Tell me this isn't an Oberon Dreadnought..

+1 to seeing the orientation of your ship while zoomed in! I've lost count of the number of times my ship has mysteriously started moving backwards, only for me to switch back to third person and discover I'm actually pointing that way -_-

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Thanks for the report @Gamatech! We'll review this issue you've described and see what we can do about making this better

Here is a thread on steam with screen shots Tux.

O, Thankyou! It seems I needn't have made my previous comment ^^

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Thanks for the report @Gamatech! We'll review this issue you've described and see what we can do about making this better

Thanks for responding!

I have since taken some screenshots, I hope they help.

Here we are. I hope you can understand my inability to show EVERY issue, but these are by far the largest culprits.

Siliseia Hull:

Silesia Hull + Vitra Bridge:

Nox Hull:

Nox Hull + Virtus Bridge:

Also, if anyone can advise me on how to post pictures as actual pics rather than links, it'd be much appreciated please ^^

Hi all

Short and to the point: The Vitra retrofit for the Oberon Light Artillery Cruisers looks fantastic, but it is entirely incompatable with other custom ship parts. They clip more than anything I'd ever expect from a full release game, and for what I feel is a gargantuan price tag to access it (granted as part of a bundle), I expect more. I'm not mad, or going to make a rant, I'm just concerned and disappointed.

I spent days arguing with myself from the time I learned of it's existence whether or not to fork out £60 for the Outlaw Hoarde pack. I gathered up some of my sell-able goods around my home and traded them. I used the money to buy that pack, and I don't expect perfection- you guys have a LOT on your plate!

I won't ask for anything more from the devs in regards to this issue, they are absolutely fantastic in my personal experience regarding technical issues! By far some of the best service I've ever recieved ^^ But PLEASE look into this. The Vitra retrofit is a very attractive addition, but it clips with almost everything like a stalled car getting T-Boned at an intersection. It's at it's worst when paired with the Silesia hull piece.


It seems this also applies to the Herja hero ship and it's cosmetics, albeit to a lesser degree.

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Like many others I bought my hero ship solely for the cosmetics. I would have spent more money on more hero ships but the steep price tags keep me from doing so. To me scrapping the whole hero ship concept and offering the cosmetics separately at a reasonable price would be the much more lucrative option. Just saying...

I agree entirely. Retrofits have kind of filled that gap, but I stillwish they did that for existing hero ships too.

Okay, question for OP.

When you buy a hero ship you also get the paint, decal, and ship parts of that ship correct?

So what's stopping you from just applying them all to the equivalent ship when you unlock it? It's exactly the same, and you can use the tech tree too.

I've also experienced this on a number occasions. It's particularly frustrating when you performed well in the preceding match.

I've Always wanted something like this. As the previous commenter pointed out, it's hard to spot earned ribbons during battle. It took me weeks to realise that they even existed, and that there was a board showing all the ones I had (apparently) earned.

I only discovered now by reading this thread that they also award points!

Really, Dreadnought is exempt from the ps+ requirement?

Drat, I only got it because I thought I needed it :L