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"well they did compensate players fo the crashes. the fid is supposed to beccomino soon but indont know when."

They compensated a few players for a crash or two after reporting it in the discord. Which is ok very short term, but that isnt how Dreadnought should be intended, and wasnt during the 10 months it was RELEASED on ps4.....people seem to forget that but tjis game hit release status at the beginning of 2018, steam launch should break US.

Just looking at my groups chat, only looking at matches I hadnt been able to get back inro, Ive lost around 300k exp. With double exp I avg 19k -29k a match typically. Compensating by extending double xp next week doesnt help in two ways....
A: Most people return to work if they hadnt today
B: If the crashing isnt addressed snd double exp is extended its still beyond infuriating to play. No one wants to sit there and reload the game a couple times an hour.

They have another patch intended for end of month which will add more things to be potentially broken..they "fixed" crashes two weeks ago and planned to hotfix this week, delayed due to it not being ready.

Appreciate the response though friend

Are you kidding? They gave every last player who played during that period 10 Days Elite Status, 75,000 Credits, and 75,000 Free XP. That's certainly nothing to scoff at.

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There was similar problem with Fractured Space, but they summed it up pretty well:

Which would you rather? A match against premades, or a 1 hour wait time?

Matchmaking times are nowhere near as bad as that here of course, but you get the idea.

It wouldn't increase the wait time for solo or 2 person groups if it was done correctly. the only wait time increase would be for 3-4 person groups.

Its good to see that the DN devs are actually doing something to adress community frustrations though, I had figured they were of the same mindset as they were back at the beginning of 2017, where they were fine with driving players off because its THEIR game and THEIR vision. who remembers early 2017 dreadnought? Where losing a match meant losing a lot of money instead of gaining any, you had to pay repair costs at the end of every match and they were huge costs that could even drain the bank of a team who won if you weren't in the top 3 spots. And eventually if you had a pretty bad loss streak you'd be locked out of your Tier 3+ ships because you weren't making enough per match to repair your ships.

Then DN devs say "Oh yeah that was planned, its so you don't sit in your tier #+ ships and have to go to tier 1-2 ships"

Anyways, its good to see they've changeed from self-destructive behavior

O jeebus yes!! We don't talk about the dark times XD I'm very happy that's run it's course ^^

Personally I've always loved the scramble effect. I love anything that causes an indirect outcome of a fight.

I think the only reason it feels like it doesn't do anything, is because you don't have any feedback when you fire it off as to what impact it's had.

It has indeed been around a good while.

Try to hit the spacebar and any punctuation like commas twice before continuing, I find that helps.

Oberon has always been my go-to manufacturer, and not just because I think they have the best aesthetic.

Obviously they have speed and maneuverability going for them. But I play them for their obscure and unorthodox capabilities.

With the modules available you can create and succeed with some very obscure set ups. I've got a close-range stealth assassin out of an artillery cruiser that can bring down larger destroyers in seconds for example, my best K/Ds are from that ship.

I find that with some creativity, Oberon ships can accommodate almost anything.

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Oh yeah, they're TOTALLY listening to us.

Heres just some stuff thats been wrong with just Dred modules for like 2 years now.

  • Tractor beams have always been and are still bugged

  • Heavy torps strictly worse than light torps

  • T4 armor amp 2x better than T5 armor amp

  • Half of modules are borderline useless

Thats just Dred modules. I don't even want to talk about other ships, Ive posted many posts here and on reddit about all these issues, and 90% of them still have yet to be adressed.

What have they actually done to improve the in match gameplay in the last 2 years?

  • Nerf Adrenaline Shot / Desperate Measures? Took them a whole year to listen to us on that.

  • Nerf stasis pulse/autobeams? Vettes and Vidnys are now running rampant in T4+

Its actually pretty funny how a faint glimmer of the devs actually listening to this community because they reverted the nuke sound garners enough attention for its own praise, and yet trying to get any opinion from the devs on issues through weekly reddit threads, asking on stream or forums; is like pulling teeth.

At this point I'm convinced theres about 6 people activly working on the game.

  1. 1 Community Manager

  2. 2 Programmers

  3. 1 Netcode guy

  4. 1 Artist

  5. 1 Marketplace Manager (Monitization)

The other majority that are part of the studio are probably working on a new game.

The problem with things like what you listed, is that whilst valuable, player feedback isn't enough to make a decision. They need hard data and numbers from the game itself to at least support it.

The bump in the road is that when a module is broken or underpowered for example, no one uses it. And if no one uses it, the devs can't get that data.

That's why things are always very quickly nerfed in games, but underpowered items are usually left for long periods of time. It's not only Dreadnought, it's games in general.

There was similar problem with Fractured Space, but they summed it up pretty well:

Which would you rather? A match against premades, or a 1 hour wait time?

Matchmaking times are nowhere near as bad as that here of course, but you get the idea.

I haven't played in a long while but recently started again. There are a hundred improvements!! But, I agree. The sound design has taken a nose dive. It used to be PHENOMINAL. Now It's just okay

Hi all

It may sound like a picky detail, but I really think removing thruster noise was a bad decision.

As well as just sounding cool, it brought a fantastic sense of scale.

Without it the game feels unpolished, and the ships don't feel as gargantuan as they used to.

What do others think about the change? Are there any dev comments?

I sincerely hope this is a temporary change.

Hi all

I was searching through the forums and already found my answer, but for the sake of highlighting more interest I am making this post anyway.

I would really love to play Dreadnought on Xbox. I've spent almost £200 on the PC version of this game, and assuming I could buy the founder packs again to replace the ones I have already, I would go through it all again from scratch if it meant playing on my Xbox.