"Buff" starlings.....hehehe pre-nerf starlings when

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Ok, i'm kinda baffeled by this.
i'm a newbee. playing for about a week, with 7hrs playtime and with 4 tier3 ships unlocked has to fight against Grimmhammer on the opposite side who is said to be one of the best with hundereds of hours playtime.
is the matchmaking broken? does it not take into account mmr or even playtime?
this needs to be fixed

Im sorry you were on the other side of the fight, I would be willing to team up with you and help you grind some ships/modules maybe even help with some builds, advice, tips, etc.

feel free to add me in game

Im working on a video series for this very thing

Im preparing some YT content and will be doing Mentor streams for this reason, and would love to have some fellow experianced players join me

See im fine with rams but its one of those topics that has a lot of hate towards it like people getting mad at vettes, just trying some discussion options on a "balance" for them

the arty thing is a weird one to me, the artys are the only class that change it up like heavy-light dreads,destroyers,vettes have more health to less based on size

and i kinda agree on why the medium vette is slower those are fair points

Snib the heal ball counters are more than effective off-paper as well, when playing with my squad we perform well against them with said counters, and i think fixing the armorbooster bug would help this as well, also on this note I would like to see something change with the OB system in general

was meant to be in a list style but wont work xD

First off posting based my views/opinions of the game so please reply in a positive, constructive manner I want to see a feedback disscusion based off what im about to go into detail about. Thank you

Second, I have a little over a year's worth of experience in the game, with that said I consider myself decently knowledgable ( All T1-T4s completely maxed out 4/15 T5s maxed out, and all T5s owned) So in a sense I have a good bit of time in each ship class

So starting with a couple of bugs some major, some minor

End of match screen bugging out when you are last kill (goes black and top 3 players names/scores are stacked) this requires a force close restart
Dying in a match and upon respawn shows killers info in box on left side (doesnt disappear until death)

Disruptor Icon goes missing (if disrupted when DM goes off doesnt clear disruption just removes icon, also disappears if double disrupted)

Armorbooster Pulse doesnt get removed/turned off if disrupted

Pods are shootable with free aim, execept arty pods get a little tricky (shots converge overthem)

Aim bug (only noticed this on bombers so far on Dreads, after launching causes the guns to basically aim on yourself for a couple seconds) clip for proof

Debuff/Buff missiles/torps dont always connect sometimes they just hover off the bow/sides/stern of the ships either connecting late or not at all
most other bugs have been noted and were said to being worked on **

Changes I would like to see or discussed upon

Medium Arty Hitbox/Health pool ( Am I the only one who cant understand why the medium has more health then the heavy? )

Medium Vette speed buff ( It feels slower than the heavy vette, I know it has higher mobility, but still )

Ram Change ( should factor in speed "also mass if possible" cause you shouldnt be able to miss a ram then just lightly brush the side of a ship for a kill )

Heal Ball discussion ( Loads of stuff really , but key notes better adjust healing/healing modules overall heal ball(s) are fine there are plenty of ways to take them done with ease )

Pre-Nerf Salvos ( I understand at the time they were overpowered, but now the counter for them has been fixed and is super effective against them so Id like to see them brought back )

In closing I would like for anyone & everyone to add what they can to this, but please keep it civil no "forum warrior battles" and please further discuss

As one of the LYB streams I call BS....I have put way too much time into my account to every make a 2nd account, what a complete waste of time. No one else in LYB would even consider the idea as well, they have to much time (and some money) invested to waste their time starting over.

We also do not squad with SOS (reasons behind this are none of your buisness)

And when i play veteran which is really only when I stream Mentor nights, I run a full vet fleet of hero ships (or ships requested)

Squads arent an "exclusive" anybody can make one, if you spent even a quarter of the time looking for people to play with, as you do complaining you would have found plenty of people to run with. I myself would even play with you if you are willing. I have no problem showing you counters to the builds you are having trouble against.

Now that the mentor streams are running with a schedule, and im working on some guides,general tips,build showcase videos.

Id like to make some structured mentor listing, details TBA I would like to get with some of those who showed interest in helping new players,mentoring,offering advice,making new player friendly material,etc.

wether you are a content creator or just someone who wants to see newer players have a way to learn from our knowledge. I would like you to contact me on discord GrimmHammer#0876I going to start putting a list together.

If you contacted me before please do so again (sorry for the inconvience)

What i need from those interested
1. Timezone and playerbase location (US,EU,etc.)
2. Material making method of choice (videos,write-ups,or just simply hoping on chat to help someone, etc.)
3. Ship preference (what you are best in or have most knowledge of
4. Availablity (when you have time to play,create,etc.)
5. Feedback on setting up a structure 9im open to any and all ideas)

Even if you just want to squad up with new players and teach them in game, please shot me a PM


updated my signature with all nessacary links for mentor stuffs