I play both platforms!

I used to play on PC, but I lost access to it for a very extended period. Recently I started playing on PS4, and have since got my PC back as well.

I have good and bad things to say about both platforms, but I think both have their place.

-Visuals are a bit better. I can't run the game on epic settings, but I can get it pretty close. Textures are sharper, and background environments are far more detailed.

-The variety of market and purchasable items is much more diverse. More than anything in a game, I LOVE customisation. The extra variety in vanity items, hero ships, liveries, retrofits and event rewards are a huge incentive for me.

-The game feels more populated to me on PC. I get games very quickly, and I see a lot more players with premium paid content. That's not to say the PS4 version doesn't have players! I never have to wait more than a minute or two. But on PC it's only a few seconds, and that's a little more satisfying.

-It's easier to communicate. I'm not a fan of mics and headsets, I feel that they ruin the immersion of a game. But it's immensely gratifying that I can compliment someone's ship, or make strategic calls in the chat window with ease and efficiency.

-The gameplay is more varied. Players on PC seem to invest more time into the game, and end up with more interesting and varied loadouts. I love dominating in a match, who doesn't??? But on PS4 it can get a bit same-y fighting the same stock, unaltered tier 3 ships over and over.


-My experience suggests the PC build is more prone to bugs and problems. Previews in the market don't load, the sound is stuttering on a regular basis, and frame drops are relatively frequent. I'm always concerned each time I open the game that something is going to go wrong, the infinite loading screen is particularly frustrating.

-I don't trust the shop. I WANT to trust the shop, I really sincerely do. I want to give the devs my money. But I can't help but hesitate given the glitches I've come across, I'm always worried that something will go wrong during the purchase.

-I don't like the how long the game takes to start up, to a point where sometimes I'd rather play PS4 for no other reason than I can't be bothered to wait.


-I love the stability. It's not perfect by any means, but it's far more reliable than PC.

-It has a quick "pick-up-and-play" feel to it that allows me to get some gametime in without waiting an age or getting stuck on a loading screen.

-The exclusive hero ship, for FREE I might add, is a nice incentive.

-The Playstation Network has my back if anything goes wrong with any purchases I make, I can buy things with confidence.

-The controls are, to my pleasant suprise, nicely mapped to the duelshock controller. I can do everything I can on PC without any awkward movements. Nicely done indeed.


-I don't like how far behind the PS4 platform is with the game's updates. The store seems to be lacking in a lot of things, and that absence is not just limited to PC exclusive items.

-The visuals obviously come with a comprimise on PS4. I'd LOVE to see some PS4 Pro enhancements added to the game!

-The subscription fee for PS+ isn't jaw-droppingly horrendous. But the premium items in Dreadnought's shop are considerably pricey for what they are, and that's coming from someone who spends a lot on cosmetic items in games. But when that is paired with the fact that PC offers an online service for free, it's hard to justify paying for both steeply expensive items AND a subscription fee when that option is on the table. One or the other is off-putting enough, but both can really hurt.

-There's no real way to talk to each other. I want to tell someone when I like their ship, and a rage burns inside me when all I want to do is scream "WE NEED MORE DESTROYERS!!!!". Watching your team derp around in ships they want, rather than what the team needs, is difficult. Sure you get that problem on PC too, but at least you can point it out and hope someone listens.

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Hi all

It has come to my attention that cosmetic content such as retrofits and liveries in the game differ between pc and ps4. Why is this?

I can understand the technological and architectual differences between the two platforms. I can also appreciate exclusivity with things like the cryo liveries or light artillery retrofits. But it confuses me as to why the differences in availability are so significant. For example, surely the hero light artillery cruiser could be brought to ps4 with a lower-grade LOD model or smaller poly count?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's an entirely reasonable and credible justification. I'm not trying to ask for them to come to ps4 (although, I wouldn't complain!). I'm just genuinely curious ^^


I'm having a slightly different issue. The market is failing to load any kind of preview tiles.

After reading this post, I'm too concerned to get my wallet out in case something goes wrong..

Hi all

For the last 2 or 3 matches I haven't been awarded any XP I should have earned. I haven't noticed the credits, but I expect that's the same. What's going on?

I wouldn't say remove it outright, but I often think the time it gives you is a bit short. I also wish the HUD would go away after you "ready up" so you can actually get a good look at the ships.

Maybe it's just because Oberon fits my playstyle, because it most certainly does! I've always preferred playing nimble, long range, unorthodox and stealth no matter the game.Oberon It fits me like a glove, and my best performances are from using their ships.

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Yeah, I do have to admit the sounds don't seem to fit very well... The old SFX for the Ontaro Artillery Cruiser fit it far better than the one it's been replaced with.
Before, the huge bang made it quite clear that it was firing something big and heavy to shred a nice hole in some poor destroyer. Now, it's like someone decided it should sound more like... I dunno, a close miss instead?
I mean, it makes sense for the Oberon Artillery Cruiser since it fires a bunch of shells at a much lower power than their single-shot counterparts.

The point of this all seems to boil down to this:
For firing a weapon, some of the sounds make sense. However, the majority of the SFX's out there don't sound BEEFY. Akula Vector is known for generally having ships that are brutish. They should get SFX that fits that.
Oberon has ships that are known for being really high-tech. The new sounds seem like they would fit them better.
Jupiter Arms might have a bit more in common with Akula Vector when it comes to their reputation and SFX that would likely fit their theme.

Beautifully put

I'm also not a fan of the sound changes. The new sounds make me feel like I'm shooting peas out of a straw, and most sound effects seem to be removed entirely.

Before The update, the sounds made the ships feel like absolute goliaths. they really helped drive home the gargantuan scale of the machines you were piloting. But now they just sound and feel like blimps full of air.

There's no weight to firing your weapons anymore, there's nothing that really feeds back to you to let you know how jaw-droppingly huge these guns are.

I really hope that this is a temporary change, or perhaps an oversight/glitch that the developer's computers aren't recreating so they don't realise what a change this has made.