can have experienced, well organized captains.

I also suspect that once we have a larger player base with Steam and additional languages, most T4 players should be moving into Legendary matches where battle bonuses should drive higher xp and credit gain than vet matches (even if they perform well). That will free up Vets for T3 and newish T4 captains to have room to breath.

So to clarify, the intent of Greybox currently is to address the issues with matchmaking? Why I ask is that it sounds almost like you are counting on player numbers to increase, and believe this will resolve the matchmaking issues. I do not aggree if that is the case, teams will still be created unfairly if the issues with the actual matchmaking are not addressed?

If the intent is to always prevent unfair matches by evenly splitting the players according to rank, skill, modules etc, then I am all on board with that. I am craving fair challenging matches. It is incredibly depressing to hit the tab key and see 4+ lvl 50 players on the opposing team, while I am the only one on mine. I know before the match starts that my team will lose. So why play the game if this is going to be the norm?

I am sticking it out, but if the team creation problem is not addressed, Dreadnought will lose me as a player. Not that one single player makes any difference, but I get the feeling that many others feel exactly as I do. The frustration I am experiencing has come to a point where I have decided I am not going to play nearly as much, or at all until these issues are addressed, and balanced.

Any information about the Dev teams plans to fix matchmaking would be greatly appreciated, something real, something tangible. Those of us who paid for a subscription, your paying customers, deserve to know what the real intent is.

I am in the same boat as you, I've been in and out of this game for months. I usually come back after I see news of an update but between the heal ball and the lvl 50 deathsquads I'm usually fed up with the game after a few weeks of regular play. I really hope that their fixes actually fix the problems.

Not only that but tons of players leave when they encounter the pro teams and get utterly pubstomped into oblivion. Thats why I haven't played in a few months. I keep tabs to see if anything changes in hopes of rejoining the game eventually.

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Yeah I think i've been pubstomped enough by the two clans.... i'm glad I didn't drop a dime in this game and certainly will not in the the future.

I feel you man, I've quit playing too. Sadly I'd already dropped some money on a hero ship but at least it was only $10. Unlikely to spend anymore with the way it was when I left.

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Szeron makes a good point; nobody (at least I hope nobody) maliciously seeks to stomp opposing teams into oblivion. Yet, stomps are nonetheless detrimental to the current playerbase.

I would like to make an additional point for consideration. If one's team seems to be STOMPING (for example, the score midway through a match is something like 56 to 8 the other team), then one thing a person may want to consider is to actually try to tone it down and let the enemy team catch up a bit to where the end score becomes something like 100 to 56 instead of 100 to 16. Surprisingly, even the one who is stomping can actually benefit from this; the longer the match is, the more damage one will give and receive, the more healing one or one's teammate will do, which results in a higher score for one's self and teammates, as well as the opposing team's players not completely feeling like they wasted their time and therefore benefiting the playerbase and game as a whole.

Sure, such altruistic behavior may decrease your K-D ratio a tiny bit, but currently there's no ranking system to be worried about. Overall mitigating stomps will benefit everyone and the game; if the current playerbase and matchmaking is unable to prevent stomps on their own, then one should consider taking on the responsibility for everyone's (including ones own) and the game's benefit.

As awesome as this would be, several of the pubstompers have already expressed how they firmly believe that it is their DEV given right to pubstomp as they see fit. And that they deserve that right for playing the game as it's intended. So sadly attitudes like that make it incredibly unlikely if not impossible to remedy this in this way.

I feel like they're probably just barely keeping up with player attrition, I see the occasional sponsored post on facebook but that might be because I check up on the game every now and again. Must be pretty hard to actually INCREASE the playerbase when people leave after hitting the lvl 50 stomp patrols in Vet.

Same, I haven't played in a few months now, I check back every now and again to see if there any matchmaking updates. I have noticed that there are way more players durring the updates and it's easy to get fun games in before the teams wreck everything.

I agree with the OP, I am no longer playing this game regularly because of how bad the stompages. One guy in the other "pubstomping - Plain & simple" thread actually talked about how he went 20+ matches in a row where he and his team stomped everyone that came across them. And from my 8+ minute wait time even in recruit is proof of the effect that this is having on the game. Matchmaker desperately needs a fix, otherwise this will become yet another failed FTP game.

Good to see that it's not just me

Look I'm not gonna sit here and argue with all you guys.

  1. I watched a few minutes of "A" dreadnought stream, I saw an LYB squad list and specifically heard a more than 2 people talking about changing accounts for reasons I couldn't understand.

  2. If no one on SOS squads with LYB then matchmaker is so INCREDIBLY broken that it'll keep putting the same LYB, SOS, and other lvl 50 people together match after match?

  3. You can't tell me to dedicate more time to play this game to "git gud" then talk smack about waking up and wanting to play a few rounds. Thats just backwards. I work Mon-Fri and only play for a few hours on weekdays and have most of my weekends free to play.

  4. I wish I would have taken a screenshot, but there were absolutely LYB, SOS, and other lvl 50 people in 3+ matches back to back in Vet this morning around 0830 PST. Believe me or not IDC.

  5. Fact of the matter is, I'm a filthy casual these days. I don't care to commit to a squad or clan or team nor should I have to to just ENJOY A GAME. I used to play Star Trek Online (est 2009) for many years and I had my own fleet but it turned into such a job that I just don't care for it anymore. All I want to be able to do is hop online, hit the match maker, play a few close rounds. Say GG and get to bed.

  6. And you know I ment Vindicta come on.

  7. I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed to have your clan, I'm saying to protect the playerbase from getting rekd constantly to limit it until MM is fixed. Thats it. I can admit you guys are way better than me, probably in most if not all other games. I don't care, I can handle the occasional stomp. But when its back to back or every other match it just makes an already crummy grind even worse.

Well I think I'm done with this game for a while. I just woke up and thought, "Hey I'll go enjoy some Dreadnought before the lvl 50 squads get on." And lo and behold, there was a single lvl 50 squad in Vet that was demolishing every match. And out of all the matches I played this morning they were in it. And it was a mix of SOS, LYB, and some other lvl 50 guys. There were invincible Vindictas flying across the map purge ramming someone and purging everyone in the vicinity, and followed by another Vindicta ram. Then with a couple lvl 50 snipers to pick off anyone that puts up a fight. And no amount of nukes, missiles, or warping helped at all. My teams in every match today 17FEB2018 stood literally zero chance. And I've watched the LYB stream on Twitch, you guys have your "LYB" fleet, and backup accounts so you can "discreetly" pubstomp. The level of arrogance and disdain that you lvl 50 people have for anyone beneath you is sickening. I can't fathom the idea of grouping up to demolish everyone else to the point that they CAN'T get any EXP to upgrade their ships to become a threat to you because you guys squad up and keep us from killing many/any of you. There are countless matches where you guys go 20-100 or even 0-100 how are we ever going to "Git gud" if we can't even buy upgrades for our ships?!?! At this point I'm just over this and I'm just complaining. For the love of this game, developers please TEMPORARILY break up squads, fix match maker so it doesn't put all the lvl 50s on one team if they queue solo, and fix the idiotic power difference between tiers. Until then you lvl 50 squads are ruining this game.

EDIT: I was even put on the same team as the pubstompers, and I couldn't even get any EXP because they killed everyone. So same problem.