Are PS4 players still locked within region? Does the game still crash constantly?

Do weapon amp buffs affect modules or are they only for your guns? If I pop weapon booster pulse and then plasma ram someone in my vindicta, will it do 175% damage or just the regular 25000? Mobdro AnyDesk

Hey, question. Are fighters viable? Not bombers, not interceptors. Fighters, the one with the 2000 leash range that auto attacks enemies.

Part of me want to make a carrier dreadnought but I don't want to waste resources on a trashy build that will never work\

Trying to navigate the UI on the main menu and when purchasing ships is a slow and glitchy process. Sometimes the buttons doesn't response or there is a delay. I use to play on the ps4 some time ago and finally started playing again once I got space. SHAREit

MX Player
Is any other ps4 player experiencing this? UC Browser

Okay, so looking at the damage...T5 Bombers seem massively superior to T5 Interceptors.

T5 Bombers gets 4 bombers with 4 attack runs with 3000 damage per mine and a 400 AoE on a 45 second cooldown. Unlimited range. Max damage for a single target: 30004=120004=48000 damage on a disrupt effect.


T5 Interceptors gets 2 Jets launched, 1 attack run, no AoE, max damage of 36000, a 35 second cooldown and unlimited range. Mobdro

Personally, I think T5 Interceptors needs a buff. A big one. T5 Bombers justifies it's power by letting you kill the bombers. T5 Interceptors lack the power to justify the vulnerability of targeting the jets.

Suggestion: Increase max damage by 50% and add 2 additional jets launched (each worth 25% of the additional 50%).VidMate

This decreases the vulnerability of jets by spreading the damage out more and bringing the damage output up enough to justify the additional vulnerability.

If you like this analysis please look at Fighters (range increase) and a general buff to T4/5 Interceptor and Bomber movement speed (say they use boosters to get into range that justify their awful and predictable pathing since while using boosters they can't steer well or risk having the craft break up, in space. mechanics, thats