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The best solution, as usual, would be to un-release the progression 2.0 update.

-Remove maintenance IMMEDIATELY instead of waiting for unknown time until they can balance the new system.

-Remove tier system IMMEDIATELY and open the way for the current tiered designs to add to the pool of paid cosmetics.

-Removal of tiers means less artificial divides on matchmaking, speeding up queues INSTANTLY.

-Return to when the game was AWESOME will bring back a lot of old players who quit over the mistake that was 2.0

-More players on top of an already-improved matchmaking system = epic win.

I've been saying this off and on since the devs decided to trash the best parts of the game. It was true then, it's true now, it will be true if and when they actually get around to replacing maintenance with the planned new system (which would be easier to balance without a tier system and thus make it into circulation faster).

^ everything he said 100%

Until then, you will find me and loads more at Fractured Space or other games until they un-bork what was a promising game, i kinda regret pumping a ton of cash into it once that stupid progression update occured, instead of improving the game they seemingly just gave up and tried to just do a weak implimentation of various WOT features for absolutely no good reason, all it did was make a load of their playerbase jump the sinking ship, this is why we have the large wait times...

Now go play "Fractured Space" and you will probably find the vast qty of players who "used" to prefer Dreadnought b4 the devs shot themselves in the foot and ruined the game.

needs to be more "stuff" in general to spend it on.

many often try to counter the fact that a tiny vette is "counterable" or "l2p" etc, you can say that about anything tbh, however how many "vettes are op" threads are there and how many "anything else is op" threads are there in comparison.... yeah pretty much none, its always vette threads for a good reason.

want to kill a vette? bring another vette, and kill more than other vettes while you rthere.

we have the long waits because basically hardly anyone plays anymore, a lot of us just jumped ship to Fractured Space when dreadnought was made far less fun to play instead of them fixing all the fun suckig problems that were mentioned en-mass in the forums, leaving mostly the easy mode corvette pilots left to ruin whats left of the game and the new (if its still the same) terrible progression path ripped straight from world of tanks which sucks bigtime compared to the older system.

If its changed back or to something actually decent that would be handy, if its still the horribad WOT progression ripoff then ill probably stay in FS, after they failed to change a huge number of issues many people found a giant letdown i basically havent bothered logging in, even after i got all my currency/etc refunded after the last wipe/reset until dreadnought changes into something more than the current system which does nothing more than just frustrate and annoy the masses, hense those great wait times which will only get worse over time.

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There is something, magical thing, its really awesome, I hear it grants you magical superpowers, it's called situational awareness. The second you get hit from unknown direction you should pop shields and defensive modules that you own, it should be instinct. People get relaxed when a tac cruiser is around an arty cruiser, with the player in arty thinking Tac has enough healing potential to keep him alive from a surprise attack.

No, he doesn't, personal experience, I poped healing pods around a arty cruiser, and specifically told him to activate shields AS SOON AS HE GET HIT, he didn't listen to me, and I only made his death longer, while in the next instance, he DID Listen to me, and I managed to save him, by amplifying my beam.

"the second you are hit" is when you die, shields or not, ive personally done all that and it doesnt help when a what i assume is a torpedo salvo (big old swarm of explodey things) slams straight into me, even with instant F2/Shields up (got MiddleMouse bound to it) and energy generator activated, the shields just vanished instantly and i explode.

You cant "situationally" do anything survive instant death, you just die simple as that, and you shouldnt die that fast in an instant, if a dread cant do it, why is a tiny little corvette doing it?

In fact, wth, if i get bored enough ill just youtube a ton of instances where i have shields up, energy generator up and i just explode in a heartbeat.

If i get more bored ill also do a montage of how "skilled" i am in a corvette when i do the same faceroll sillyness, im guessing either way someone will still comment on how its not a problem, which tbh isnt a huge problem as people have enough choices in games nowadays to simply vote with their feet and move elsewhere, because as a few have mentioned, instant death with no way of fighting back at the starter stage is no fun at all, your just more forced into taking that not so fun easy route yourself.

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4) Let me ask you a question, what is a point of VULNERABLE SHIPS if they have strong defense, why are they called ''VULNERABLE'' if they can defend themselves with ease? If you sit in a tac cruiser, or arty cruiser, staring at a corvette that is killing you, you are doing it wrong, Pop shields, shield modules, armor boosters, any kind of defensive module that you own and maneuver, Corvettes are HUNTERS.

You should know better than anyone that unless you happen to have been spinning your camera all over trying to find that 1 corvette hunting you (and thus not really shooting the enemy), then you simply dont get to use any "tactics" vs them because you die in 1 volley before you even get to spin your camera around.

Why does all fragile ships NEED tactics vs a tiny ship that only needs to mash all its cooldowns and hold fire? that doesnt sound very tactical in itsself.

It can be funny sometimes, a lot of advice i see here boils down to hindsight or the use of a crystal ball.

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Hiya Methanoid, Lmc here ^_^

As with cruisers vs frigates in GJL, I have found the Cattaro (and to a lesser extent, the Aion) is a fairly potent deterrent to corvettes if built well (heck, just came out with 11 kills / 2 deaths and a winning team from a game with my Cattaro against 3 enemy corvettes). You really just need to be paying attention and getting your shield up just before the burst comes in (with the energy generator activated at around 40% power, a Cattaro can keep its shields online for a crazy long time and take very little damage from their burst). Lack of needing to predict their movements and decent DPS on the beam usually results in a corvette popping first, and if you have a nuclear mine, there isn't even a chance for them.

The problem isn't so much the corvettes, but more that people don't play the counters to corvettes and/or are not situationally aware enough to have their shields at the right time. At the very least the corvettes here don't have that damned stun.

Back on topic, the game doesn't seem that dead to me, and the matchmaking seems fair. Typically I have queues ranging from 10s to 3m, with the most extreme being 8m. I've so far played 55 battles with a W/L ratio of 1.04 (winning about half the games I play, as should be expected). I may have just been really lucky though, I don't know.

Hello m8, the above reads great, and i have read about nuke mine and other counters..... but its all high lvl stuff that doesnt really help us new starters.

The always useful advice of, "keep a good watch" is again common sense, but the fact you literally might have to constantly look around being 100% paranoid just is not fun, in no way should you have to be doing 180-360degree spins just to catch wind of 1 tiny little ship, i cant think of any other fun game where you have to take it to such extremes and so often, moreso when there is more than 1 corvette.

I play way way way less already (already stopped playing GJL until beta arrives for exact same frigate reasons) as i'm already at that stage where i find the games terribly boring or simply frustrating unless i join the legion of corvette players, which i dont want to do, but thats all that works. Same as in GJL, you die loads to frigs in your supposedly bigger and better ships, get annoyed and feel compelled to just do it yourself to actually rack up easy kills and progress in the game faster.

Watching teammates in dreads/etc die to corvettes so damned fast just makes me shake my head and /facedesk, it reaaaaaly shouldnt happen, again mirroring GJL.

I'll try again when this 2.0 update lands, see how things have been tweaked by that time and dust off a new Aion.

Need to find another fun fix in the meantime, know of anything else thats worth a try?

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I disagree with this,

I regularly score top points on my team with the cattaro as both attacker and healer, even when there is another healer.

The Cattaro is definitely not a beginner ship, it is very advanced and takes a specific mindset and tactics to play. In the right hands, this ship is downright devastating and can pull of match swings better than both the heavy healer and battle aion.

from what i have seen of it so far, its pretty much the same as my Aion, only it cant primary weapon heal, it also doesnt seem to do any noticable amount more dmg than the Aion, add to that they can both have identical module/briefing setups, theres nothing apart from the minor difference to speed/armor/primary wpn that sets the 2 apart, if anything the Cattaro seems like a lesser Aion.

I'm guessing if you do well in the Cattaro you probably rock harder in the Aion with an identical setup?

Surely it cant be more "advanced" when the Aion uses exactly the same setup, only the Cattaro cant main wpn heal, it doesnt do anything different, nor can it equip anything different.