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Should be fixed now. Launcher hickup what they responded on my ticket.

Same issue here can not login out of a sudden and getting the servers error
Tried using launcher but that just didnt started tha game exe at all using the exe it launches the login screen but then cant login.

TE is the only mode where people dont rush and think a little at least most of them i played with did and I liked it and would play it again, but there is no point if you cant play it in any since no one will choose just TE

Especially if the queue is taking forever...

My point to this topic is why remove it from ANY it was ok there and if so many people dont like make two any queues one including team elimination and one without it. This will not separate it so much as it is now!

What do you think...

Agree with you both, first its not called a finished game, its beta and that as much as unfortunate means bugs and crashes.

On the other if you pay for something and its not usable you should get your money back (elite status days wasted added again to your account)

But realisticaly its started bugging a whole lot never remember having this many issues for so long. It is getting kind of boring...

Stil happening...

lots of disconnections, server down errors and if you finaly get in then you get The matchmaking Error

Guess Fractured space is getting a lot of attention today... :-)