yes AA vet is disgusting .... nice jobs devs for this, keep going destroying your game .
if you want rupture just create new module but bring back purge ram and purge beam to stop AA vet .

hello, missiles reapater disapear just after you die is that normal ???

hello friends, ejection speed tempest missiles for destroyer is to slow you can be hit most of the time by your own missiles can devs improve that ????

best regards harry

tractor beam pod tract over 2000 M fix this bug

jet in team elimination one shot dreadnought fix your game mode or remove it untill its not repair !!!!









best regards harry

with you will be desapointed no huge dps per shot just 825 dmg per shot with glass cannon expect reach close to 1000 if full life , the fastest ac what a joke ...

corvette are not op they become annoying because DEVS nerf ship like nox who use to kill them

now you still have muro for how long who knows .... !!!!!

no, nerf muro as well to be fair.

light destroyer brutus

medium corvette mithras

light tac feronia

light dread invictus

heavy corvette netron

medium destroyer athos

light corvette nevis

best regards harry

well how to say after 298 hours of game and 6.88 avg/kill , 5 t5 ships sleeping in the hangar now!!! im afraid to say that all the love we had in this game are vanish away not for maintenance fee because all compagny need money to grow , yes it can be a pain to pay fee feel frustrated sometime, but im complaining about all that nerf example for the poor nox t4 or t3 snipe from 2000 dmg per shot fall to 750 per shot you are not serious , t3 is just no fun to fly just passing as fast as you can, and that you dont understand pilote feeling wonder sometime if you play your own game !!!!

you should give something special ability that only t3 can have , that make them different from uper tier, you call it balance i call it rubish.

new map and stuff is cool but it s not this who will save your game, i do care about it after all the fun i had and such time and money supporting the game feel now at the end of the road .....