Thankyou for the info both of you- How do you go about making a screenshot? It's not on steam so you can't F12, and Windows 10 doesn't allow for print screens of games. It screenshots straight through to the window behind them.

How does this scheme work? And what do you win for taking out a dev? I'm obviously missing a post explaining it somewhere I assume, but I can't find it. Does anyone have a link please?

There are about 450 people online on Fractured Space at any given time on the date I'm writing this comment. It's changed a lot.

Bear, in regards to your comment:

Dreadnought and Fractured Space are very different games of the same brand new genre. Personally I wish them both success.

They are different enough to work side by side I think. I find personally in my short time playing Dreadnought that it's the far more out-there arcadey sci fi of the two. Fractured on the other hand has a slower paced, more tactical version of gameplay.

Fractured has some very believable, relatable ship designs. Dreadnought has some gorgeous, interesting environments. Fractured is more of a dedicated game where you develop your skills in a certain area, whereas Dreadnought is more accessible and easily played.

I think they are definitely separate enough that both can work. Saying Fractured copied Dreadnought is like saying Battlefield copied Call of Duty. Same genre, yes. But they're executed in very different ways.

Thanks for the info guys smile

I play with the devs of Fractured fairly often and I hope I run into the devs of Dreadnought out there too, especially if there's a skin bounty ^^

What will happen to greybox points purchased in a founder pack?

Will they be refunded?

Will we keep the items we bought with them?

Will they just be lost forever?

Thanks for any info smile

What is relog? I'm told by another poster that it may help my own issue- My hero ships won't be moved to my hero ship fleet.

I'm new to the game and haven't learned the colloquialisms yet smile

Hi all

I've added two of the hero ships that were granted to me by buying the mercenary pack to my fleet, but the others are missing.

Every time I try to add them it says "Unknown error, adding loadout to fleet failed for some reason".

Please help!