This is the way it should be all the time - Take the absolutely ridiculous grind (even with Elite) away in favour of fun.

I had so, so much fun, and from the gross amount of matches I played over the weekend, so did many others. Have never seen Legendary Matches popping as much as they were.

Devs, loosen the purse strings and let folks enjoy this awesome game, instead of killing them on the grind. There's an awesome opporunity with the upcoming Steam release to really draw a large number of folks in instead of dragging them over the grind-glass. Please, don't pass it up!

I've let Support know, however I don't think it's going too well trying to convey what's happening.

The issue is in the new variation of the Ryugu Haven map. I feel it's really hard to focus on any of the surroundings as the fog seems to be creating some form of weird blurriness to the edges of the set pieces in the map.

I've updated my original post with this info.

And considering I've yet to even successfully join a Legendary Fleet match, rather pointless aside from cosmetics once you get there, too.

Right now, it always goes straight to Legendary Fleet in the little tab up top under Play, and I've yet to be able to find a Legendary match to play in.

Can you make it do you can click the circle in the top right of each of the Fleet's tabs so the game just defaults to that Fleet? Otherwise you have to keep clicking this tab every game to switch it back to the one you want.


Hi Devs,

I booted up Dreadnought for the first time properly since the latest Patch, and I had a really hard time focusing on the first match, which was the map in the giant crater with the big spire sucking up rocks through the middle. Everything had a red tinge to it, and there were hazy red and black edges for objects further out, like a weird depth-of-field artefact, or a slight effect of watching a 3D video without the red/blue lens glasses.

I played a second match on another map and everything seemed normal.

The issue is in the new variation of the Ryugu Haven map. I feel it's really hard to focus on any of the surroundings as the fog seems to be creating some form of weird blurriness to the edges of the set pieces in the map.

I took screenshots and have forwarded them to Support, however they're having a bit of a hard time trying to see this as screenshots don't seem to be doing it justice.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

It'd be really cool to see in the Kill Cam, Starting Screen and Scoreboards the Captain's name with their current Ship, and their Ship's custom name (if any).

Like, obviously you'll get the occasional Killed by Rurik, "Your Mum's *", but it'd be pretty neat to be able to properly customise your Ship and give it a slick name that everyone sees (and remembers!).

It's why I was so surprised/appalled that buying a cosmetic item doesn't carry across all Ships, and that you have to buy them for each Faction/Type.

It's costs around $10 USD to buy a cosmetic item in of the Ships' cosmetics categories. That, for those following at home, is $150 USD to buy one item, per Faction's Ship Class, which is ridiculous.

Totally agree with you man (though I only got to the Tier 3 Level Destroyer, which is the one I wanted!). That said, with the decent response from Customer Support, I've happily let it slide in place of it being forwarded to the Dev Team.

Like I said, I've had fun, but no-one deserves to feel like they've been short-changed when buying something with real-world money, which is what I've got a gripe with. You shouldn't have to chase clarity when you're the one dishin' the dough.

Beta or not, when you're buying something with cash, it needs to be clear.

Following up on this, I received a very decent response from Customer Support (on a weekend, too) and have dropped this, deciding not to follow through on an offered refund and opting to forward this as Customer Feedback in making it clearer for future users instead.

I've played it this week, and had a lot of fun, but this sucked. It really did leave a bad taste in my mouth an reminded me why I steer clear of F2P games to begin with.

Hopefully it can be cleared up in the future so others can enjoy without feeling a bit ripped off.

So your argument is essentially, "I felt like I was screwed over less, whereas you felt like you were screwed over more".

I bought items, mate. I didn't make a donation. They're using a business model to generate business, otherwise there' be a donation button. They're not your friends, so stop making excuses for them bending over customers.