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...Once the servers are consistently stable, the Team intends on addressing and resolving all lost Elite Status time reimbursement requests.

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Ok, Just for clarity, are you saying that we have to specifically request reimbursement? It sounds like you are talking about granting reimbursement on an individual basis.

Its been stated that T2 through T4 ships would be intentionally matched against each other. If they split it up further, that would result in the player base being further divided and longer queue times for matches.

So, this isn't explained intuitively anywhere, but I want to mention this about recruit fleets because I notice you had some T2s on your team:

When you make your recruit fleet, leave a T1 ship in it. This prevents the Recruit fleet from being matched up against Veteran fleets. If you have all T2 ships in your Recruit fleet, you will get matched up against Veterans and their T4s.

The MM separation isn't done by the Fleet Label, its actually being done based on the Tier of the ships in the Fleet. In other words, if you have a Recruit fleet of T2s, it is no different than a Veteran fleet of T2s according to the Matchmaking algorithm.

I for one, prefer the progression 2.0 format to the previous one. I didn't like waiting 20 levels to unlock the module I liked. Here, presumably, I can reduce the time it takes to start using the ship/tech I want by going straight for it.

My main gripe with P2 is that I have to grind twice to use a module I want. Once for Experience, once for money. I kind of understand what the intent was for having a dual currency, but locking modules behind both gates seems excessive. This may be because as has been mentioned, the price of a module set is equivalent to the next tier of ship and I may as well use my money to buy that next tier instead of investing in a tier I will leave behind.

Suggestion: Allow money to unlock a module (possibly ship) immediately, and let experience be used to upgrade it. This way, I can spend time with my ship and upgrade its default modules (while I grind) until I'm ready to buy that next tier. OR I can buy different modules for different strategies on my existing ship If its one I like.

Side note: That also makes more sense from a lore perspective (why is my next ship locked behind an experience gate for my current ship. Does driving a racecar over time make me qualified to drive a semi?).

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