Hi all

If I were to purchase a coating for one ship, can I then use it for all my ships?

This comes back to my one major gripe about this otherwise impressive game- the confusing layout and new player experience.

Thanks in advance for any information smile

O, my mistake. I thought you took insult as if I came across in a rude manner such as "yeah, hi guys, this game still sucks"- which wasn't my intention at all smile

I didn't realise it was just a signature smile

Thanks for the details Jawayne, I appreciate the thought-out response. Although I must ask, what do you mean by the "good morning"? The "Hi all"? I've come from another very similar game, and I always start my posts with "hi all" smile It's even the first thing I say in chat at the beginning of every match smile

Hi all

I gave this game a long break after a rather short playtime due to both support issues and levels of confusion in-game. I've returned to find a slew of new features and gameplay changes that are hard to find complaints about, the game has certainly evolved for the better.

The confusion is still present however. What is the maintenance mechanic and how exactly does it work for example? Is there a period you can wait to have your ships repaired for free? If not, how do you earn more credits to fix them? And if so, is there a different repair rate for each ship? And where are my founder paint and accessory options for standard ships, were they removed from the game?

This is just a couple of quite big niggles I still have. All information I've actually obtained has been from support emails. I feel that everything needs to be explained thoroughly not only in terms of gameplay, but also in reference to the menus and menu navigation.

Any information is greatly appreciated as I'd really love to get stuck into this game, however I struggle to with so many things amiss in my understanding.

Hi all

I've just levelled up and "unlocked" various Kraken customisation options.

Does this mean they should be available for credit purchase? Or that I should just automatically have them?

If either of these are the case, I've found a bug. They are still only available via GP purchase.

If this is not what is supposed to happen please let me know what to do from here.

If this is what is supposed to happen please let me know, thanks ^^

I'm very confused by the negative comments that state in some form or another:

"I'm disappointed because this means tiered queues and unbalanced matches".

Um.. What on earth ever gave any of you that impression?... O.o

Players could still share the same queue regardless of the ship they have, and no ship would be inherently "better" than another.

A tiered system does not mean anything unbalanced. It just means you get to choose the route you go down in unlocking ships. Who told you guys the later ships would be better?

First of all, welcome DN_Timo! smile

I've come back to Dreadnought after a long break, and this is hugely satisfying news to read. Since I started playing I have used EXCLUSIVELY my hero ships. This is because I found the progression system to be cluttered, difficult to navigate, and immensely confusing to use. The new progression system is a welcome change in my books, maybe I can finally get stuck into some real ladder climbing soon ^^

Ship manufacturers? We have ship manufacturers? O.o

I mean, I know they're in the lore, but I honestly had no idea each ship was built by each one. I'm still very VERY new, but this is news to me, so i'm sure that the new progression design will again bring some clarification to the new player experience.

"New Player Onboarding" as you call it is another relieving addition. I most certainly could have used this before hand. The tutorial covers gameplay basics just fine, but it's the menu navigation and ship management that has REALLY tripped me up from day 1. If I can't figure out how to run my fleet and modules, how can I be expected to claw my way to the bridge to actually start a fight in the first place?

On the topic of Hero Ships, I'm just glad I have mine. I was one of those rare few who suffered that infuriating glitch whereby we weren't granted the Hero Ships we had purchased, and since I was so flabbergasted at trying to wrap my head around the ship acquisition and management as I mentioned before, I just stopped playing.

That glitch has been patched out now, and I've come back to some very positive changes being made smile

(Side note, your customer service is commendable. Very prompt, very supportive, you're never kept in the dark with what's going on.)

Fleet Maintenance Costs. Please don't make them too severe at later tiers. They need to be considerable, but not as out of proportion as a nuke on a single Corvette. War Thunder suffers greatly from this. Did you just loose your top-tier jet fighter? Better get grinding for the next three days so you can take it out again. I really don't want that in a game as faced paced as Dreadnought.

As I said, personally I'm very pleased with the news. Keep up the great work devs, really enjoying it so far smile

I got Dreadnought a fair while ago, but stopped playing after a couple of matches because of a major glitch that really impeded my enjoyment of the game.

Booted it up again recently to find the glitch had been patched out, and that your website has a fresh new look.

The new website is a huge refreshment, and it's certainly a treat for the eyes. I'll be sure to give feedback later on smile

Ahhhh that makes sense. Thanks for the info in that case guys smile

As another general piece of feedback, I think a lot of mechanics could do with clearer and easier to access information. Things such as currency, shop navigation, and buffs/debuffs could do with some easier to understand instructions.

Maybe it's just me, but I've very much struggled with understanding these aspects.

Hi all

I've noticed that on the Hero Sniper (Sorry, I haven't played long enough to memorise names yet) the gun sometimes stops working.

It happens most frequently when using the rapid-fire ability. After the first few shots the gun just stops with about 3 shots still remaining. It resumes a second or two after, but those are precious seconds.