I'd absolutely LOVE to have this game on my Xbox. I've poured hundreds of pounds into the PC version, and as long as I can purchase the founder packs a second time, I'd gladly do it all over again if it meant being able to play on my console.

Hi all

I wanted to ask if there were any plans to implement a service like the one that Elite Dangerous offers that transfers account data as a one-time offer?

They allow you to switch platforms upon request, and advertise the fact.

I have a lot of progression on pc, but would love to switch to my PlayStation (or, preferably Xbox, but no word on a release...)

Thanks in advance for any info!

I don't recall ever having issues with my shields when I'm scrambled, but I'll be sure to keep an eye out.

Personally I think it's okay. The Jutland's main attribute is it's gargantuan health pool, not it's firepower. You are right in saying it's guns aren't the best, but your health and armour allow you to approach to a distance where your guns CAN start to make an impact.

Snib#1627 posted (#post-217583) said:

why did you delete your reply to me? still saw it, just wondering.

[Gamatech#6679] posted (#post-217577) said:

Besides, there's nothing to say they won't change the hero ships to look different rather than the T5s.

Sounds like a good reason to ask for a refund based on them changing what was originally sold.

Yes, I know, and that was my first thought. I absolutely agree. But I want to remain unbiased on the issue, so I proposed something that might appeal to Enterprise's side of the debate

As for the reason I deleted my previous response to you Snib, I was unhappy with the way I worded it and couldn't construct something that sounded right. I'm glad you saw it beforehand though, it means the message still got through! ^^

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-217567) said:

And now the tier V ships will look ugly. I like the current hero ship design. But thanks to you Gamatech, they will remove this design for sure

I mean, they can't look the same as the hero or founder ships can they? That just defeats the purpose XD

Besides, there's nothing to say they won't change the hero ships to look different rather than the T5s. But regardless, some ships or others have to change. Paying a premium to support the game (with a founder's pack no less), then giving others access to the same cosmetics for free, is a bit of a slap to the face to everyone who chose to invest.


DN_VAQSeeN#4882 posted (#post-217553) said:

Hey, Gamatech! I appreciate you taking your time to gather screenshots and reporting this. I will be forwarding this information to the right department so that they can take a look and take further action of this concern. Thank you very much for bringing this up!

Thanks! It's great to know it's been taken note of ^^

Hi all o7

I recently voiced my only major gripe with the game, the way hero ships are executed. Their price, their worth beyond simple "try before you buy" module platforms, cosmetics that are identical to some regular t5 ships, and the fact that if I want a Shark on the front of my ship it's £8 but a gorilla costs £40...

But now I want to highlight my main minor gripe with the game. How frequently it treats you like a child -.-

-I feel like Bix kneels down and ruffles your hair when he says "let's find you a battle!", as if saying "let's go buy you an ice cream!".

-Your tactical officer says "I've got a lock!" as if she's giddy with excitement whilst bobbing up and down in her seat.

-"Aaaand blink!" sounds like you're playing a game of frikkin' peek-a-boo.

And the post-match animations... god, those animations... The visuals and presentation are a fantastic idea, I really like them! But the captains on parade are distinguished high-ranking officers who are not only top of their class, but have conducted countless acts of war in command of hundreds if not thousands of people. They have just completed an infinitely dangerous mission and are no doubt glad to be back. THEY WOULD NOT PRANCE AROUND AND THROW TAUNTS AS IF THEY JUST WON A PLAYGROUND ACTIVITY!! THIS IS NOT TAG OR HOPSCOTCH, THIS IS WAR!

From the moment the game boost up and you're in the menus there's an atmosphere of going out with your mates on bicycles and having to be back in time for tea. It's a real shame, because the rest of the game achieves an epic juggernaught of an atmosphere with tension in every moment. To have your crew then behave like schoolgirls being given a piggyback ride brings all that well accomplished immersion crashing down in a mailstrom of hellfire.

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So what do you guys want the Devs to respond to? There are a lot of questions here, some they will not answer if they don't have a solid fix for it. If you want one of them to come here and say they are listening, I'm sure I can get that to happen. Also they could post a reply, dose not mean it will be the answer you want.

I'd be extatic to get some kind of response to what I said about the hero ships, many thanks if anything comes of you reaching out. To add a small bolt on, why do some tier 5's look IDENTICAL to the founder ships? It's painfully disappointing...The one major worth of those hero ships is being undermined entirely (that worth being the cosmetics).