The Cush



So the vigo will outperform the vindicta at ranges greater than 1200 meters. I hate to do this too you but what is the comparison between the vigo and the blud? I figure the blud will be lower dps at greater range but I dont want to make that my official statement and be totaly incorrect lol.

what is the dps comparison of the vindicta/brutus and the vigo/athos?

Im not looking to blow up from full health, I just want to feel like I am actually contributing to the damage being done ya know? as for distance I want something can handle mid-long range but isnt completely screwed in "brawl" distance. I dont really feel as if it is a skill related issue as I can hit nearly every shot I fire, I just feel as if the Dola just doesnt do enough damage to be a real threat.

To expand: I also like the idea of mid-long range damage that isnt arty. Something that can handle itself at range but isnt totally screwed if it becomes brawl distance.

I know each ship class serves a role in the battle, I am looking for i guess the best way to put it a death dealing machine. I am pretty good and maneuvering so I can deal with not being "super tanky", as long as it isnt squishy like corvettes I can deal with it, armed with that knowledge what ship(s) would you recommend?

I think ive decided to go for the Brutus for destroyer and Zmey for dread

Also as for the Gora, I feel like the ram is wasted on it. It does not have the speed to fully utilize it.

The thing is, how am i supposed to get into short range with the Dola? It is so slow I die before i get short range so I try to stay at mid range and deal no damage. I like the otronto (sort of) but was told the Gora has the highest damage as a destroyer in tier 5

So I thought I had decided to go down the Gora line, I already had the Otronto so coming from that to the Dola I feel useless. The primary fire is considerably weaker, it may have more health but dies faster due to tu.rd slow speed. I dont know what I am doing in this game anymore, I am looking for something that is actually fun to play that deals good damage and isnt going to get wrecked. I hate corvettes and arty.

I am starting to feel pretty bleh about the game, i have a few tier 3 ships but feel pretty unhappy with them. I dislike arty. I have the otronto and the dola and not really liking them. The otronto has ok damage, the dola is slow as a molasses and feels sorely underpowered compared too the ontronto. I want to be in a sense "dps" and do NOT want to go arty at all. Also I am not a fan of corvettes, at all...i like them less than arty. From what ive played my favorite lines look like thiis:

Destroyer > Dreadnought > Tactical Cruiser > arty > corvette