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Yeah the lore of the game needs flashing out. As it stands the game is just a space shooter with little bits of lore on the loading screens, but other than that, there is noting to kow really about the game or the univers in which it is set.

Yeah there are no factions in the make of the ships, more in the coatings you can get how ever, like Spartan Legion Guild and such.

I can't even begin to fathom how many pages upon pages of official lore there is, it's all on their website. Granted, you can't view it in-game. But the lore is there, you just have to look for it.

Hi all o7

From the moment I started playing in Veteran a few weeks ago, one thing has been a thron in my neck above all others- light Destroyers. No matter what I do, no matter what ship I use, they always waltz in and tear me a new one.

Today, I picked one up for the first time. And my god, now I realise why they're such a pain in the a** to fight!! The main guns are phenominal. High range, high damage, high rate winds of dragonfire. I can chew up even Dreadnoughts in a matter of seconds if the enemy isn't completely aware of their surroundings. The ship itself is expectedly very quick and nimble too, given it's a light ship.

I get that it has a low health pool comparitively, but is that the only downside to this thing? Is it just me, or is it insanely op? I fall if one so much as sneezes in my general direction, but I can absolutely dominate anything thrown at me when I use one myself...

Maybe I'm missunderstanding, but Akula Vector, Oberon, and Jupiter Arms are NOT factions. They're manufacturers, like Ford and Chevy. The coatings you can buy for the ships are representative for the game's factions. With that said, it's perfectly credible that a mercenary can buy ships from all three companies.

I agree with everything op said, very much in fact. Most of all however, I agree with his point about purchasing visual customisation pieces separately from their respective hero ships. I have no interest in using the hero ships I buy, they don't progress the grind. The only reason I buy them is for the cosmetic components.

I have to agree with OP. Ever after as long as the game has been available, I still feel extremely claustrophobic. I desperately want to zoom out.

This match on the other hand, was far more successful XD



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Hey everyone! We know that a lot of you have had questions regarding Team Elimination’s current and future status, so we wanted to share some details with all of you.

To be blunt, Team Elimination never really took off. There were certainly a few fans (myself included), but it was clear that the majority of the community did not share the same mindset. After we put it in the “Any” game mode rotation, we noticed a lot of players would quit as soon as they were able. Which was an outcome we definitely didn’t want as it impacted the experience of other players. This lead to us removing it from the “Any” game mode rotation to see how well it would do on its own, and truth is, it didn’t. It got to a point where players that purposely queued for Team Elimination would almost never find a match, even if they joined as a squad.

After everything we had seen it was clear that Team Elimination is a game mode that is unfinished and requires quite a bit of work across the board. Which is why we’ve decided to completely remove it and give our teams more time to focus on higher priority issues. At the moment we do not have an ETA on when it will come back, or if it will have the same mechanics when it does. We are aware that there are contracts and other in-game content that still revolve around it, and we’ll be cleaning that up as soon as we can.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this, and we hope that this helps shed some light in the situation. If you have any feedback, please feel free to comment in this thread! Thank you!

O... well then, that explains a lot. I just came back after a very long break, and couldn't figure out where my favourite game mode had run off to :/

That's a shame to say the least. That was my "fun" mode, where I could let my hair down and just enjoy myself without the stress of grinding or performing at my best. I loved zooming around in fighters, death never felt like a bad thing with those things waiting in the launch tubes ready to go!!

Well, I sincerely hope the mode returns bigger and better than ever.

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It's CAPTAIN KILL for both. You get an additional FINAL BLOW for scoring the last hit. See my datamine for the full details.

Snib and his data mines <3

I've been told by a few people that there is no real balancing, the matchmaker just grabs whoever in order to get a match started as soon as possible. What results is regular matches, but a lot of stomping.

Fractured Space (an immensely simmilar game), has the opposite problem. Their matchmaker puts a lot of emphasis on balance as a priority, resulting in fairly balanced games but it takes an absolute AGE to get one...